Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 778

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Chapter 778

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"Are they shouting because I'm close to making it through? I must calm down. Mother’s spirit in the sky must be looking out for me, for such a good thing to happen to me....” Instead of turning around, Long Yichen surged with fighting spirit. The exclamations grew louder and louder, but the storm was too turbulent for him to hear clearly.


Why did he seem to hear a familiar name?

"Li Tianming?” 

Of course he knew who that was. But the manna was right in front of him. Perhaps he had misheard.

"Forget it.” 

He continued charging forward.

At that moment, he suddenly discovered that Changsun Tianheng and Feng Wenjing who were opposite him were looking at him in astonishment.

"Why are they staring at me?” Long Yichen was confused.

The look in their eyes was a little strange. The next moment, the formation shook.

Changsun Tianheng and Feng Wenjing were so shocked they had abandoned their previous efforts and were overpowered by the dragon in front of them. Were his competitors out of the game?

"It’ll take them at least half an hour to return to this position. By then, I’ll have already cleaned up all the manna. Even the Heavens are on my side!” 

Long Yichen was ecstatic. All he could do was suppress the joy in his heart and advance as quickly as possible.

"Almost there!” 

Victory was in sight.

Perhaps he was mistaken, but at that very moment, he seemed to see a figure beside him out of the corner of his eye with white hair fluttering in the wind. He regarded it as an illusion.

"Aren’t you trying too hard? Your little brother’s standing at attention,” a voice suddenly rang in his ears.

In that instant, Long Yichen felt as if time stood still. He turned his head in amazement, only to see a white-haired young man standing near him, staring at his crotch with a smirk. With one hand behind him, he grabbed the dragon’s horns with his dark arm.

But why was Tianming’s dragon only a hundred times smaller than his? Wasn't that the size of his dragon when he had first entered the formation? Throughout his entire progress, Long Yichen's dragon had expanded a hundred times in size!

Between the two of them, one was breaking his back, flushed and panting, while the other held the dragon with one hand, quickly advancing as if taking a walk in the park. The contrast struck Long Yichen like a bolt of lightning. It was Li Tianming, the man cornered by the five divine realms! 


As soon as Long Yichen yelled, Tianming slapped him on the forehead.

The huge astral dragon slammed into him, knocking him out of the Galactic Clashdragon Formation. Long Yichen was eliminated; the scene had been witnessed by more than two hundred cultivators of the five divine realms.

"It's Archaion’s imperial son!” 

"It's him!” 

"How was he able to enter so easily?!” 

Though shocked and in disbelief, they were filled with killing intent. Killing Tianming would also be a great contribution. The five divine realms wanted him dead, and everyone knew how many treasures he had. Once he was dead, whoever got to his treasures first would end up owning them.

"Quick! Notify the sect master!” 

More than a dozen people flew away to look for their superiors at once. As for the rest of them, they could only watch as Tianming nudged his little dragon, passing through the formation.

How could he do that?

It was all due to his dark arm from the Sky Plunderer Clan. The Galactic Clashdragon Formation was a heavenly pattern formation. And when it came to formations, Tianming could basically cheat his way into them, assuming he wasn’t forcibly breaking them.

His method was very profound. As he used his dark arm to grab hold of the astral dragon, he sensed that it was composed of heavenly patterns and was rather similar to the Sixpath Sword Meditation Stone. In fact, he could tear through it with his dark arm. The result of that was a dragon that no longer grew, its structure having been destroyed by Tianming. When it came to plundering, these people were definitely no match for Tianming.

They were dumbfounded, while Tianming felt delighted.

"Hurry up!” 

Like a lunatic, he emptied out his spatial ring, tossing all of his items away. 

Xian Xian’s Radix World Tree appeared in the Galactic Clashdragon Formation. While using its branches and vines to sweep countless tribulation manna over to Tianming, Xian Xian remembered to devour all that meat at the last moment, feasting like a hungry demon.

Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang also lent a hand. Wherever Tianming went, tribulation manna fell into his spatial ring. He was almost numb.

"We’re rich!” 

Outside the formation, more than two hundred elders stared at the scene in shock, their thoughts subverted.

How long did it take him? He alone had collected more than fifteen thousand tribulation manna!

"This guy’s a walking treasure trove, isn’t he?” 

"What’re we waiting for? Quick, surround him! What a fool he is! Does he think he can leave after taking away all the treasure?” 

"Reinforcements will be here soon.” 

“Procuring the spoils is all up to luck now!” 

