Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 715

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Chapter 715

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Qin Chaotian's lifebound beasts were all fourth order tribulation beasts. Burning with rage, the three gigantic fire-type beasts moved alongside Qin Chaotian. With a wave of his spear, they sprang toward Tianming.

The fiery-red spear sliced through the air, causing an ear-splitting noise, while the flames formed a huge wave that swept toward Tianming. Qin Chaotian's body was enveloped in flames, his flesh resembling red-hot steel.

Balls of fire appeared on his head, torso, and limbs. It was as if there were nine suns hidden within his body. This was a well-known body-refining art of the Yinyang Demon Sect that required the absorption of external materials.

However, what Qin Chaotian had absorbed wasn’t astralsources, but something called sunsources. His Ninesolar Body burst into flames, a clear sign that he had mastered the body-refining art.

On the other hand, Tianming shone with starlight, his five hundred astralsources far surpassing his opponent. Additionally, he possessed five different kinds of astralsources, resulting in a more stable form. His current physical strength was a huge advantage. However, he could also see how powerful Qin Chaotian was in his fiery state, armed with a weapon that had six tribulation patterns. The strength he possessed was equally astonishing.

Accompanied by their lifebound beasts, both beastmasters collided with each other. The yangfire goldencrow, nine-eyed gold suanni, and ninetail blaze scorpion either ascended into the sky or violently pounced on their opponents.

Tianming raised his left hand and engaged his Soulshaker Eye. 

This trick was not only aimed at Qin Chaotian, but also his lifebound beasts. Their attraction to the eye would cause a great impact on their soul power.

For a while, Qin Chaotian and the three beasts were plunged into complete darkness, with only one blood-red eye in all the heavens and earth that jolted their souls.


Qin Chaotian quickly closed his eyes.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Since Tianming had decided to use the Soulshaker Eye, he would certainly establish an advantage over his opponent. Left hand in the air, Tianming unleashed Archfiend with his other hand. Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip—Eight Desolation Hell!

This was one of his ultimate moves. As the whip shot out at a terrifying speed, it transformed into an eight-headed fienddragon that seemed to have crawled up from hell. Surging with devilish ki, it sealed all eight directions, roaring as its jaws opened wide to sink its teeth into the yangfire goldencrow.

"How despicable!” 

As soon as Qin Chaotian broke free from the Soulshaker Eye, he noticed that the crow was in danger. Spear in hand, he rose from the ground and rushed into the sky. The next moment, a black cat shot from the side, raining down lightning.

In battle, discerning key moments was important, especially in team battles where striving for the upper hand was crucial. Tianming's mind was very clear. At the moment when their souls had been confused, he had locked on to the crow and swooped in for an attack with Ying Huo. Having cooperated in countless battles, the two had become extremely proficient, especially with the help of a long-range weapon like Archfiend. 

In the face of these fire-type opponents, Lan Huang performed exceptionally as well. Giant waves rolled from the Azure Oceanic Purgatory, covering the entire sky and crashing into everything that was in the way. The nine-eyed gold suanni and ninetail blaze scorpion could only exert their combat power by relying on the ground. So when the ground turned into a sea, the two were immediately swept into the water by Lan Huang. 

Flames engulfed the sky, drying up the Azure Oceanic Purgatory. But when the suanni and scorpion finally left the water, they were greeted by the sight of a wounded crow. The Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip had left bloody wounds that exposed bone. Tianming had wrapped Archfiend around the crow, pulled it down from the sky, and slammed the beast onto the ground.

Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus blasted into the giant bird’s head. Then, gathering tribulation sword ki in its blazing wings, Ying Huo stabbed the beast’s head with Skypiercer Ki. Its Infernal Blaze exploded!

The hell barrier formation deflected the force of the explosion, keeping the crow alive. However, that was also an opportunity for Tianming to get rid of an opponent.

“Li Tianming, you’re a cunning one!” 

Qin Chaotian forced Meow Meow back with his spear, then reached the crow in an instant. Unexpectedly, he attacked the hell barrier formation. As soon as the hell barrier formation was destroyed, the crow would have recovered its combat effectiveness. However, the hell barrier formation would no longer protect its life.

"Fine,” Tianming sneered.

Even so, there was a huge wound on its head, as well as injuries caused by Archfiend all over its body. Storming with ferocity, it ascended into the sky, spewing huge fireballs that resembled the sun! The fireballs fell like meteorites. Since it couldn't strike Ying Huo and Meow Meow, the crow aimed at Lan Huang instead.

Faced with two opponents, Lan Huang was already fighting a strenuous battle. With the addition of the crow’s attacks, Lan Huang screamed in pain as its body was scorched by the fireballs.

In its Regal Chaosfiend form, Meow Meow unleashed Soulchasing Hellthunder upon Qin Chaotian's Ninesolar Body, then immediately followed up with Myriad Thundernet to trap the nine-eyed gold suanni. Attacking from the side, Meow Meow sank its teeth into the suanni, dragging it away from Lan Huang's body. Entangled in battle, the two beasts rolled on the ground.

