Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 813

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Chapter 813

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Tianming's perspective was slightly different from those standing outside. With his third eye, he easily saw through the dazzling light of thousands of dragons and glimpsed the formation nucleus. 

“That’s it!” 

The space at the formation nucleus was so small that it could only contain one weapon. And that weapon was gorgeous. It was a shining dragon trident! 

After lying still for a long time, it would finally grace the world with its presence once more. 

Upon closer inspection, Tianming realized that the trident was about two meters long. The front end had three parts: the center resembled a dagger, the sides were crescent-shaped blades, and the end resembled a pike. The front and back were double-edged blades; the front was suitable for slicing while the back was perfect for stabbing. 

The blades on both ends flickered with dazzling starlight. In addition to the front and back blades, there was also a long handle covered in dragon scales that shone with stars. Each dragon scale seemed to be a star of different attributes such as fire, lightning, ice, wind and so on. There were exactly one thousand scales. All in all, this domineering trident seemed to incorporate the essence of the entire Kilostar Domain. 

“There aren’t any tribulation patterns!” 

Of all the weapons Tianming had come across, those without heavenly patterns were either scrap metal or divine artifacts.

The Human Emperor's Dragonhide didn’t have tribulation patterns, either.

At the moment, Tianming didn't have enough power to fully activate the Dragonhide, but he knew how terrifying it was. Obviously, the same was true for this weapon that had suddenly appeared. 

While observing the tribulation elders, he also listened to their discussion. They appeared more excited than Tianming. Thus, he managed to obtain a lot of information.

"This is the weapon Great Emperor Xuanyuan once used on the battlefield?!" Tianming's heart was ablaze.

“The Dragonhide was the last divine artifact forged by Great Emperor Xuanyuan before he died. It was created from five dragons. In other words, he never used it. According to historical records, the only divine artifacts he really used were the Heaven Cauldron and a trident. Although the Old Deepstar Path is a divine artifact, it doesn’t have combat capabilities.” 

The Heaven Cauldron was similar to the Prime Tower in terms of its usage. Thus, the significance of this trident to Great Emperor Xuanyuan was probably equivalent to the significance of the Grand-Orient Sword to Tianming. This was the weapon that accompanied him in annihilating the demon race. 

Tianming seemed to recall seeing this dragon trident in the images he had seen in the corridors of the black hole stars. Wherever the weapon went, thousands of dragons roared and multitudes of evil demons were scattered. 

“According to the legends passed down in the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, this weapon disappeared after the death of Great Emperor Xuanyuan. How did it appear in the Kilostar Domain?!” Tianming was shocked, his gaze fiery.

“Did Great Emperor Xuanyuan leave behind the treasures in the Kilostar Domain? But if that’s the case, why was Nonahall in possession of the starmap?” Tianming couldn’t unravel these mysteries. In fact, none of it was important. The question was, how did the weapon Great Emperor Xuanyuan used to subdue the world fall into the hands of Nonahall?

“The Kilostar Photondragon!” 

Tianming overheard the name from the screams of the people outside. In truth, he had a rather superficial understanding of the history of the Nine Divine Realms, so he wasn’t aware of how powerful this weapon was. 

The moment the weapon appeared, Xue Yi and the others immediately arrived at the Kilostar Photondragon Formation, ready to enter.

“Listen, no matter who gets the weapon, you must hand it over to me. Do you understand? "Xue Yi said coldly. No one would dare to keep such a divine artifact for himself. Even if they handed it over to Xue Yi, the Council of Ghoul Kings would be the one to decide who received it.

“Yes!” The third-origin tribulation elders nodded. Although their eyes were filled with excitement, there wasn’t a trace of personal greed, since they would be biting off more than they could chew.

The sentence was actually meant for Long Cangyuan. The Quadform Seadragon Clan was actually related to the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. Their lifebound beasts were dragons and they shared the same yearning and reverence for the Great Emperor Xuanyuan. 

The Kilostar Photondragon was a weapon that rather suited Long Cangyuan, hence, Xue Yi wasn’t surprised by Long Cangyuan’s eagerness.

I will try my best." Upon hearing Xue Yi’s words, Long Cangyuan knew to curb his own desires. Even if he was the first to acquire the trident, he would have to hand it over.

“Thanks for the effort.” With that, Xue Yi turned to the tribulation elders outside the circle. “Get ready. We can't let Li Tianming leave!" 

“If we all enter, who’s going to stop him?” asked Long Cangyuan.

“You stay here then,” said Xue Yi.

“Alright.” Long Cangyuan was rather upset. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have raised the question.

“He won’t escape. I think he’s already entered the formation.” As soon as the words left his lips, Xue Yi saw a figure rush into the Kilostar Photondragon Formation. 

