Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 815

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Chapter 815

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Tianming returned to the fiery star in an attempt to split up the enemy forces so that he wouldn't have to take the full brunt of their combined attacks. Using the lava as cover, he was able to move freely around the star.

"Isn't the Kilostar Photondragon far too terrifying? With a simple swing, I'm able to rupture the space within the Kilostar Domain. I wonder if I'll also be able to do it outside."

He had just taken out hundreds of tribulation elders using a single attack. However, it wasn't over yet. He continued fighting off Xue Yi and the other elders inside the fiery star, using burning magma and boulders to divert as much of the enemy's attacks away from him as possible.

"Let's try again!" Now that he had the Photondragon, he would escape if he could. There was no sense in staying there any longer. As he burst out of a volcano, many elders immediately locked on to him. Almost instantly, thousands of different lifebound beasts' abilities covered the land and skies, blocking all of Tianming's escape routes. "These people really want to kill me! I have no other choice but to kill them back!"

He gathered all his power and slashed with the Photondragon once more, wielding it in both hands. Anywhere the trident passed, a thick spatial tear appeared before fracturing into countless net-like tears. Tianming's power combined with the weapon that had been powered up by the starlight of the Kilostar Domain, ushering in levels of destruction beyond what the domain itself could handle. The fractal net-like spatial tears swallowed up the abilities of the lifebound beasts, and even reflected them back. Not to mention, they were so fast that many elders and their beasts were unable to escape the fate of being torn apart by the spatial tears. Those that were lucky enough to only lose their limbs would still survive, but the headless were deader than dead.

"Fuck off!" Blood and meat rained down wherever Tianming flew; he was like a god of slaughter. However, there were far too many enemies for him to deal with. Even as he tried to avoid the attacks, he still had to take some using the Dragonhide. More and more people were starting to keep up with him, Xue Yi and the rest especially, forcing him to periodically reenter the star to shake them off for a time. Even so, he was still covered in injuries.

"Even after all the power I got from the Photondragon, I'm still not able to resist all of them." No matter how powerful his Ancient Deepstar Godbody was, it would be over once he was pierced through with a tribulation weapon. He was still human, after all, and death was an ever-present threat. That aside, he had killed around a thousand tribulation elders during his short rampage. Countless chunks of flesh were falling all over the skies of the fiery star before being burned up by the sheer heat.

"They want to gang up on me, eh? Then let's see who'll have the last laugh! Unless they're able to destroy this whole star, I can move about as I please."

Even if Xue Yi and his lot had blocked off the entire star, there was no way they could possibly destroy a celestial body thirty times the size of Taiji Peak Lake. And while they had tens of thousands with them, they might not necessarily be able to seal off the entire airspace. Thankfully, the insides of the fiery star were basically magma and Tianming would still be able to travel faster than their group, despite the obstacles.

Each time he emerged from the star, he massacred many tribulation elders and scattered the formation formed by Xue Yi and the thousands of peak elders. The battle was getting more and more chaotic.

Tianming was basically unstoppable with the Photondragon in hand. Not even third-origin tribulation elders dared to block him directly from the front. Though their might was usually unparalleled, they were nothing but fodder to Tianming within the Kilostar Domain. Yet there was one who refused to accept that fact and blocked directly in front of him. It was none other than the 'sovereign' of the Quadform Divine Realm, Long Cangyuan. Within their divine realm, the sect master was akin to the emperor.

"He's over here!" Long Cangyuan cried. Though Tianming had lost them moments before, Long Cangyuan managed to quickly locate him. The reinforcements he called for soon arrived. Tianming glared at him, then turned to leave. He didn't want to be surrounded within the star, after all.

"You think you can run?" Long Cangyuan, seeing that help was almost there, leapt directly into the fight, staring intensely at the Kilostar Photondragon. His four dragon lifebound beasts swam through the magma swiftly and surrounded Tianming from all four directions. "Accept your fate!"

Long Cangyuan attacked, though he was a little unaccustomed to the sensation of being suppressed by the sealing formation. Within fractions of a second, Tianming turned around and saw that the four dragons all had more than nine hundred stars, with the highest count being nine hundred and eleven, slightly weaker than the greenvoid skydevourer but with numbers to back them up.

