Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 731

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Chapter 731

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Jiang Wuxin’s hell barrier formation had been destroyed, and his lifebound beast was killed. Additionally, Chu Xiaoqi had died in battle.

That meant the Hexapath and Biritual disciples, who had the most friction with the Archaion Sect, had received the same ending as the Quadform Oceanic Sect. They were completely crippled!

Jiang Wuxin and Chu Xiaoqi had originally posed a huge threat to the disciples of the Archaion Sect at the defense line. And now, they were gone, while Tianming had risen! Together with his lifebound beasts, Tianming rushed to the entrance of the cave and began slaughtering the enemy.

Most of their opponents consisted of Nonahall disciples. The Archaion Sect disciples struggled to resist them as they desperately charged into the cave. Almost everyone was injured and beyond exhausted. Tianming broke through the crowd at that moment, providing timely assistance.


As long as there was a chance for a one-on-one, wherever Tianming swung the Grand-Orient Sword, no one could stop him. The power of the Imperealm Sword Formation exploded, tens of thousands of sword ki strands forming a fortress that blocked the entrance of the cave. The violent sword ki crisscrossed, allowing his opponents to enter, but not leave.


This was the time to counterattack. Having defeated Jiang Wuxin and slain Chu Xiaoqi, Tianming had brought the team’s morale to new heights.

As he charged forth, the others were boiling with passion, their eyes filled with resistance and vengeance. One by one, they burst out with terrifying combat power. On the other hand, the remaining Biritual disciples were already defeated in spirit.

They were powerful, but the balance had been broken by Tianming. If Tianming and Xuanyuan Yucheng had perished instead, the Archaion Sect’s defenses might have collapsed.

With the current situation, the opponents still rushed forward desperately, regardless of the advantage the Archaion Sect had over them. Thus, only one ending awaited them: being slaughtered!

Replacing the Grand-Orient Sword with Archfiend, Tianming brutally attacked with the Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip. The whip flew out at the fastest speed, slamming out their hell barrier formations one by one and smashing them into the heart of the mountain.

Several unlucky ones had their hell barrier formations immediately destroyed, and were then torn into two. This battlefield was bloody, cruel, and shocking! Everyone behaved like madmen with not an ounce of mercy.


Aside from Tianming, many Archaion Sect disciples did their fair share of slaughtering. Their overwhelming victory wasn’t surprising. Tianming cast his gaze past the entrance and looked outside.

Hei An, the black-robed minor ghoul king, Changsun Xingyue from the Heptastar Aerial Sect, and Jiang Wuxin, who was severely injured, were too frightened to continue. Jiang Wuxin's eyes resembled the dead.

"We have lost!” All it took was one glance at the battlefield for Changsun Xingyue to realize they wouldn’t make it past the defenders.

He quickly stopped the remaining Heptastar disciples; there were only eleven of them left on the battlefield.

"Are you afraid?” Hei An looked at him with dissatisfaction.

"No, but if we continue attacking, what’s left of us will die. I suggest we discuss this with Yama and Bai Rao,” Changsun Xingyue, his expression ugly.

In fact, Tianming’s uninterrupted bloodbath had terribly frightened him. He An looked uncertain.

"Let’s regroup first! Retreat!” 

After fighting for a while, Hei An himself didn’t dare to attack Tianming with so many opponents around. Thus, he decided to reconsider their strategy. With so many dead, the cost was far greater than they had originally imagined. Many Nonahall disciples were at a loss.

They were here to slaughter! But why did they get the feeling it was the other way around? There were almost no Quadform, Hexapath, or Biritual disciples left. About a dozen Heptastar remained. Even Nonahall had lost more than twenty people and around thirty lifebound beasts. On the other hand, their enemy’s losses seemed insignificant in comparison.

"How embarrassing!” 

"They’ve run away!” 

Amidst the Archaion Sect disciples’ ridicule, Hei An took his people away, his face ashen.

"They might regroup on the other side. I’m heading there right now,” Tianming said to Fang Yuewei. Together with Ying Huo and Meow Meow, he went over to meet up with Lan Huang and Xian Xian. 

A fierce battle was still in progress, but word of Tianming’s accomplishments had spread over there. Many disciples had witnessed him killing Chu Xiaoqi and now regarded him as their cornerstone.

"Brother Tianming is here!” 

As soon as Zhao Tianxing shouted, the disciples were filled with vigor.

"Let’s kill them together!” 

"Four of their sects have been almost completely wiped out. All that’s left is Nonahall. Let’s kill them all!” 

"Brothers, now that we have the advantage in numbers, we’re stronger than them!” 

Morale among the disciples soared.

Even if the two minor ghoul kings entered the narrow hole, they would have to face the joint attack of all these disciples. Xian Xian's branches, leaves, vines, and roots covered the entire battlefield. It was Xian Xian who had helped these disciples, making their continued resistance possible.

When Hei An and his team left for the other side, the Archaion Sect left a small group of people at the cave entrance to defend against a sudden attack. Everyone else left to support the disciples at the other entrance. They currently had the advantage. In fact, they might not necessarily lose, even in a head-on confrontation.