“Listen up. Neither the treasure nor Li Tianming can be allowed to leave! Go back to the black hole formation and tell them to send over another group!” 


With that, Xue Yi entered the Kilostar Photondragon Formation. Logically speaking, with his cultivation level, his control and understanding of the formation should far exceed Tianming’s. But the reality was, Xue Yi was immediately attacked by thousands of stars and dragons. On the other hand, Tianming was actually clad in the Dragonhide. With it, Tianming practically strolled through the formation as if he were taking a walk in the park. A thousand times faster than Xue Yi, Tianming was close to reaching the Kilostar Photondragon. 

“There’s no need to keep going, Ghoul King.” Long Cangyuan and the other tribulation elders shook their heads helplessly.

“Fine!” Xue Yi left the formation in embarrassment.

"This kid is the successor of Great Emperor Xuanyuan. As soon as the treasure appeared, it was meant for him. There’s no way we can seize it from him under the restriction of the sealing formation. However, this isn’t a black hole star, so he won’t be able to run the moment he has the treasure. All we have to do is kill him and take the treasure," Long Cangyuan analyzed.  

“Alright. Inform Ying Zi. Tell her to bring Yi Xingyin.” Xue Yi ordered those behind him.

They watched as Tianming approached the Kilostar Photondragon.

Xue Yi had arranged an inescapable net. The lifebound beasts of tens of thousands of tribulation elders appeared, surrounding the fiery star.

Even without the sealing formation, such a large number of people would form a terrifying army if placed on the battlefield. A siege and a one-on-one battle were two different things. Anyone might drop the ball in the face of such overwhelming attacks, even if they were heaven-defying geniuses. 

The last time Tianming was forced to deal with two thousand people with Xian Xian’s help was already the limit. In contrast, fleeing was at least ten times easier than facing ten thousand enemies. 

“We must kill him regardless of everything. Brother Cangyuan, you will join hands with us when the time comes,” said Xue Yi. 

This opportunity was hard to come by. Additionally, the treasures on Tianming would increase his bargaining chips. Hence, they had to kill him.

“Alright,” Long Cangyuan replied.

If he had known they would bump into Tianming, Xue Yi would have called Ying Zi over. His heart boiled like a bloody sea as he stared fixedly at Tianming and watched him pass through the formation, then arrive in front of the weapon. 

“He must pay for forcing me into such a situation!” Xue Yi’s killing intent had never been this intense.

Tianming was certainly aware of the uproar outside the formation.

“Thank goodness I’ve reached the fifth-level death phase. Otherwise, I’d be hopeless,” Tianming sighed. 

Disregarding the curses outside, he arrived in front of the weapon with ease.

“The weapon the progenitor used to conquer the world....”

Tianming's skin glowed with starlight that originated from the weapon in front of him. As the divine artifact floated in midair, the dragon scales and the Dragonhide eagerly reflected each other. 

“It’s a matching set!” Tianming said excitedly as he studied the weapon from top to bottom.

“I’ve never used a weapon like this, but its power and ferocity feels good." 

He took a deep breath.

“The Kilostar Photondragon!” 

Tianming emptied his mind and stretched out his hand to hold the cold weapon. The Kilostar Photongdragon vibrated in his palm, its dazzling light shocking the heavens. 

Roaring loudly, the dragons in the Kilostar Photondragon Formation dove down and rushed to merge with the weapon. For a while, Tianming felt as if he was holding a thousand dragons made of stars, each of them a thousand meters long.

Ying Huo and the others had previously obtained the ultimate tribulation manna, and now he was holding a weapon filled with the power of starlight in his hands. Regardless of how shocking the Kilostar Photondragon’s power was, Tianming could feel the Dragonhide’s connection to the trident. 

The scales on the Dragonhide and Photondragon were connected to each other, as if they were old friends who had finally met again after being separated for many years. The emotions even affected Tianming. He felt the same joy and excitement of the reunion. 

That was why the weapon didn’t repel him. Instead, a majestic power fused with Tianming's body, allowing him to wield the trident with ease. 

As the Photondragon twirled, starlight burst forth, sweeping across the area and forming a vortex of stars accompanied by the magnificent roars of dragons.

“It feels completely different from the Grand-Orient Sword.” 

Tianming had originally thought that the weapon might conflict with the Grand-Orient Sword. But they were two weapons of completely different styles, which he could slowly explore. At the moment, there was no time at all. The formation disappeared the instant he grabbed the Photondragon, exposing him to tens of thousands of tribulation elders. 

This was not unlike his previous experience at the entrance of the Kilostar Domain. He had truly become a sitting duck.

Xue Yi, Long Cangyuan, over a dozen third-origin tribulation elders, and tens of thousands of other elders zeroed in on Tianming, eyes filled with killing intent.

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