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Chapter 84: - Excuse Me!

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Wei Qingyi had never imagined Li Tianming would use a ridiculing gaze to look at him, and then even insult him. His face began to burn. Being insulted in front of Princess Ling, especially by Li Tianming, didn’t go well with him. At all.

“Li Tianming, you really do have guts. Today, I’ll…” Wei Qingyi couldn’t control his temper, but Wei Lingxuan cut him off before he could finish.

“Don’t say anything,” Wei Lingxuan ordered Wei Qingyi, before turning to Jiang Feiling. “Princess Ling, I don’t know how you met this Li Tianming. However, you definitely don’t know his real self. Don’t be tricked by his honeyed tongue.”

“This person is actually a shameless scumbag. Just ask anyone, they’ll tell you what he’s done,” Wei Lingxuan continued on, her face seemingly full of concern for Jiang Feiling.

“Furthermore, he entered the Sanctum as a prime disciple a few days ago and caused another round of laughter, ” Wei Qingyi added.

“How exactly did I embarrass myself?” Li Tianming asked. He had known this pair of cousins were arrogant and bored, but he hadn’t expected them to be this bored. Was there no entertainment in Heaven’s Sanctum?

“You actually want to bring it up? Three years ago you tried to drug someone and got your lifebound beast executed. Haven’t you had enough yet? If I were you, I would have killed myself in embarrassment long ago. I wouldn’t be here trying to trick the pure and simple Princess Ling.” Wei Qingyi got more and more agitated as he spoke, puffing himself up with righteous indignation.

“Well said!”

“Princess Ling, don’t listen to his sweet talk!”

Many Heaven’s Sanctum disciples, none of them any lesser in status than Wei Qingyi, all chimed in with their words.

“Li Tianming, get lost! If you get near Princess Ling again, none of us Heaven’s Sanctum disciples will let you off.” Wei Lingxuan raised her head high, speaking arrogantly. Her words sparked much agreement from her fellow disciples.

Jiang Feiling also seemed to get slightly angry after hearing all this. However, her only response was to hug Li Tianming’s arm and gently lean onto his shoulder, before saying, “I don’t need you all to tell me anything. I can judge myself who’s a good person and who’s a bad person. Please don’t block our way.”

Wei Lingxuan and the rest hadn’t expected Jiang Feiling to be so dead-set on sticking with Li Tianming, and so close at that.

“Princess Ling, aren’t you aware of his ugly side?” Wei Qingyi said anxiously.

“Big brother isn’t the least bit ugly. The ugly ones are you all, who insist on mocking, insulting and making things difficult for others,” Jiang Feiling said resolutely.

“...” Her words stunned everyone, as no one had predicted this result. Wei Qingyi in particular felt like he had been struck by lightning!

“No matter how you all smear me, Ling’er will still stand on my side. What, not happy? I may not have morals or talent, but Ling’er will still like me. Can’t deal with it? Bite me,” Li Tianming replied, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Ling’er, let’s stay away from such gossip mongers. I’m so pure-hearted, yet they keep slandering me! How vile!” Li Tianming smiled, patting Jiang Feiling on the shoulder, before attempting to pass Wei Qingyi and enter the Flameyellow Pagoda.

Many dark expressions littered the area. They had thought Jiang Feiling would ditch Li Tianming after they exposed him, turning him into an even bigger laughingstock.

They could only watch on as they experienced what the expression ‘a flower stuck in a pile of cow dung’ felt like. And it was nothing short of infuriating.

Li Tianming must have used some underhanded means to make Princess Ling ignore her reputation for him. Wei Qingyi, however, didn’t blame Jiang Feiling. His heart dripped with blood at the sight of the pure and lovable princess gradually falling into that man's demonic clutches.

“Excuse me, coming through!” Holding hands, Li Tianming and Jiang Feiling passed through them,

“Stop!” Wei Qingyi completely fell for Li Tianming’s taunting gaze. As he snapped, he abruptly struck out with his fist. “Princess Ling, today, I’ll show you exactly how despicable this fellow is!”

Li Tianming was on Wei Qingyi’s right. The moment he attacked, Li Tianming’s left arm came up to block. While Wei Qingyi’s attack was backed by fifth level Spiritsource beast ki, Li Tianming’s left arm was both sturdy and he had his violent Aeternal Infernal Beast Ki. There was no problem blocking this blow.

However, the sole imperfection was that the enormous force still sent him flying towards Jiang Feiling. But before Li Tianming could crash into her, he twisted masterfully in mid-air, grabbing her waist. The two spun through the air before landing neatly on the ground.

The scene seemed greatly reminiscent of a pair of immortal lovebirds...

Especially striking was the glimpse of Jiang Feiling’s snow-white legs under her blue skirt when she spun in the air.

For Li Tianming, he was lost the moment their eyes met. Nothing else seemed to exist in that moment in time except for the faintly blushing young lady in his arm. She was so breathtaking that Li Tianming could fully understand why people were jealous. After bashfully looking at him, she buried her head in his chest.

If not for his one-year relationship with Mu Qingqing, what Li Tianming was experiencing now would be his first love. However, it was much better than what he had shared with Mu Qingqing.

“Take your filthy hands off her!” Unfortunately, the picturesque scene was ruined by Wei Qingyi.

His fury stoked by his failure to defeat Li Tianming in one punch, he charged in again. “I challenge you, Li Tianming! Fight me one on one if you’re a man. If you’re a coward, get lost and don’t try to trick Princess Ling anymore!”

Wei Qingyi’s assault had garnered much support, all the onlookers eager to see Li Tianming make a fool of himself.

“Wei Qingyi is fifth level Spiritsource, more than enough to crush Li Tianming under his heel.”

“He’s already twenty. It’s just sheer luck he could become the prime disciple by defeating a fifteen year old!”

“He’s probably still feeling good about himself. However, he doesn’t know he’s the bottom of the barrel in Heaven’s Sanctum.”

“Junior apprentice-brother Wei, I recommend you cripple him and end his line as well. Let’s see if he still dares do this in the future.”

Now that someone had stepped out, they all threw their support behind him.

Li Tianming had no choice but to put Jiang Feiling down unwillingly.

“Big brother, I dislike him. He’s so arrogant and keeps claiming he’s doing this for justice, when it’s really just his selfish desires.” Jiang Feiling frowned.

“Then what should I do?” Li Tianming said.

“Beat him!” She tugged on Li Tianming’s sleeve, throwing an adorable tantrum.

Li Tianming immediately felt his blood boil. Even if he had to face an army alone, nothing would stop him!

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