Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 803

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Chapter 803

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Now that the battle had progressed thus far, escaping would only hurt morale. Tianming and his lifebound beasts were spiritually connected, and practiced symbiotic cultivation. Thus, all four of them felt the fire raging in his heart. 

“Hold on. We can do this!” 

Ying Huo wandered over to Lan Huang’s side. Their opponents were in the midst of attacking Lan Huang with their lifebound beasts when Ying Huo snuck up on them. Under the cover of Lan Huang's gigantic body, the tiny chicken became an unstoppable killing machine. 

Meanwhile, Meow Meow unleashed Myriad Thundernet, trapping a large number of their opponents. The power of lightning erupted as black lightning tore through their flesh and blood. The pollen from Xian Xian’s Evernight Curse was mixed in with the lightning, melting into their wounds and circulating through their bodies. 

“Lan Huang, are you alright?” 

Tianming was worried for the ‘little guy.’ Because it liked to charge and break through enemy lines, it attracted a lot of firepower. This time, dozens of lifebound beasts surrounded it, trying to pin it down. Fortunately, its revolving Kilofold Rings cut a bloody path through, covering the sky in blood. 

Numerous attacks bombarded the Kilofold Rings, some of them actually passing through and exploding onto Lan Huang’s Infinite Stardragon Diagram scales. Blood splattered everywhere.

“This is so much fun! I like it!” 

Lan Huang’s roars shook the crowd. It threw the beasts off its back and continued attacking. Its thick claws slashed at a vajra tiger, the impact smashing its opponent into mush. Destroying the enemy’s saint palace was meticulous work that Lan Huang simply wasn’t suited for. Thus, Tianming hadn’t demanded that of it. He was relieved upon discovering that Lan Huang’s injuries were minor. 

In fact, he himself was dealing with worse. For the sake of merit, most of the enemies charged toward him, employing deadly methods. Fortunately, Tianming was nimble. No matter how many of them there were, they would certainly interfere with one another. In this short period of time, he hadn’t had to deal with many of them at the same time. 

Combining his two swords, Tianming bolted straight into the crowd, violently killing his way through. In fact, the Imperial Sword Prison alone could seal their powers, rendering them weak and incapable. Thus, there was no need for Tianming to aim for their saint palaces. But to be honest, a sword through the saint palace was both faster and more violent. 

After drawing the tribulation elders toward himself, the pressure on Xian Xian was reduced and its Radiant Vines were capable of resisting the abilities blasting from above. With the numerous attacks, the vines eventually exploded. In Tianming’s lifebound space, Xian Xian’s spiritform screamed in pain. 

But because Xian Xian had people it wanted to protect, it wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, it unleashed its ferocious nature, killing even more fiercely. Rays of the Evernight Rose radiated all around. In fact, each ray was composed of tens of millions of flecks of invincible dark astral pollen, which showered all over its enemies. 

Holding on wasn’t easy. Tianming was battle-weary; the Dragonhide had depleted his energy. In the end, it disappeared on its own. His body was stained with both his own blood and the blood of his enemies and his lifebound beasts weren’t doing much better.  

However, their enemies were even more miserable. Amidst the starry sea, countless beastmasters and lifebound beasts lay unmoving. These were either corpses, ones who had their saint palaces destroyed, or were sealed by the Imperial Sword Prison and unable to move. At least a tenth of the sea was dyed red with blood, an indication of how violent the battle had been up to that point. 

“Brothers, now that it’s come to this, let’s persevere for half an hour more!” Tianming shouted. 

It felt good fighting side by side with his brothers. As he had once said, beastmaster and beast in a lifetime of symbiosis without regrets. Although he was surrounded by thousands of people, Lan Huang, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow guarded him and he watched out for Xian Xian, while Xian Xian in turn protected all of them.

“With this sort of relationship, this shared destiny, and friends who live and die together, what more can I ask for?" Tianming laughed. 

"Stop babbling! Come save me!" Chased by a group of people, Meow Meow was forced to run as fast as it could. 

The fact that they could still joke around during such a fierce battle made their opponents so angry they vomited blood. 

“I’ll stab their old butts!” Ying Huo shot toward them. 

“Chicken Bro, what a weird fetish you have! I’m going to vomit!” Meow Meow shivered.

“Cat Bro, are you pregnant? Chicken Bro said that those who are pregnant will vomit!" Although Lan Huang was covered in blood, it could still turn around and laugh. 

“Chicken Bro even said that he’s fallen in love with you. Do you believe that?” Meow Meow retorted.

“Oh no! I’m about to vomit too!” Just as Lan Huang feigned vomiting, someone sliced at its neck, almost removing one of its scales.

“Be careful, you idiots!” Xian Xian shouted.

They were actually still joking around at this point. Had it not been for Xian Xian's control over the battlefield, the enemy would have broken their defense a long time ago. 

But the good news was that people had begun falling into the chaos and frenzy of the Evernight Curse. One of them was inadvertently implicated by someone else who was attacking Tianming. Because of that, he burst into a rage, snuck an attack from behind, and beheaded the man amidst the chaos. 

