Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 812

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Chapter 812

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On the star of flames—

"After entering the death phase, my Aeonic Grandbane will drain my vitality. Breaking through to the next level should be faster than entering the death phase." 

Tianming was previously on the edge of breaking through to the next level. Thus, he was almost entirely focused on condensing his samsara rings. He was pleased to be able to wreck the starry sky with a single punch. 

“In fact, even the ghoul kings are at the seventh-level death phase. Right now, I’m able to fight eighth-level death phase samsarans.” 

Without a doubt, dealing with Xue Yi and the other ghoul kings would be more difficult than fighting Qing Ming. 

With that, Tianming passed through the hot lava and erupting heat of the fiery star, and soon arrived on the surface. At this moment, he was dumbfounded! 

“Holy shit!” 

He saw more than thirty thousand people coming from the direction of the black hole star. When Tianming arrived on the star’s surface, the elders had already surrounded the star. There was no way he could escape. 

“How did they find me?” 

Tianming was puzzled, because he had always been careful.

“But then again, if they could easily locate me, they would’ve come to me earlier. Why wait a hundred days?" 

Narrowing his eyes, he finally noticed a clue.

“They haven’t noticed me!” Tianming breathed a sigh of relief and quickly turned around, then jumped out of the volcanic cave and said to himself, "This means they’re not looking for me." 

With as many as thirty thousand opponents, Tianming didn’t think he could kill them all even though he was at the fifth-level death phase.

Tianming quietly hid himself. Moving alone was indeed very convenient. For example, no one could find Dugu Jin or Feng Qingyu, if that was what they wanted. 

With his third eye, Tianming was able to vaguely see through the magma and hear some of their conversations. Most of them were quiet because they were in the presence of several esteemed men. Tianming managed to find them. 

“Long Cangyuan and Xue Yi.” 

As he stared at the red- and blue-robed men, a fierce light flickered in his eyes. Aside from them, there were some third-origin tribulation elders and hundreds of second-origin tribulation elders that were eighth-level samsarans. 

“Why is such a large group of people interested in this star? Could there be treasure here?" Tianming whispered. 

“How could there be such a coincidence! There’s treasure on the star you randomly chose? Doesn’t that mean we’re rich?” said Ying Huo. 

"The trouble is that the star has been surrounded and they have too many people on their side. I can't leave." 

“We can give Cat Bro a try. Maybe he can escape while they’re still unaware." Ying Huo pursed its beak. 

“Don't worry. Let’s see what they’re trying to do,” said Tianming. 

“I think you’re coveting treasure,” said Ying Huo. 

“So what if I am? Talents and treasure belong to those who are full of virtue.” 

“I don’t know about that, but your ’tadpoles’ are certainly full to the point of overflowing." Ying Huo laughed. 

“Fuck off!” 

Tianming was embarrassed to associate with the vulgar bird.

While they were talking, Tianming was monitoring Xue Yi and the others. The ghoul king held a starmap, pointing at it as he stared at the star of flames below his feet. Tianming vaguely heard him say, "According to the four linked stars, there should be treasure hidden on this star.” 

“I think it's very likely. After all, my son Yichen said that the first two stars with treasures were part of four linked stars." Long Cangyuan seemed to have no trouble bootlicking. 

“Ghoul King, I may be able to pinpoint where the treasure is located..." Long Yichen said softly from beside them.

“Come here!” Eyes lighting up, Xue Yi waved to him. Long Cangyuan seemed gratified—Long Yichen would have made a great contribution if they managed to seize the treasure.

Tianming was frustrated as he watched Long Yichen gesture at the starmap.

“Does he know the pattern for the treasure? If I’d known that, I would’ve interrogated and killed him!” 

Throughout his time in the Kilostar Domain, Tianming had only showed benevolence that one time, yet it was this fish that slipped through the net and caused trouble.

“It looks like I must be merciless to those from the opposing side, no matter if they’re good or evil. As long as we aren’t from the same side, our hearts and minds are different.” 

He was curious. Was there really a pattern on the starmap known as the four linked stars?

He too had a starmap on him. Spreading it out, Tianming contemplated the pattern of the four linked stars, but couldn’t decipher its mysteries. 

At that moment, Long Yichen and Xue Yi suddenly looked in his direction.

"Ghoul King, if the treasure exists, it should be in this position. At the time, Ye Bodhi took the starmap to activate the Galactic Vortex Formation and unearth the tribulation artifacts," said Long Yichen. 

