Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 814

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Chapter 814

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After having been played with for four months, these self-righteous elders had already gone mad. They didn't even have a moment’s patience left. 

The moment Tianming was exposed, Xue Yi stared at him with blood-red eyes and shouted, “DIE!!”

Under his orders, about a thousand of them attacked to kill. Most of them were second-origin tribulation elders at eighth-level samsara and above. 

They were much stronger, especially those in the front—Xue Yi, Long Cangyuan, and a dozen third-origin tribulation elders. Tens of thousands of people tightened the encirclement, stacking up one after another, forming several layers. Today, they would kill Tianming no matter what happened. That was not up for discussion.  

“He was able to grow from a weak and pitiful little bug into what he is today. All of us elders are actually being forced to show our most ruthless side and combine our efforts to attack him. This young man will go down in history!” 

Long Cangyuan stared at the Photondragon in Tianming's hand. He couldn’t help but be amazed when he recalled how weak and fragile Tianming had been at the opening of the Kilostar Domain.

In truth, he admired him very much in his heart. But the fact that he admired Tianming meant that the young man had to die! Otherwise, if this continued, the world would only become more chaotic. 

“Kill him!”

The deafening roar startled Tianming. 

However, his cultivation was the foundation of his determination to fight. Desire guided the Kilostar Photondragon, and the first time he held the weapon, he chose to fight. Of course, he didn't want to face more than a dozen powerful experts while being surrounded. 

“Being surrounded puts me at a disadvantage. I must do something about it!” 

Even if he had fought against two thousand people last time, he had been in control of the battlefield the entire time. With a frown, he fled deep into the star, Photondragon in hand. 

The magma exploded. The star of flames was huge, with countless volcanoes on the surface and boiling magma underneath. Relying on his Aeternal Infernal Physique and Ancient Deepstar Godbody, Tianming managed to move freely below. 

Most of the tribulation elders also had strong physiques. After all, they had been tempered for hundreds of years. However, they didn’t possess abilities like his and couldn’t move around as easily. 

“Get him!” 

They continued closing in on Tianming. More and more people surrounded him as Xue Yi went in for the kill.

At that moment, Tianming suddenly felt the Photondragon shake and the star beneath his feet burst into blazing starlight. The starlight converged in one spot on the surface of the star; this “spot” was the Kilostar Photondragon.  

The starlight finally condensed into a dazzling beam of light that slammed into a red scale on the Photondragon. Tianming immediately felt it increase in strength after absorbing the starlight. 

“What’s going on?” He was stunned.

The tribulation elders around him suddenly broke into a commotion, and before escaping into the star, Tianming turned around one last time.

“What the hell!”

Like the tribulation elders, Tianming was also shocked. Light from the entire Kilostar Domain had converged and was shooting toward them. As the light approached the fiery star, the boundless starlight condensed into beams of light that came crashing into the scales on the Photondragon. 

Each star in the Kilostar Domain is lighting up a scale? This thought appeared in Tianming’s mind the moment he was engulfed by the light. It was obviously true! 

With the enrichment from the light, the strength of the Kilostar Photondragon had sharply increased. Tianming could easily mobilize this force to produce a lethal attack that surpassed his cultivation level. 

“This kind of power is amazing, even if it can only be used in the Kilostar Domain!" Tianming perked up. Abruptly turning around, he swept the Photondragon across in front of him and a colorful, crescent-shaped beam of light burst forth. In that instant, the Photondragon tore a crack in space. 

Among the dozen or so third-origin tribulation elders who were chasing him, two of them failed to dodge in time. When the spatial tear opened, their bodies were immediately torn in half, split at the torso. The two elders on the same level as Ouyang Jianwang were instantly killed. 

“That’s got to be heaven-defying!”

Tianming suddenly stopped. He decided not to enter the star for the time being, but attack them head-on instead. 

“The power of a thousand stars have all gathered within the Kilostar Photondragon! The progenitor is helping me!” 

Tianming’s gaze grew fiery.

Facing the spatial tear, even Xue Yi had stopped. He watched the two third-origin tribulation elders struggle at death’s door as the violent scene fell into dead silence once more. The elders who were previously clamoring turned pale with fear.  

“Avenge us....”

The third-origin tribulation elders breathed their last and disappeared.

Everyone was covered in goosebumps, well aware that this was the power of the Kilostar Photondragon. They turned to look at Xue Yi in unison.

Blood and flames blazed in his eyes. He stared icily at the weapon in Tianming's hand, his red lips trembling as he uttered a word. 


Obviously, they had to seize this opportunity. Otherwise, Tianming would grow into a devil and terrorize them—the true emperor of the Kilostar Domain.  

Numerous lifebound beasts and countless swords shot toward Tianming, leaving him no room to resist. It seemed he had to venture deeper into the star to alleviate their attacks. 

A large number of elders chased him into the magma. The fiery star was now the battlefield for Tianming's last stand. 

The flames on the star erupted and magma burst into the sky as hundreds of powerhouses chased after Tianming. The entire star was riddled with holes. Those outside watched uneasily. At that moment, a star-lit young man burst out from the ground and slammed into the encirclement in the sky.

“Stop him!” 

Hundreds of experts rushed out behind him. All at once, more than five thousand individuals directed their attacks at Tianming. 


With his life on the line, Tianming didn’t care any longer.

“Want to kill me? I’ll send you down to hell!” 

With the Photondragon in both hands, Tianming violently slashed at his opponents. The Photondragon burst in explosive force, opening another spatial tear. 

The tear opened wider under that immeasurable force. Hundreds of beastmasters and lifebound beasts were swallowed into it and pulverized into pieces. 

At that moment, broken corpses and blood splattered everywhere.

Countless others continued attacking Tianming. Releasing Ying Huo and the others from his lifebound space at this moment would be equivalent to sending them to their deaths. 

A helpless Tianming was forced to hide in the star once more. During this time, Tianming would search for another opportunity to escape the encirclement. 

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