Long Yichen, Changsun Tianheng, Feng Wenjing, and the others didn’t despair. After the initial shock and agitation, they immediately regained their senses and quickly organized their people.

"It doesn’t matter how he got in! We can't let him leave. Wait for my father to arrive!” Long Yichen shouted sternly, his eyes crimson. His failure had made him a little uncomfortable, but now he saw hope and an opportunity for more merit. In his eyes, Tianming was now a glowing treasure house that could change his destiny.

"He's dead meat!” 

Certain disputes had nothing to do with good and evil. Sometimes, two irreconcilable enemies just bumped into each other. Long Yichen had only killed a few people throughout his entire life, and had focused on cultivating hard and growing stronger. But at this moment, he was looking intently at Tianming as if staring at an enemy, his chest almost bursting with murderous intent.

The treasures within the formation were all gone, and Tianming’s next step was to escape. He didn't want to stay for even a second longer. It was obvious the people outside were waiting for him.

"What should we do?” asked Meow Meow.

"Just charge at them,” said Tianming.

"Are you sure?” 

"Not really. But we’ll be able to kill at least half of them," Tianming said.

"Then why are you still so reckless?” 

"Stop blabbering. Only those who take risks can reap benefits. Hurry up!” 

Tianming placed his beasts back in his lifebound space. While reinforcements had yet to arrive, he darted into the formation once more.

At that moment, the Galactic Clashdragon Formation disappeared entirely, probably because all the tribulation manna had been removed. In that instant, Tianming appeared in front of more than two hundred people. He resembled a naked beauty surrounded by more than two hundred macho men! They went crazy at once.


Every one of them wanted to be the one to kill Tianming. Thus, the scene descended into chaos. As he had expected, this wasn’t one man versus two hundred. Because Tianming was now considered a treasure, there was fierce competition between the rest. All at once, countless battles broke out. It seemed that most of the attacks weren’t directed at him.

The three sects warily stared at one other. Long Yichen was the closest to Tianming, but as soon as he attacked, he was surrounded by the Heptastar Aerial Sect.

The more chaotic it grew, the more advantageous it was for Tianming. 

This was how human nature was. Due to Tianming’s sudden appearance, these people didn’t have an opportunity to sit down and discuss how they would share his treasures. A little provocation here, a little attack there, coupled with the bombardment from gigantic lifebound beasts, as well as the turbulent storm and waves, and Tianming didn’t even know where he was, much less the others.

Having received numerous attacks and taken a sword to the abdomen, Tianming was fortunate to have the Purple Tower to block the attacks for him. However, he had also sustained injuries to his shoulder and was scorched by one of his opponents’ lifebound beasts. The fire was so violent that Tianming couldn't hold on any longer.

"Damn, how thrilling!” 

Out of nowhere appeared a lifebound beast that slammed Tianming in the chest, sending him flying out of their encirclement. The funny thing was, these people were still fighting amongst themselves.

"Where the hell is he?!” 

"Fuck off! Li Tianming is over there!” 

"Kill him!” 

Tianming couldn’t be bothered anymore. If he didn’t escape now, he was bound to lose his life. Fortunately, this group of people wasn’t too difficult to deal with.

"Meow Meow, do your thing!” 

A lightning beast appeared under Tianming, bursting with Myriad Electrodes. Meow Meow charged into the clouds, heading toward the starry sky.

"Get him!” 

Now that the walking treasure had escaped, the others stopped indiscriminately attacking. More than two hundred people and four hundred lifebound beasts ascended into the sky, locking on to the Regal Chaosfiend.

In terms of speed, some were fast, while others were slower. However, there were several seventh-level samsarans and certain other cultivators whose expertise was speed that it would be difficult to get rid of. For example, Long Yichen, the excited beast, began chasing after Tianming the moment he had an eye on him. Throughout the chase, those eyes didn't blink at all.

"Are you crazy?" Tianming shouted.

"Don’t run, you son of a bitch!” Long Yichen roared.

Changsun Tianheng, Feng Wenjing, and the others were behind him. Although Meow Meow made an all-out effort to flee, these people were still hot on their tail.

"We can't get rid of them. What should we do?” asked Meow Meow.

"Don't worry, this mountain dweller has a plan,” said Tianming.

"Mountain dweller? You mean eunuch.” 

"Fuck off!” 

The others followed closely. Despite trying to throw them off for some time, there were still hundreds of people behind them.

"We’re too conspicuous.” 

Tianming frowned. He wasn't sure whether his brilliant scheme would work, but he had no other choice.

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