Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 786

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Chapter 786

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At that moment, Xue Yi seethed with rage. Xia Ziluan was dead!


Filled with killing intent, he let out a heart-piercing roar, almost tearing his throat.


He roared once more, blood and tears pouring from his eyes. The moment the lifesoul stone had shattered, he caught sight of the ray of light that shot into the sky in the distance. He didn’t stop to grieve, but continued dashing across the starry sky at his fastest speed.

With each step he took, his entire body trembled. Long Cangyuan was a little afraid to approach him when he was filled with such a murderous aura.

Dugu Jin is in big trouble, Long Cangyuan thought to himself.

Numerous tribulation elders had entered the Kilostar Domain. Xue Yi wouldn’t frown even if a third of them died in battle. But now, his entire body felt as though it was crawling with ants, the pain tearing through his chest.

Soon after, they arrived at the battlefield. In the starry sky floated two corpses, two beasts, and countless tiny snakes and scorpions. Several other people had also been attracted by the light.

"Ghoul King!” 

They moved aside at once.

"Luan’er...." Xue Yi hugged the bloody corpse, his eyes dripping blood. 

"Don't worry, Father will avenge you. I’ll make sure whoever harmed you suffers ten thousand times the payback!” Xue Yi sounded hoarse.

After further inspection and questioning the elders, Long Cangyuan got to the bottom of it. 

Xue Yi wrapped up his daughter's body. He rose to his feet and met Long Cangyuan’s gaze. The latter suddenly discovered that the man who had been strategizing this whole time had completely changed. From today onward, he would continue descending into ruthlessness.

"Brother Xue Yi, the murderer may not necessarily be Dugu Jin,” said Long Cangyuan.

"Who could it be?” Xue Yi asked coldly.

"Look at this.” Grabbing a few branches and leaves, Long Cangyuan said, "You must’ve seen this during the Number One Summit. These branches and leaves belong to Li Tianming's lifebound beast.” 

Eyes wide, Xue Yi held the branch and fell into deep thought.

"He died in the black hole star, I’m sure of that. How isn’t he dead?” 

"I don't know. But he must be alive, since his lifebound beast appeared here. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Li Tianming has joined Dugu Jin. After all, if I recall correctly, these two children were seventh-level samsarans. There’s no way Li Tianming could’ve killed them both in such a short time,” Long Cangyuan said.

"Yes.” Seething with rage, Xue Yi held his daughter in his arms.

"I’m sorry for your loss. Don’t be too sad, Ghoul King...."

Many elders came up to comfort him. They had originally assumed Xue Yi would grieve for a long time. However, he pulled out the starmap with one hand and studied it for some time.

"Li Tianming isn’t dead. There isn’t treasure on many of the marked stars on the map, indicating that it isn’t accurate,” said Xue Yi.

"In that case.... Let our people enter the black hole star. I will personally plant a lifesoul formation on them and see if they die when they enter,” said Xue Yi.

"Yes, we must test it out,” Long Cangyuan replied.

In fact, Xue Yi had shared a lot with him recently, which suggested that he’d begun trusting him more and more. 

"Let someone from my sect go,” said Long Cangyuan.

"Alright.” Xue Yi glanced at him.

How sincere of him.


In a large, dark purple hall in the Specter Mountains within the Nonahall Divine Realm, a man in purple robes was teasing a two-year-old boy with a puppet. 

"Come on. Give Grandpa a hug and a kiss! Poor child, your parents are terrible for leaving you behind with your grandparents while they go out and have fun together. Since you’re approaching the age of cultivation, Grandpa will help you build a foundation.” 

The child was playing with a little snake and a silver scorpion.

"Don’t be naughty. You’re just like your mother when she was young. She even led my son astray.” 

The purple-robed man wasn’t as gloomy as he was at the Blood Cauldron. Instead, he appeared benevolent and joyful as he picked up the suddenly crying baby. 

However, the man’s expression suddenly changed and he pulled out a lifesoul stone from his spatial ring.

It exploded in that instant. The little baby fell to the ground and cried miserably.

"It’s Yunge!” 

A purple gleam shot into the sky, then a purple mist billowed out, scaring many out of their wits.

"What happened?” 

"God knows!” 


In front of the black hole star that had been discovered by Long Yichen, he and several hundred tribulation elders were here with Xue Yi. 

When they arrived, Long Cangyuan brought a gray-haired old man to Xue Yi.

"Brother Xue Yi, a candidate has been selected. This man is four hundred years old, and still at the sixth-level life phase. He’s too afraid of entering the death phase. He’s lived enough and doesn’t have much time left,” said Long Cangyuan.

The old man he had chosen remained silent with his head lowered, his body trembling slightly. Long Cangyuan must have promised him certain benefits for him to willingly take this risk.

"Don't be nervous. Archaion’s imperial son is still alive after entering the black hole star. Once you’ve left, all you have to do is tell us what’s inside,” said Xue Yi.

"Yes, Ghoul King...." The old man sounded bitter.

Xue Yi drew for a while, planting the lifesoul formation. It wasn’t complicated; instead, lifesoul stones were valuable and couldn’t be afforded by ordinary folk.

"Go.” Xue Yi patted the old man on the shoulder.


When the old man looked at the black hole star, his legs couldn’t stop trembling. He had yet to pluck up his courage even after some time had passed.

"Don't worry. If something happens to you, your children and family will be treated well. They don't like you, yet here you are, sacrificing for them. That’s the greatness of a parent’s love!” 

Stepping forward, Long Cangyuan pushed the old man lightly. The latter fell and was swallowed by the black hole star. It was merely an experiment. They were too anxious to go looking for people. After all, it wasn’t easy to find such worthless people in the Kilostar Domain.

They all stared at the lifesoul stone in Xue Yi’s hand as the old man disappeared from their sight. 

Suddenly, there was a loud crack. The lifesoul stone had shattered and turned to dust. 

Everyone was stunned. It proved that the old man had died very quickly. Xue Yi’s frown deepened. This was contrary to what they had imagined.

"Let’s try again!” said Xue Yi.

The moment they heard his words, everyone knew that he had lost control due to his daughter's death. Many took a step back, for fear that Xue Yi would pick them.

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