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Chapter 77: - Goldfault Sword

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The old man was dressed in white robes. He was thin, and his posture was slightly hunched. Together with the blotches on his skin, it gave him a very aged appearance. However, appearances could be deceiving. His eyes contained a might within them that surpassed even Wei Tianxiong. A mere glance was enough to silence people with fear.

“Grandfather!” A group of youths all gathered together to welcome the pillar in their heart. The man was the potentate of Heaven’s Sanctum, Wei Tiancang. This was one of the true hidden experts of Vermilion Bird, the true master of Flameyellow Scions Institute.

Wei Qing, Wei Tianxiong and Wei Zikun all rose to their feet.

“Grandfather, let me support you.” Wei Lingxuan was all smiles as she went forward with Wei Guohao, each taking one of his arms.

However, despite his hunched posture, Wei Tiancang’s steps were still steady. It was just that no one would reject the support of their grandchildren.

“He finally smiled,” Wei Zikun said to Wei Tianxiong.

“Yeah, turns out that he really can smile. I should let the children visit him more often. He chases me away every time I visit,” Wei Tianxiong said helplessly.

However, the two brothers still felt themselves relax when they saw their father smile.

“Sit.” His two grandchildren helped him to the seat of honour. Wei Lingxuan suddenly thought of a great idea and didn’t return to her seat, instead sticking by Wei Tiancang to pour him his drink.

“I still remember when Xuan’er was born. She was only the size of my palm. Now, eighteen years have passed in the blink of an eye and she’s become a little lady already.” Wei Tiancang rubbed her head, his smile widening even more.

“Grandfather, my only hope is for time to pass slower so that you can stay young forever and accompany me.”

“Good child.”

“Grandfather, let me give you a toast. I wish you happiness as immense as the seas and longevity as long as the mountains.”

“Haha, it’s Xuan’er’s birthday today, so why are you giving me the well wishes first?”

Wei Tianxiong and Wei Zikun exchanged a look and chuckled. It really had to be left to a lively young lady like Wei Lingxuan to cheer up Wei Tiancang,

“Grandfather, where’s my present?”

“Little lass, I’ve already prepared it long ago.” Wei Tiancang produced a golden sword from out of nowhere. It was covered in green heavenly patterns and exuded a fierce aura.

“Grade five beastial weapon, Goldfault Sword!” All the youths let out exclaimed gasps as they showed envious expressions. This sword was famous.

“Thanks grandfather, I love you the most!” Wei Lingxuan accepted the present excitedly.

“Remember, don’t force it before you’re strong enough to use it. Progress is made step by step.” Wei Tiancang exhorted.

“I know! I’m so happy now, Grandfather. It’ll be great if you could come out more often to give me pointers!” She showed a pitiful expression to Wei Tiancang.

“Alright, alright.” Wei Tiancang smiled as he stroked his beard.

“Amazing.” Wei Zikun was full of admiration. Granddaughters really were a cut above the rest. If his two sons had approached him with such a request, they wouldn’t have been given the time of the day. The last time Wei Tiancang had come out, it had been to appoint Mu Yang as the next potentate.

It could be said this birthday party was perfect now. Cheerful conversation flowed non-stop amongst the youths like Wei Lingxuan.

At this moment, a guard discreetly approached and whispered in Wei Tianxiong’s ear, “Chancellor, the vice-potentate is here.”

“Let him in. Did you ask if he has a gift?”

“He brought a young man along with him. He asked me to report in first.”

“Who’s the young man?”

“I don’t recognise him.”

“That’s fine, let him in,” Wei Tianxiong said hurriedly.

“Who is it?” Wei Zikun asked.

“Mu Yang.”

“He could have just come in directly.”

“It seems he brought an outsider along.”

“Oh?” Wei Zikun didn’t take much note of it. Currently, a whole group of youths were around Wei Tiancang. Such happy times were rare for the Wei Clan.

Then, two outsiders entered.


Li Tianming hadn’t expected the Wei Manor to be so lively when he came. Even from afar, the sounds of joy of laughter rang clear and visible.

Li Tianming took a good, long look around, because he knew this was where Wei Jing grew up. She had been wandering around outside for twenty years, and Li Tianming was sure she was homesick.