Our determination unites us and makes us impregnable, Tianming thought to himself.

Those unafraid of the strong would explode in astonishing power during a crisis, especially after having been oppressed. For revenge, the disciples of the three great clans had become red-eyed, bloodthirsty madmen.

"Kill! Kill them all!” 

Under the murky sky, a chaotic battle covered the dark grounds. Tianming and Xian Xian joined forces. Whenever anyone charged into the cave, he would be the first to attack. Corpse after corpse fell to the ground at his feet. So far, they had managed to maintain their defensive line and their opponents were still stuck at the entrance of the cave. forced to withstand a siege of sorts.

"Who says we’ll be at their mercy!” 

"Isn’t the Nonahall Ghost Sect very domineering and confident? So you can die as well?” 

“Weren’t you still shouting earlier? Are you still going to toot your own horn? Take a good look around and see how many of you have died!” 

Zhao Tianxing, Lin Xixi, and the others had avenged their dead brothers.

"The entire Pentaphase Divine Realm will be proud of our bravery!” 

The Triflair, Pentaphase, and Octagram Divine Realms were relatively small, but that didn’t mean that they could be trampled on!

"Sooner or later, you’ll have to pay for looking down on us and treating us as pigs and dogs!” 

They had all this anger bottled up inside. But now that immeasurable rage had erupted, transforming into their will to fight. Together with Tianming, they mercilessly slaughtered their opponents.

This was a heart-rending battle. In the end, they were all covered in blood. But at least they persevered. Not only did they persist, they killed even more. They had unknowingly killed thirty of the original eighty Nonahall disciples. There weren’t enough of them left to break through the entrance of the cave.

The four major sects had also suffered some damage. Many had their hell barrier formations exposed or had fallen with their opponents. However, the heart of the mountain was Tianming's territory. Once their hell barrier formations were exposed, someone would immediately help them break the barrier formation so they could rejoin the battle. On the other hand, once the Nonahall disciples had their barrier formations exposed, their opponents would destroy the barrier formation and bombard them with joint attacks.

That was the fundamental reason why the number of eliminations from the two sides was similar, but the number of their opponents who died was much higher than theirs. It was all due to the advantage in terrain.

In this way, when the enemies’ hell barrier formations were exposed, they were finished. Since the disciples of the four great sects occupied the cave, they could rejoin the battle, only further increasing the disparity in numbers.

On this kind of terrain, the attacking party was disadvantaged. Unless they could crush their opponents, they would suffer a defeat if the four-sect alliance resisted.

Before Tianming and Jiang Wuxin’s confrontation, the Archaion Sect had almost been overwhelmed. If they were defeated, then what was previously an advantage would become the exact opposite and everyone would be finished! But they had persevered and ushered in the dawn of hope.


Even though they were no longer protected by their hell barrier formations, many disciples were still fiery. With Xian Xian around, their enemies were beaten silly and their energy ran dry. Once the balance began tipping to one side, it began to snowball.

Yama, Bai Rao, and Hei An quickly withdrew from the battlefield. Bai Rao had sustained three injuries across his body, all of which were caused by Archfiend.

"Yama, we can't keep fighting! We’ve lost,” Hei An anxiously said.

"There’s no way to keep playing. Our hell barrier formations have been exposed and our people will die once they fall. Their people can still get up and continue fighting. We’ve lost thirty people, but they’ve hardly lost any.” Changsun Xingyue said.

The Nonahall disciples looked gloomy.

It had all happened so fast. From rage and aggression to hunting and slaughter, and now being so brutally attacked that they suffered heavy casualties. There were originally so many of them, yet only fifty still remained standing. The others had all died in battle.

In fact, they already knew the outcome. Their plan to intimidate by way of massacre was an utter failure. On the other hand, the four divine realms had managed to defend the entrances, their eyes fierce and gleaming with the intention to counterattack.

"It's all because of Li Tianming. By defeating Jiang Wuxin and killing Chu Xiaoqi, those two losers, he boosted their morale. We almost made it in earlier,” said the minor ghoul king dressed in white.

She was a woman, but her large white robes concealed her nubile figure. She had concealed her face the entire time, but now that her hood was torn, they discovered that her appearance was no worse than Chu Xiaoqi’s, and perhaps even more mature and captivating. However, her skin was almost too pale. Though she was beautiful, she looked frightening. Her white robes were torn in many places, vaguely revealing an impressive figure.

"Jiang Wuxin and Chu Xiaoqi aren’t losers. This man has to be capable if he’s the goddess’ disciple.” The gray-robed Yama was the most calm of them. He had withstood the bulk of the attacks, but wasn’t wounded.

"My suggestion is to give up. The Nether Battle is a miserable loss, and the goddess’ disciple has displayed quite a few moves. Now that they have the advantage in numbers, it’ll be even more difficult to defeat him. Let’s wait a few days for the final battle. We must kill him in a one-on-one battle to maintain our dignity. Otherwise, we’ll have humiliated the Nonahall Ghost Sect,” Hei An said coldly.

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