Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 751

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Chapter 751

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The Number One Summit was over, and it was time to see the guests off. Since the host had won first place, the people from the five divine realms certainly didn’t want to stay a moment longer.

After Tianming received the heart of the Kilostar Formation, the powerhouses of the eight divine realms left their seats. For the first time, Tianming saw the calamitous beauty, Lunar Master Li Caiwei, known as the number one beauty of the Flameyellow Continent. He felt like he had been hooked by those charming eyes. How gorgeous.

This breathtaking moment was enough to make Tianming forget their age difference. It seemed like a chance encounter with a young girl of twenty-eight, whose gentle smile was meant for him. 

She appeared even more girlish than Chu Xiaoqi. Tianming now understood the insignificance of Chu Xiaoqi's charm.

Lunar Master Li Caiwei was gentle, yet unconstrained, a peerless beauty who could dominate the world with her charm. She resembled a graceful fairy. From her sparkling eyes—so enchanting—Tianming understood that she and Feiling were different kinds of beauties. 

Aside from her, the world-famous Hexapath Swordfiend Feng Qingyu was equally astonishing. It’s no wonder the figures that stood on the peak of the continent were more famous than the three sect masters of the Archaion Sect. Sure enough, they were destined to be dragons among men. On the contrary, the ghoul kings of the Nonahall Ghost Sect lacked the same temperament. The coral fairy of Triflair Celestial Sect, Long Cangyuan of the Quadform Sect, and the others were about the same as Fang Taiqing. As soon as they left, the tribulation elders immediately stood behind Tianming, Fang Taiqing, and Jian Wuyi, coming face to face with the other party.

"The Number One Summit has ended. Farewell.” Feng Qingyu couldn’t be bothered to make small talk. He glanced at Tianming, then turned around to leave.

“We shall take our leave as well. Thank you for all your care and congratulations.” The red-robed ghoul king said with a smile.

"There’ll be a surprise waiting for you.” Li Caiwei smiled faintly.

It seemed Fang Taiqing’s presence was the reason for her lack of courtesy.

What was the surprise? Anyway, it wouldn’t be anything good for the Archaion Divine Realm. 

"Don't frighten them,” Long Cangyuan laughed.

This kind of intimidation was somewhat blatant. However, they didn't say much before leaving. 

At that moment, the Nonahall Ghost Sect’s ghoul king suddenly turned to the Pentaphase sect master Jiang Yuanjun and the Octagram sect master Lin Yuntian.

"Sect Master Jiang, Sect Master Lin, we’re all heading the same way. Shall we travel together? There’s some matters I’d like to talk to you about.” 

As soon as these words were spoken, the area went silent. The Pentaphase Earth Sect and Octagram Heart Sect did share borders with the Nonahall Ghost Sect, so there was nothing wrong with his words. But who knew what he would do on the way back? Wasn’t it equivalent to escorting those two sects back?

In fact, even Tianming could hear the oppression in the words the Nonahall Ghost Sect spoke so publicly. Or was it an ultimatum?

"Is that so? What a coincidence, I also have some important matters I’d like to discuss with the two sect masters. How about waiting a few more days?” Fang Taiqing interrupted before the two sect masters could reply.

"Does Sect Master Fang also have something important to discuss with them?” The ghoul king smiled.

"Yes.” "Fang Taiqing nodded.

Wait for how long? The Nonahall Ghost Sect couldn’t possibly wait a few days for them. If so, it wouldn’t exactly be traveling the same way.

"Well it depends on who the sect masters decide to speak to,” said the ghoul king.

"Why so anxious, Ghoul King? Stay for a few more days and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Taiji Peak Lake. The Nonahall Divine Realm is located in the south, so you don’t get any snow at all. You can take your time appreciating it,” said Fang Taiqing.

"It's been a month since the start of the Number One Summit. I’m so sick of it I could vomit.” As he spoke, his eyes were focused on the two sect masters.

Although their conversation sounded very friendly, it was a confrontation involving the lives of hundreds of millions. Fang Taiqing was very tactful, but the Nonahall Ghost Sect seemed almost forceful.

Would they stay or leave? Tianming looked at the two sect masters nervously. The youths had shown allegiance, but what about their elders?

Jiang Yuanjun and Lin Yuntian exchanged a meaningful look. Finally, Jiang Yuanjun said, "I'm really sorry, the Number One Summit is what it is. If there’s anything important, you may send an emissary to the Pentaphase Divine Realm to discuss it in detail. We still have important matters to deal with back home, so we must leave as soon as possible. Please forgive me.” 

"I apologize, the same goes for the Octagram Heart Sect,” said Lin Yuntian.

"I see. You’re both so busy,” the ghoul king laughed.

"You must be joking, Ghoul King,” said Jiang Yuanjun.

