Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 839

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Chapter 839

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After the three left the secret room, their expressions appeared normal. It was hard to tell who had been persuaded.

“It's time to go to war,” said Di Zang. 

They left the Nineghoul Skypalace and went outside. Looking up, they saw a huge, five-colored star in the sky, floating above the Specter Mountains. 

There was a five-colored beam of light in the north that was connected to the star like a rope binding the star to the Flameyellow continent. 

“Before we go to war, let’s get things straight. What exactly is that?” 

Li Caiwei pointed to the five-colored star in the sky as she turned to Di Zang and Po Suo.

“In the Kilostar Domain are treasures left by Great Emperor Xuanyuan. Now, the Heaven Cauldron has formed a five-colored column of light. Perhaps we’ll know what’s on the star when we finally get our hands on the Heaven Cauldron,” said Zi Xiao. 

“That’s it?” asked Li Caiwei.

“Except for the tribulation artifacts and manna, everything else in the Kilostar Domain has been destroyed. According to records, there should be more treasure than just that. I’m guessing it’s all on that five-colored star,” Zi Xiao replied.  

“We mustn’t allow the Monorigin Divine Sect to get their hands on that treasure. They certainly already have an advantage with the Heaven Cauldron. We must station our men in the Kilostar Domain,” said You Ying. 

Li Caiwei smiled. It wasn’t clear whether or not she believed the ghoul kings.

Two hundred thousand years was such a long time. There had been so much turmoil up to this day. One could only learn ancient history from a bunch of drawings.

Li Caiwei glanced at Feng Qingyu. Since he didn't say anything, she couldn’t be bothered to speak either. With Dugu Jin’s rise, she could clearly feel the Yinyang Demon Sect’s fall in status, as well as her own. She didn't even realize that all of her doubts had originated from a few words that Tianming had said to her.

“It’s unlikely the Archaion Sect knows about the secret of the Heaven Cauldron and the five-colored star. But they might learn the truth when we go to war...." 

The divine realms had fully dispatched their troops. With the current situation, she couldn’t change anything on her own. After some contemplation, she looked up and glanced at Dugu Jin. 

“He can privately speak to the two ghoul kings. Does that mean he knows things I don't? Is the purpose of this war really to kill the goddess, reshuffle the cards, and divide up the world?" 

The fate of the Biritual Divine Realm had arrived at a fork in the road. She was burdened with the choice of which path to continue on. 


At Xuanyuan Lake, Tianming hid Feiling’s innate godchild in the depths of Soulburn Hall after he was done packing. Then he left, with Feiling attached to him, ready to go to battle. 

“Tianming.” Someone was calling him. 

He turned around and saw Xuanyuan Dao standing at the entrance of Soulburn Hall. Dressed in gold, he held the photondragon in his hand.

“I’ll ask you one last time, are you sure you want to go?" Xuanyuan Dao asked loudly. 

"Sect Master, I have decided. I must go!" Tianming smiled. 

“It was Muxue who gave you this idea. I must give her a good beating." Xuanyuan Dao shook his head. 

“She didn’t suggest anything. It was my own decision,” said Tianming.

“You know that the main forces of the sect must stay in Taiji Peak Lake. Fang Taiqing, Jian Wuyi and I can’t leave. If you go, it’s like entering the Kilostar Domain all over again. War is ruthless and there’ll be no one to protect you. If you go, your life and death will be left to fate," said Xuanyuan Dao. 

“It doesn't matter. I’m used to it,” said Tianming.

“You’re the imperial son. We might be able to persist for a year or two. If you stay in the sect and put all your effort into cultivating, you’ll be able to make a bigger difference after you’ve made progress,” said Xuanyuan Dao.

“Sect Master, I can't wait that long,” Tianming replied.

“Alright then.” Taking a deep breath, Xuanyuan Dao looked at the brave young man with a new set of eyes. "May the founding ancestor bless you!" 

“Of course!” Tianming said resolutely.

“Since you’re going to the south, head to Tianming City. It’s the greatest city in the south of the realm and the closest to the southern border. The enemy’s forces have already assembled outside the border. Their first target is Tianming City. My brother, Xuanyuan Xie, is situated there. He’s leading the five-hundred-thousand-strong Fienddragon Legion. He’ll look after you,” said Xuanyuan Dao.  

The name “Tianming City” had a history of thirty thousand years. It was merely a coincidence that Tianming shared his name with the city. He had seen the map of Archaion, and Tianming City was located at the frontlines. Once the war started, Tianming City would definitely be the first place attacked by the enemy. 

Xuanyuan Muxue and the others wanted to head there. Once the enemy broke through the first strategic town in the south of Archaion, the cities behind it would only continue falling. The Archaion Sect was under attack on three sides; however, the most concentrated efforts would certainly come from the south because the Nonahall and Hexapath armies were already assembled there.  

“Sect Master, I’ll go to Tianming City!" 

With that, he left decisively. The young man finally disappeared from Xuanyuan Dao's sight.

“As the imperial son, he finally managed to escape from danger and should’ve stayed here, but he chose the most dangerous place instead." 

In these troubled times, everyone had their own mission. Taiji Peak Lake was the foundation of Archaion, thus Xuanyuan Dao was needed there. Since Tianming couldn't be of any help in the sect, he chose to go to the most dangerous place of life and death: the battlefield. Such courage would probably surprise the five divine realms.  

“Imperial Son, you must live....”


On Tribulation Peak, the first batch of tribulation elders to support Tianming City had already assembled here. Among them were twenty thousand normal tribulation elders, consisting of first-level to third-level samsarans; five thousand first-origin tribulation elders, and hundreds of second-origin tribulation elders. There were a total of more than twenty-five thousand people there, all of whom were experts.  

This group of people were led by three third-origin tribulation elders. Tianming was well-acquainted with one of them—the palace lord of Deepstar Hall, Yi Xingyin. Although he had suffered heavy injuries in the Kilostar Domain, he’d managed to recover in a short period of time and was headed to the battlefield. Hidden under his handsome and gentle appearance was a strong and resilient heart.  

The other two third-origin tribulation elders were Dao Yuanyi and Chen Cangshu, both deputy palace lords of Deepstar Hall and Yi Xingyin's friends through thick and thin. The two elders were unsmiling and solemn. 

Their assembly was completed without too much emotional talk. Because they knew the imperial son was joining them, they didn’t try to advise Tianming when he showed up. On the contrary, many of the elders looked at Tianming with passionate gazes. 

Many among them had received tribulation manna and artifacts brought back by Tianming from the Kilostar Domain. The tribulation manna in particular had helped them break through their limits and grow stronger. 

“Brother, you’re the kindest person I’ve ever met!" 

Among the crowd were several young faces, most of whom were disciples of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan.

As soon as Tianming arrived, Xuanyuan Yucheng gave him a big hug.

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