“I understand.” Xue Yi looked at the starmap in his hand.

What Ye Bodhi had was the original starmap, while his was just a duplicate.

"The duplicate is unlikely to have any special effects. However, the first two times might not necessarily have been caused by the real starmap, especially since Ye Bodhi had nothing to do with it the first time.” 

Xue Yi decided to give it a go.

As he approached Tianming’s position, the white-haired youth was in the midst of contemplating the four linked stars.

“Hey, the slit-mouthed monster is coming,” said Ying Huo.

“Huh?” As soon as he looked up, Tianming realized that Xue Yi was close to him.

“Holy shit!” 

He bolted into the depths of the star of flames. Being discovered and surrounded by his enemies would put him in a passive position. If they were going to fight, Tianming wanted to take the initiative. 

In a rush to leave, Tianming didn’t realize that the stars on the starmap had begun brightly shining the moment he entered a certain area. The dazzling light couldn’t be concealed at all, and was clearly visible to those outside. It shone through the magma, spreading all around. 

“What’s that?” 

“Could there be treasure? But the ghoul king has yet to enter.” 

“There seems to be a figure of a man.” 

Tens of thousands of elders were startled by the light.

The light was even clearer to Xue Yi, who stood nearby. His gaze followed the light and zoomed in on Tianming. 

“It's him! Li Tianming!” 

Even though the figure was vague, Xue Yi was certain. Even if Tianming’s body had turned to ashes, he would still recognize him. The monstrous anger he had been holding back for nearly four months erupted at that moment. The intensity of his outburst was enough to break his body apart. His surging ki turned into intangible tentacles and radiated from his body. The words “Li Tianming” immediately put the tribulation elders on guard.  

“You’re seeking death!” 

Long Cangyuan had kept up with Xue Yi, and upon seeing Tianming, their eyes turned red and full of killing intent. Tianming had to admit he was really unlucky. First, his enemies had found the fiery star. Then, he just had to go and hide in the position they were going to search. And just as he was about to withdraw, the starmap lit up in his hand. He now resembled the moon in the night sky—extremely conspicuous....  

With just a glance, Xue Yi immediately launched an attack. Like an army, the tribulation elders outside surrounded the star, completely sealing it off. 

“Damn it!” Tianming cursed.

The starmap in his hand continued shining. At the same time, he discovered that the surrounding magma was vibrating and the resounding roar of a dragon sounded out. The dazzling starlight that had replaced the lava shook and threw Tianming off his feet. At the same time, Xue Yi, Long Cangyuan, and others who had just caught up were also sent flying into the starry sky.

Just a moment ago, more than a dozen third-origin tribulation elders at the tenth-level pounced on him. If it weren't for the sealing formation in the Kilostar Domain, any one of them could crush Tianming like an ant. At this time, these people were sent flying. It almost seemed as though Tianming was responsible for that. 

But that wasn’t the case. Tianming was pushed into the depths of the fiery star and tossed in another direction, instead. Those who were suppressed knew what this sudden power was. This was the start of a formation.  

Tianming quickly put the starmap away. However, the formation blossomed on the flaming lava, much like the Galactic Vortex Formation had. A dazzling light burst forth, illuminating the tribulation elders’ faces. 

“Another formation? Is there more treasure?” Tianming quickly stabilized himself. Although he was currently in the depths of the star, he could still clearly see the formation.

Who would’ve thought that my starmap could unlock treasure like a key as long as it appears in a specific location! I wonder if Xue Yi’s starmap has a similar effect. Do they know about this? Tianming looked at the new formation with these thoughts in his mind.

The people outside temporarily forgot about Tianming for the moment. They stared at the “flower” on the star of flames in shock! Dragon roars sounded from within the astral formation as the endless starlight in the formation gradually formed a thousand astral dragons. The dragons were thousands of meters long, strong and brutal, made of concentrated starlight. They glared at the elders before them like tigers watching their prey.  

“This looks like the legendary Kilostar Photondragon Formation...." Long Cangyuan stared wide-eyed, in shock.

“What?” Amidst the starlight, Xue Yi’s ferocious mouth opened even wider.

“In a while, when the stars have dispersed, we can confirm if that weapon is inside..." said an astonished Long Cangyuan.

“Great Emperor Xuanyuan’s weapon?” 

“Yes, the one he used to conquer the world. The most powerful weapon of legend.”

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