"Since both of you are in a hurry, we’ll meet another time,” said Fang Taiqing.

"Farewell, until we meet again.” 

Their gazes collided, sparks within the surging undercurrent. However, Tianming understood that the sect masters’ words were an indirect form of rejection because they didn’t have the power or qualifications to say no to the Nonahall Divine Realm. 

This was an opportunity he had won for them. If these two sect masters were taken away by the Nonahall Divine Realm, the Archaion Sect would be on a dangerous path. 

"Farewell!” the elders of the Archaion Sect shouted in unison as the powerhouses of all eight divine realms took their leave, their voices shaking the heavens. This was no farewell, but a declaration and show of might.

Their thunderous voices swept across the leaving powerhouses, the force rippling their clothes. It was as if a mountain had slammed into their bodies from behind. Some were irritable, others sneered.

Now that the Number One Summit was over, they had shed all pretenses. Everyone knew what would happen next. However, Tianming realized the elders still remained on the Dimensional Battlefield. They stood together, as if waiting for something.

Time slowly passed.

"Why aren’t we leaving?” Tianming asked.

"We’re waiting,” said Yi Xingyin.

"Waiting for what?” 

"Allies,” he replied.

"What do you mean?” Tianming asked.

"At this point, there’s no neutral option. The Nonahall Ghost Sect has given them an ultimatum. After the three sects leave, they’ll either rush to apologize to the Nonahall Ghost Sect or return to negotiate with us,” he said.

"You’re right. There’s no staying out of the matter anymore. After all, the five divine realms are impatient. They were originally going to intimidate them in the Number One Summit.” Tianming understood the situation.

That said, this was undoubtedly a most tense period in time. Would the three sects return? If they didn’t, they would be enemies in the future and the Archaion Divine Realm would be attacked by all eight divine realms. When the time came, those three sects would certainly become cannon fodder.

If they did return, they would have chosen to fight beside the Archaion Divine Realm. For Tianming and the others, that would undoubtedly be the best outcome.

Time trickled by. They were all troubled. Tianming glanced at Fang Taiqing. No matter what his thoughts were before, Fang Taiqing was the Heaven Branch sect master of the Archaion Sect and stood on the same stand as everyone else.

Two hours, four hours… the blizzard stopped as night fell. Even the excitement around Taiji Peak Lake had gradually calmed down. Although many were still celebrating, they kept the noise down.

Perhaps many young disciples weren’t aware that the end of the Number One Summit was the moment the fate of the Archaion Sect was decided.

Would they return? Tianming stood in the frost and snow, looking out into the distance without blinking.

"They’ll come back. They must come back!” Feiling silently prayed, still attached to Tianming’s body.

"Ling'er, it's been eight hours. If they wanted to come back, it wouldn’t take them so long. We have our answer—the Archaion Divine Realm will move forward alone. In the face of destiny, they chose to submit. So what if they keep their lives now? Don't they know there’ll be a price to pay? The weak make a vain attempt at survival by surrendering. It’s all just a beautiful dream. Those five divine realms are more resentful than anyone else.” Upset, Tianming took a deep breath.

"Big Brother, you must believe in them. Although it’s been eight hours, they’re most likely struggling and hesitating. After all, they aren’t responsible for the lives of just one man, but their entire divine realms. You must understand, it isn’t easy for them. It isn’t easy for anyone in this troubled world,” Feiling said patiently.

"You have a good heart, but many times, what we imagine is beautiful when in fact the reality is cruel. If they choose us, they’ll face the rage of five great sects. Even together, our four sects only add up to about half of their strength. Although there’s hope in choosing to fight, many would rather die later if death is inevitable, after all. One more day alive is better than none. There are too few with the courage to fight,” Tianming said.

"No, I believe they believe in you! They’ll definitely be back!” Feiling said anxiously.

"Believe in me?” 

"Yes, you helped their disciples on the Nether Battlefield. You conquered the disciples on the Dimensional Battlefield. You’re the symbol of the Great Emperor Xuanyuan. They must’ve seen everything you did. Big Brother, you must believe there’s many people willing to fight with us. Don't be pessimistic! We won’t walk this path alone. Look at Zhao Tianxing, Lin Xixi and the others. Aren’t they passionate, unyielding, and courageous enough to fight destiny? We’re all the same,” said Feiling.

"Ling’er, your heart is too pure...."

With the passage of time, the hope in Tianming's heart had dwindled. In the dark night, more than a hundred thousand people waited, their eyes growing dimmer and dimmer.

"Never mind. We’ll fight all eight of them. Why not die valiantly?” said Ouyang Jianwang.

There was dead silence for a moment. It was dismal and depressing. 

By the time night fell, Tianming had completely given up.

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