Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 810

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Chapter 810

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When word got back to the Specter Mountains, the Nonahall Divine Realm as a whole seemed rather calm. However, the sect itself was boiling over. This was too big a deal, and nobody could cover it up entirely. Almost instantly, commotions broke out across the countless buildings in the mountain range after a short moment of shocked silence.

"Li Tianming actually killed Ghoul King Qing Ming in the Kilostar Domain..."

Hearing that made many weak-willed people lose their minds instantly. Soon, news spread out from the Specter Mountains like a tidal wave. Within a few short days, it shook the entirety of the Nonahall Divine Realm, followed by the Nine Divine Realms as a whole! The reaction was much larger this time than when people heard of Ye Bodhi's death. No matter what, Ye Bodhi was still part of the younger generation, while Ghoul King Qing Ming was an eleventh-level life phase samsaran, among the most powerful people to exist on the continent, someone in whose hands countless lives were grasped. All kinds of emotions, such as shock, rage, vexation, frustration, and confusion, filled the minds of everyone in the realm.

"The war hasn't even truly started yet, and we haven't even touched the Monorigin Divine Realm. How could Ghoul King Qing Ming already be dead?"

They wanted to give themselves hard slaps on the face to check whether they were dreaming. The chaos even caused Ghoul King Zi Xiao to make quite a number of trips to the Black and White Skypalaces.

"Tell Third that the whole of Nonahall expects them to provide an adequate response to the matter."

It was said that not even those two ghoul kings could just sit by any longer. It should have been a simple matter of entering the Kilostar Domain and pocketing the treasures there, so how could something this devastating result from it? While they didn't really have a proper explanation for what was happening, they now knew that Tianming was a major threat, at least within the Kilostar Domain.


In the starlit sky, a group of thirty-odd people gathered, hidden deeply in the clouds. Normal tribulation elders wouldn't be able to detect them while passing by, as these were all third-origin tribulation elders.

The ones participating in this stealthy excursion were all the most elite sect members that could be trusted. Among them, more than ten were from the Archaion Sect, led by Jian Wuyi and Fang Taiqing. Palace Lords Xuanyuan Yu and Xuanyuan Xiao were also there. Other than that, Coral Fairy Beigong Linlan from Triflair and Sect Master Lin Yuntian from Octagram were there with their own third-origin tribulation elders. They were currently engaged in a discussion.

"The fact that the imperial son killed that old Qing Ming proves that he is more than capable of defending himself in the domain. We no longer have to worry about him. But the moment he leaves, we must be there to receive him. He’ll stand no chance of survival otherwise," Beigong Linlan said.

Their shock after hearing the news a few days ago was hard to understate. Qing Ming was someone on the same level as them, yet he had been killed by a junior. Only after Fang Taiqing and the others had confirmed the news from their many informants did they dare to believe it.

"Word is that the Nonahall Divine Realm can't wait to avenge Qing Ming."

"Haha... for a fellow like him who used to be so feared and infamous to die like this is truly laughable."

"What a joke indeed."

Fang Taiqing said, "It isn’t that Qing Ming was weak. The imperial son was simply too ridiculously powerful."

Everyone turned to look at him. With how hard the Sterling House of Fang was working for the sect during this time of crisis, rumors of them betraying the sect had long since been dispelled. Not to mention, Fang Taiqing seemed filled with reverence for Tianming.

"With all the treasures he has on him, we have to secure him no matter what."

At that moment, a third-origin tribulation elder stealthily returned from the direction of the Kilostar Domain.

"How is it?" Fang Taiqing asked.

"Word is that two ghoul kings brought quite a huge number of people with them into the Kilostar Domain. Now, there’s only the seventh ghoul king and four thousand tribulation elders at the entrance," that person said.

"How powerful are the elders?"

"About seventh or eighth level. There’s only ten third-origin tribulation elders."

"So not a lot of people then. We can definitely risk it," Lin Yuntian said.

"It appears that the imperial son is causing enough chaos to draw in the other two ghoul kings and most of the tribulation elders, leaving the outside rather empty," Fang Taiqing said.

"What if they already guessed that we'd be here waiting for him?" Beigong Linlan asked.

"Among the nine ghoul kings, the first two never leave the Specter Mountains. Ghoul King Zi Xiao is also stationed there to defend the mountains. Five others are now in the Kilostar Domain, and the last remaining one is at the Pentaphase Divine Realm. The other four sect masters are also within the Kilostar Domain, so as long as the first and second ghoul kings don't come, the enemy no longer has any peak elites. If we don't engage in a fight, but focus on extraction and retrieval, we'll have a much better chance. The imperial son can already protect himself rather well, after all," Fang Taiqing explained.

"Those two wouldn't actually come, right?" Jian Wuyi asked.

"Who can say? If they do, we have to retreat. Don't overthink it," Fang Taiqing said.


Even though they had come on Feiling's orders, they knew that if those two showed up, it would mean the end for them and their four sects.

"Let's keep waiting for more news!"

As they neared the Kilostar Domain, the group grew more and more tense. Deep in the night, a woman dressed in green stood behind Fang Taiqing. She was Fang Yuqing, a third-origin tribulation elder of the Fang house. When nobody was looking, this immaculate beauty tugged his hand.

"Stop messing around," Fang Taiqing said, still looking in the direction of the Kilostar Domain.

"You've changed considerably from before. It's completely unlike your previous plans. What are you thinking?" she asked.

Fang Taiqing looked at her and shook his head. "Stop asking."

"Tell me something to reassure me, won't you?"

"The situation is changing rapidly, so we have to adapt."

"But if things continue on this course, will we ever get a chance to go our own way?"

Fang Taiqing looked her in the eye and said, "How the heck would I know? The world is far too chaotic to predict!"


At the ninth black hole star in the Kilostar Domain, Tianming saw tens of thousands of powerful seniors, all gathered together and leaving not a single gap leading to the star. They were even deploying formations wherever they could. With almost all of them gathered there, Tianming didn't dare to approach at all. He left the place and landed on a nearby fire star.

"When I went through the eighth black hole star, those words said something about waiting for me at the ninth star. I wonder what’ll happen after I enter...." The unanswered question nagged at him from the depths of his mind.

"Forget it. Just go, I'll cover for you," Ying Huo said with much bravado while perched on his head.

"Fuck off. There’s at least two thousand of those eighty thousand people who’ve had their levels suppressed by the sealing formation, and a few ghoul kings and sect masters besides. Do you want me to die or something?"

"Don't you have plot armor? Don't worry, they definitely won't be able to kill you. The most they'll do is annoy you a bit."

"To hell with your plot armor!" It looked like Tianming had to wing it somehow.

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