“Something must be happening, it’s so lively,” Mu Yang said.


“Don’t say anything later. I’ll handle all the talking later,” Mu Yang ordered.

“Thank you.”

“Master spends almost all his time in his Highcloud Chamber. I’ll talk to Wei Tianxiong later and bring you there directly." Mu Yang glanced at the youth before bringing him into the noisy courtyard.

As soon as he entered, Mu Yang caught sight of Wei Tiancang. Li Tianming did too, perhaps due to the mysterious connection between blood relatives. Li Tianming had never seen him before, but he immediately knew this old man was the Sanctum Potentate and Wei Jing’s father.

And, his grandfather.

The Guardian of Sanctions by Wei Tiancang’s side looked even more severe, and he looked old but vigorous. However, Li Tianming didn’t even spare him a glance.

“You’re out, master…” Mu Yang was surprised.

“”Yes, it’s Xuan’er’s birthday today.” It could be seen that Wei Tiancang’s attitude towards Mu Yang was even better than Wei Tianxiong and Wei Zikun.

“I see.” Mu Yang laughed. “Xuan’er, sorry, I didn’t prepare a gift this time. I’ll be sure to make it up to you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Yang. Don’t be too stingy!”

“Don’t talk like that,” Wei Tianxiong reproached her.

Mu Yang smiled. “It’s alright. I like Xuan’er’s frankness.”

“Uncle Yang has even better acumen than Mu Yang’s dad.” Wei Lingxuan made a face at Wei Tianxiong, provoking laughter all around.

“Mu Yang, why did you bring him here?” Wei Zikun had noticed Li Tianming immediately. Mu Yang had never even brought Lin Xiaoting here before.

Wei Guohao found it strange too.

“This young man is…?” Wei Tianxiong asked.

Wei Zikun’s words made everyone notice Li Tianming. It was rather strange, as Mu Yang definitely knew what the Wei Clan frowned upon.

“Big brother, he’s the prime disciple this year, Li Tianming.”

Everyone got even more curious now. Bringing such an unimportant person here didn’t seem very appropriate.

As everyone was looking doubtfully at Li Tianming, Li Tianming’s eyes met Wei Tiancang’s. The old man was looking at him calmly. As they locked gazes, Li Tianming felt a mounting pressure that left him breathless. However, Li Tianming had no choice but to meet this grandfather of his in the eyes. For the sake of his mother, he couldn’t lose to him.

“Master, I came to find you for some small matter. However, it was bad timing on my part since today is Xuan’er’s birthday. I’ll come back in a few days with a present.”

“What is it?” Wei Tiancang gave him a glance before closing his eyes. Those present could feel a storm brewing in the air.

Li Tianming got the sensation that the old man had seen through him completely.

“I’ll come back another day.”

“No need. Say it here.” Wei Tiancang’s attitude suddenly changed, his good mood gone.

“Then, perhaps we can take this to your Highcloud Chamber...”

“If you have something to say, say it here. Don’t waste time,” Wei Tiancang spoke indifferently.

Mu Yang could feel a headache coming on. He hadn’t expected today of all days, to be Wei Lingxuan’s birthday. He had originally been planning to speak privately with Wei Tiancang. Now, all the members of the Wei clan were here. While they didn’t have decision making powers, their presence would affect Wei Tiancang’s decision.

“Let me say this, vice-potentate.” Li Tianming didn’t want to make things difficult for Mu Yang. Some things, you had to do yourself.

In the first place, he didn’t find anything wrong to ask his grandfather to help his mother. Even if it wasn’t his grandfather and it was an ordinary relative, he wouldn’t find it embarrassing either.

Li Tianming directly met Wei Tiancang in the eyes and said steadily. “This junior is called Li Tianming. I’m here for the purpose of pleading with the Sanctum Potentate to save my mother.”

Those words sowed even more confusion. Wei Tiancang wasn’t a doctor either, so how could he save someone? Furthermore, this was some unrelated person.

“And what is your mother’s name?” Wei Tiancang’s raspy voice was very unpleasant to the ears, like metal grinding against metal.

“Wei Jing.”

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