"Our founding ancestor has five dragons, and you have four, all of them ninth-order tribulation beasts. How impressive," Tianming said. Turning to look at the other tribulation elders that were approaching him, he came up with a bold idea. Since he was already gambling big, why not make it an even bigger gamble? I wonder what will happen to the Quadform Divine Realm after they lose their sect master.... Long Cangyuan's status in his divine realm was far above Xue Yi and Qing Ming's in their own divine realm. He was the realm's main pillar of support!

"I didn't think you'd still be wasting your energy on pointless words. Li Tianming, I would be able to crush you with one hand if it weren’t for this sealing formation!" Long Cangyuan had been suppressing his pride the entire time he was with Xue Yi, so he was planning to vent his frustrations like the ruler he was.

His four dragons were about two hundred meters long, about Lan Huang's size. As dragons from the Quadform Seadragon Clan's premium bloodline, they had four different types, namely, water-earth, water-wind, water-fire, and water-lightning. All of them dominated in the water, being aquatic dragons first and foremost, and had an auxiliary type to back them up. They were just like Long Xiaofan, his son's, beasts. Though, of the many sons he had, only Long Xiaofan had managed to inherit their powerful bloodline. That explained why he was so fond of him.

While Long Yichen also did rather well, he hadn’t met Long Cangyuan's standards for the purity of his bloodline.

The first of Long Cangyuan’s lifebound beasts was a strayfire ragesea dragon. Sporting the water and fire type, its body was covered in scales of blue and red. It readily coiled up in front of Tianming, one eye crimson and the other icy blue. It was half hot and half cold, generating polarizing waves of heat and frost.

The second was a skypalace bolt dragon that had entirely purple cascading square scales. Countless bolts of lightning swam about its body and its abdomen was covered in a layer of frozen seawater, which further improved the conductive properties of its lightning.

The third was a stealthvoid dragon of the wind and water type, making it slightly transparent and hard to see. Its main advantage was its speed, and it could use the wind and water to create mirages, within which it could hide all its traces. However, the surrounding magma would severely limit that ability.

The last dragon was called a domination saint dragon and was a water and earth type. It was rather similar to Long Yichen's lifebound beasts, being a tortoise-dragon of sorts. However, it had a really huge body, probably even bigger than Lan Huang’s. Its four limbs were thick and powerful, and there was a gigantic mountain on its back. It also had a golden dragon head, making it look particularly fierce and savage. It had the most stars of the lot.

With those four dragons, Long Cangyuan had overwhelmed countless enemies at sea. However, he was now fighting in magma and suppressed to the seventh-level death phase by the sealing formation. Even so, he and his beasts’ tough defenses still gave them a better chance than most third-origin tribulation elders. While he did whatever Nonahall wanted, he was by no means weak, being the ruler of a whole divine realm. If it weren’t for the sealing formation, Tianming imagined the four dragons would be far more terrifying. Even now, their abilities were about to completely swallow him up.

"Let's end this quickly! The moment it looks like we're in a bad spot, run! Quick, help me hold these dragons back!" Tianming told Ying Huo and the rest, who suddenly struck after having lain in wait the entire time. The moment they emerged, they were met with the four dragons' abilities. All of a sudden, Ying Huo's Sixpath Infernal Lotus, Meow Meow's Misty Hellthunder, Lan Huang's Primordial Wheel, and Xian Xian's Bloodrain Swords rained down on the enemy.

The magma within the star shook from the terrifying forces that resulted from the clashing abilities. Even though Ying Huo and the rest hadn’t managed to do much damage, they had at least bought Tianming enough time to break out of the four dragons' encirclement and open a path through the magma straight for Long Cangyuan.

"Are you trying to instantly kill me?!" Long Cangyuan snapped. He admitted that Tianming was definitely monstrous within the Kilostar Domain, but he thought the brat was severely underestimating him for even attempting something as reckless as that. What infuriated him even more was that Tianming completely ignored him.

The Kilostar Photondragon glowed so brightly in his hands that it obscured his silhouette. All Long Cangyuan saw was a ball of blinding light charging straight for him while their eight lifebound beasts were entangled with each other. Long Cangyuan turned and could already see Xue Yi.

He let all his lifebound beasts out! If he's a little bit slow in taking them back in, they might be killed! He'll definitely lose it after that! Long Cangyuan decided to hold on. He held a trident just like his son’s. It had fifteen tribulation patterns and was similar in design to the Kilostar Photondragon. It was called the Roaring Dragon of the Four Seas and could almost be described as a forgery of the Photondragon. 

Without hesitation, Long Cangyuan struck!

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