Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 710

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Chapter 710

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Tianming no longer needed Xian Xian to guide his way, as the commotion of battle was hard to miss. "I wonder who’s fighting?"

He rode Meow Meow across the flaming landscape, then crossed a mountain and immediately caught a glimpse of the battlefield before him. "The Quadform Sea Sect?"

His eyes immediately turned bloodshot. "You came at just the right time! Saved me the trouble of having to look. It's time to get them to pay for the seven lives they took in the Skyorigin Battlefield!"

The Archaion Sect and Quadform Sea Sect actually had a bit of a history. The Sterling House of Fang had actually come from the Quadform Sea Sect, and had left a long time ago, but they still maintained a good relationship with them and had helped them out over the past hundred thousand years. But before this recent chaos, the Archaion Sect had sent someone to the Quadform Sea Sect with gifts, and it was said that Long Cangyuan accepted the gifts but immediately chased them out. Then, he stood against the Archaion Sect by working with the Biritual Demon Sect and Hexapath Sword Sect during the Number One Summit. Even more cruel was how their disciples killed those of the Archaion Sect whenever they could, resulting in seven deaths, a number which Tianming clearly remembered.

"There are many that want to force Ling'er to her death, and the Quadform Sea Sect is the most dastardly of them all! They betrayed us and joined the other side."

Their clan had relied on methods like that to survive. It was almost shocking how that line of tradition had never been broken generation after generation.

"So, twenty-five, huh? Almost all of them are here. Perfect." They were no doubt looking for the Archaion Sect. They even left their base and their hell tree undefended. It just so happened that they had run into half the participants from Triflair here. Tianming was instantly able to tell that they weren’t just going to break the hell tree's barrier formation, but they also wanted to kill all the Triflair disciples.

"Are they trying to force Triflair to join their camp?" It was a cruel, but effective method. "The situation still maintains a delicate balance, but if Triflair flips, Ling'er will be in even more danger."

With that in mind, he mentally sentenced every Quadform disciple to death. 


He leaped out from the flank and circled in on the strongest of them all: the son of the Seadragon King, Long Xiaofan, also known as the little jade-faced blue dragon. Xiaofan was what he called himself, which meant 'mundane'. It was a superficial act of humility that fit the son of the ruler of a divine realm as well as a baby's diapers would an adult. It was said that his Quad Seadragon Bloodline was even more powerful than the Fangs' Rainbow Phoenix Bloodline.

Long Xiaofan was a quad beastmaster and the top disciple of Quadform. His Quad Seadragon Bloodline meant he had four lifebound beasts, all of which were currently by his side. Their lifebound beasts were actually rather similar to the Li Saint Clan's kunpengs. Each of their dragons had a base type of water along with an additional auxiliary type. Long Xiaofan's were fire-water, lightning-water, wind-water, and earth-water.

The two dragons on his left were known as a fiendwing blaze seadragon and greenthread bolt seadragon. The former had a pair of bat-like wings and intertwining scales of red and blue, representing fire and water. The latter's long body was covered in green lines, making it look like a lightning bolt.

As for the dragons on his right, there was a bladedge terra seadragon that had swords for horns and a huge, blue-brown body that looked like Lan Huang's. There was another one called a nineclaw gale seadragon that sported the highest number of claws and had the ability to fuse water and wind to create devastating waterspouts and rainstorms.

Unlike the dragons of the Xuanyuan house, these were masters of water and also larger, like Lan Huang, making them adept at aquatic combat. Long Xiaofan was unstoppable with his four dragons.

When Tianming arrived, the majority of Triflair disciples had their hell barrier formations activated. The Quadform disciples were planning on keeping them locked in their hell barrier formations before picking them out and killing them one by one; those locked in their barrier formations wouldn't be able to resist anyway.

Currently, only fourth-level life phase samsarans like Beigong Mengmeng and Ximen Xuanzi were still resisting to the best of their ability. Their lifebound beasts were storks and corals. The coral lifebound beasts were a little like Xian Xian, but they weren't really plant species beasts.

Tianming didn't pay too much heed to them as he charged toward Long Xiaofan while splitting his sword in two and unleashing all four of his lifebound beasts. Almost immediately, he became the center of attention.

"Li Tianming?" many cried in shock. They had heard that he had defeated Feng Daoyi as an empyrean saint, but what was he doing exposing himself like this during a huge battle?

"Long Yinfeng, take ten others to scout out the surroundings!" Long Xiaofan immediately ordered the instant he noticed Tianming. A black-clad disciple brought several others and split off. Long Xiaofan wasn't afraid of Tianming at all, but rather any potential allies Tianming had with him—especially Xuanyuan Yucheng. If there weren't many of them, they would fight. Otherwise, he would quickly retreat. He wasn't one who liked taking risks.

What he hadn’t expected was for Tianming to suddenly unleash death tribulation force; he had underestimated him!

The Radix World Tree took root on the volcano and spread its roots out to protect the hell tree. Then Radiant Vines spread across the battlefield, turning it into Tianming's home turf. Even though Long Xiaofan’s dragons were huge, Lan Huang could take on three alone on account of its huge size. 

A chaotic battle ensued!

Xian Xian's Radiant Vines were covered with leaves of the Scarlet Lily, making them look like whips. Tianming had instructed it to learn the Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip, and despite its lack of interest, it had managed to gain something from the technique. Now, each of the vine-whips could turn into fienddragons as they charged toward Long Xiaofan's dragons, either splitting their scales or causing them to doze off. Lan Huang used its Primordial Wheel and drew up some magma from the ground around it before ramming into the dragons, working in tandem with Xian Xian in a display of unbelievable power thanks to Lifesbane's death tribulation force, which heavily damaged the four dragons the moment it seeped into their bodies.

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