“Changsun Feiyi, are you mad? How dare you kill a disciple of the Nonahall Ghost Sect?” The surrounding folk who caught sight of it were furious. 

“What's wrong with that, you bunch of self-righteous old bastards? To hell with your fucking superiority! I think you must be tired of living. The Nonahall Divine Realm will perish sooner or later!" When a person was irritable, mad, and had lost his mind, they were susceptible to speaking their true thoughts. 

“This man is crazy. Kill him!" A dozen tribulation elders from the Nonahall Ghost Sect swarmed over, chopping the Heptastar Aerial Sect disciple to pieces. 

“Why is the Nonahall Ghost Sect killing our people?” Many Heptastar tribulation elders had only seen the murder of their man.

“He killed one of us first!” 

“Bullshit! Why would he do something so stupid?!” 

“Are you trying to pick a fight? Isn’t the Heptastar Aerial Sect our running dog? Now that you’re one, you must learn to kneel and bark. You can’t have dignity and enjoy advantages at the same time!”  

“Don't go too far. We’ll report everything you say to the ghoul kings and our sect master. You’ll be punished for trying to destroy our alliance!” 

“Trying to scare us with the ghoul kings? Brothers, slaughter these dogs! There’ll be dog meat to eat today!" 

If everyone confessed their true thoughts, how many alliances could actually remain strong? Even if they were still sane and found the situation strange, they were bound to lose control of their emotions when their dignity was trampled on. 

The dark astral pollen in their bodies was the source of all these changes. In the beginning, the chaos was limited to a local area. 

Most of these people were attacking in a frenzy, causing a greater threat to Tianming and his lifebound beasts. Soon, it became impossible to persist. Step by step, they were inching ever closer to defeat. However, such scenes of brutality appeared more and more. Many of the elders had yet to figure out what was happening before they were attacked by the people around them. 

Being reviled as running dogs while they were exerting themselves had set off the fragile emotions of the Quadform powerhouses. They weren’t convinced by Long Cangyuan's behavior to begin with. And now, under the influence of the Evernight Curse and such vile insults, they, too, joined the battle. 

At that moment, eternal night had truly descended as the entire star sank into mayhem. 

The chaos spread like a plague, growing bigger and bigger as the dark astral pollen continuously multiplied in their bodies, driving them mad. The Primordial Chaos Beast’s terrifying ability spread like poison, erupting at critical points. Even Tianming found it hard to believe it’d had such a destructive impact. 


What a joke! Tianming was originally the one under siege. But now, most of his opponents had fallen. The infighting had begun just because of an accidental injury, which sparked insults that set off the rage. All of them were trapped in the rage of the Evernight Rose. 

In this bloody battlefield, the black astral flowers shone brightly. Countless stars were born, turning into dark astral pollen that spread in the air. What a bewitching scene it was!

“Here comes our opportunity!” 

Pulling out the Archfiend, Tianming followed the crowd.

Under such circumstances, no one could stop him. Afterimages of Archfiend flickered across the sky as it violently pierced through the crowd, blood splattering wherever it passed. One by one, their saint palaces were destroyed. Boundless life and death tribulation energy returned to being the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so the entire star was enveloped in a majestic aura. 

One by one, the pale and weak tribulation elders fell into the sea. Although they were crippled, they still possessed enough physical strength that they wouldn’t drown in the water. But the scary thing was, they were still under the influence of the Evernight Curse even though their saint palaces had been destroyed. What a spectacle it was to watch them crawl to their feet and continue fighting with the people around them. 

In the starry sky beyond, there were about three hundred people who personally witnessed this incredible scene.

"Are you crazy? Stop!" a pale Lou Feiyu shouted, but to no avail. 

“Why are they fighting?" Long Qunqun of the Quadform Oceanic Sect was trembling. 

They had watched as Tianming inch closer and closer to defeat and were about to head down when everything suddenly went up in flames. 

“It's that tree. That black flower is definitely causing the confusion!" 

“How frightening! It’s actually able to affect so many of them. What kind of lifebound beast is it...."

“I’ve never heard of any lifebound beast having such a terrifying effect.” 

“Wouldn’t this tree be able to thwart an entire army once Li Tianming reaches the later levels of the Samsara stage? Isn’t that tree more horrifying than a broodmother-type beast?” 

Tianming would only be even more terrifying on the battlefield.

“Don’t just stand there! Let’s save them!” 

“Save them?! We must inform the ghoul kings right away. Why walk right into our deaths?”  

“You’re right. If we go down there, we might be killed by those mad bastards before we can even get to Li Tianming!” 

“Who are you calling a mad bastard?” 

“Stop fighting!” 

There was chaos both above and below. Out of the three people, about half of them fled. Of course, that wasn’t what they called it; they were going to “call for reinforcements.”

“Don’t run. Come down for some tea, you old dogs.” Tianming’s unbridled laughter drifted from below.

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