The suanni was a burly, sturdy beast covered in a dense mane, with limbs much thicker than Meow Meow’s. In contrast, Meow Meow had all the advantages of a lion, tiger, and leopard, its physique no less powerful. It also had the same death tribulation energy that Tianming possessed. If the two beasts continued tearing at each other, the suanni was bound to lose its vitality and would eventually die in a protracted battle.

Thunder and fire shocked the earth as the rumble of explosions resounded.

It was about to get uncomfortable for the yangfire goldencrow. Ying Huo hovered around its opponent. As the crow’s body grew bigger, it also grew more and more convenient for Ying Huo to attack. Skypiercer Ki stabbed the crow’s feathers, tearing its flesh apart; Ying Huo’s abilities were stronger than its opponent’s. Two flame birds—one large and the other small—fought fiercely in the sky. It was the crow that held its head and screamed time and time again.

Amidst the battle, Archfiend flickered once more, entangling the ninetail blaze scorpion’s poisonous tails. The poisonous beast used its tails to attack Lan Huang's vulnerable parts, such as the eyes and mouth.

Its pincers were terrifying. However, when Archfiend was wrapped around its tails, the spikes sank into its exoskeleton and all the way through its flesh. The scorpion released a miserable cry. Using its body to pin the scorpion down, Lan Huang immediately bit and severed one of its tails.

The battlefield descended into chaos. Tianming used Archfiend to help his lifebound beasts gain an advantage. At the same time, he resisted Qin Chaotian’s spear with his dark arm three consecutive times.

Because of Qin Chaotian's Ninesolar Body and the Setting Sun battle art in which he drew his will from the sun, Tianming couldn't see his expression, but he could certainly sense his rage. Dazzling sparks appeared when the sharp end of the spear collided with Tianming's left arm. 

Tianming managed to grab the spear with his hand.

"What's the deal with your hand!” Qin Chaotian was stunned.

Tianming responded with a flick of Archfiend. The whip flew toward Qin Chaotian, and just as it was close at hand, the power of the Eight Desolation Fienddragons exploded.

After all, it was a second-origin samsara battle art. Qin Chaotian quickly withdrew his spear and backed away.

"Don't you dare run!” 

At that point, Tianming switched to the Grand-Orient Swords, holding one in each hand as he made his onslaught.

A loud scream sounded at that moment. Without even looking, Tianming knew that Ying Huo had used its Infernal Blaze to blow up the crow’s head. It had grown more proficient at the Mortal Dao Sword, and a phoenix that could demonstrate the number one sword art certainly possessed a frightening lethality.

The yangfire goldencrow was dead, a fact that had Qin Chaotian bursting in rage. Grief and anguish bubbled inside of him. 

"What are you trying to do? When your hell tree is destroyed, you’ll die over the next seven days. Why struggle so desperately?! That damn goddess of yours should’ve died a hundred thousand years ago. Protecting her will only destroy the Archaion Divine Realm. You’re all daydreaming!” Qin Chaotian roared.

"So you sympathize with us?” Tianming asked.

"Sympathize? What a joke! You’re all pigheaded idiots who deserve to die! Especially you! The more arrogant you are now, the more miserable your death will be later!” said Qin Chaotian.

"It doesn't matter if I die. Anyway, I’ll be accompanied by more than sixty disciples of the Hexapath Sword Sect and the Quadform Oceanic Sect. And there’ll be more to come. Make sure to wait at the gates of the underworld. I promise you won’t be lonely!” 

Eyes fiery, Tianming struck with monstrous force. The power of the two swords could never rival a combined one.

The Hexapath Samsara Sword—Animacorpus Eradication! It embodied the path of death.

With both tribulation sword ki and death tribulation energy, as well as the Ancient Deepstar Godbody, Tianming’s move was bound to deal a fatal blow. He soared with majesty. The nine suns on Qin Chaotian's body radiated a brilliant glare and his flesh seemed to disappear. All Tianming could see was a scorching sun.

As the second most powerful disciple of the Yinyang Demon Sect, Qin Chaotian’s talent was on par with Long Xiaofan, perhaps stronger. He possessed the courage to stare death in the face without the slightest shiver of fear.


The Setting Sun—Skypiercing Sun! The spear loaded with the power of the Ninesolar Body catapulted toward Tianming.

Then came an earth-shaking blast. Though intact, the spear had been bent out of shape by the Grand-Orient Sword.

However, this was merely the sword of life. When combined, the sword wasn’t as quick as two swords used synchronously. It was impossible to attack simultaneously. However, the sword was certainly more powerful in this state.

Rising once more, Tianming struck with his sword, his eyes cold and indifferent. The second consecutive attack slammed past the spear and bore into Qin Chaotian's shoulder, neatly slicing off his arm.

Qin Chaotian fell to the ground screaming in pain. Although he had lost an arm, his hell barrier formation hadn’t appeared, indicating that it wasn’t a fatal injury.

However, the sword-shaped heavenly patterns on the Grand-Orient Sword, known as the Imperial Sword Prison, climbed up Qin Chaotian, swarmed inside, and instantly spread all over his body.

He was just about to fight back, only to find himself completely weak. The Imperial Sword Prison had sealed his death tribulation energy.

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