Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 854

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Chapter 854: 854

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The two girls were also watching, but didn't act. Instead, they surveyed the surroundings. They would definitely join the fray once they were sure Tianming had no help.

"Brothers, protect Xian Xian and ensure we succeed in interrupting all of this. We can't let Ghoul King Si Ling have her way! If she comes, we run. If she doesn't, we'll fight the Five Wraiths of Shoal Mountain to the death!"

The five of them were tenth-level life phase samsarans, but they weren't sealed like when Tianming was in the Kilostar Domain.

"Ling'er, I'm counting on you."

"Don't worry, I'm ready!"

This time, Tianming wasn't fighting alone. Even though he had arrived beforehand, he had to wait for Si Ling to start the process before coming out to stop it. Seeing live humans being transformed into corpse puppets through such a cruel process had set a blaze of rage in his chest.

"Go!" Celestial Wings opened wide on his back, this time much improved from before. There were six translucent wings sprouting from his back. Every time they flapped, he moved at great speed, which heavily complimented his ability to fight airborne.

Normally, sky saints and above were able to levitate. As their cultivations grew, they would even be able to fly and fight at the same time, but fighting on the ground was still the best approach, especially for beastmasters with beasts like Lan Huang. The only lifebound beasts that were actually good at fighting in the air were avian types, like Ying Huo. That was why having actual wings gave Tianming an advantage in aerial combat, allowing him to move more agilely than even natural winged lifebound beasts.

Tianming went on a rampage with his swords while Feiling unleashed her Temporal Field coupled with Tianming's Imperealm Sword Formation. The Millennium Fort also manifested.

"Now Feiling can help me in more ways than simple Spiritual Attachment!" Whether it came to time, space, or flight, he could utilize all of them to gain an edge over the enemy. The Temporal Lock that manifested as a result of Temporal Field secured itself to the kilosword titanrhino at the very front, immediately causing it to stumble and fall, flinging Goldspirit Ghoulmount off of it as its huge body came rolling toward Tianming. However, the Millennium Fort sealed off all directions it could approach Tianming from. Feiling could even adjust the positions of the walls on the fly, keeping him from harm and his enemies at bay. The individual Spatial Walls' endurance had also greatly increased.

"What sorcery is this?!" They were all bewildered. They had thought that Tianming already dominated the battlefield enough with Xian Xian's abilities, but now his battlefield control was simply unbelievable with the addition of Feiling's abilities. Now, Tianming's combat unit was top tier. 

Within a short time, Xian Xian's Radiant Vines had spread through the battlefield, firing Bloodrain Swords wherever they could. Lan Huang also used Primordial Oceanic Purgatory to turn the entire area into seawater, allowing it to dive in. It activated its Kilofold Rings and began grinding away at the rhino in the water, snapping off its sword-shaped spikes one after another.

Ever since Lan Huang had received the benefit of the Greenspark Tower's abilities, it treated combat like a game. It bit the rhino, hurting its mouth from the spikes in the process, but it didn't care and just roared a few more times before biting again. While it was usually meek and pain averse, it could temporarily forget that sensation when it was having a lot of fun. Now, it didn't even have to worry about its injuries as they would heal in no time. The spikes of the rhino were being chewed away, bite by bite.

"Fuck off!" Goldspirit Ghoulmount charged through the water as the golden spear in his hand glowed brightly. He thrust it toward Lan Huang's neck, managing to pierce the enormous scales, but not all the way. "Now, die!"

"What’re you talking about? Are you trying to kill me with a toothpick?" Lan Huang chuckled and raised its gigantic claw, slamming it squarely against Goldspirit Ghoulmount’s body and slamming it into the muddy depths. At the same time, it plucked out the golden spear with its claws, allowing the wound to heal. 

"This little tower is amazing!" it roared like mad, its voice causing a huge tidal wave to form. The simple act of frolicking around in the water with its huge body was enough to displace so much water that it even swamped the cloudsky fiendtoad.

Right then, the toxic boils on the toad's skin began to burst, letting out a green toxic fluid. Within the fluid were tens of millions of little toxic bugs that swam towards Lan Huang. While the toad wasn't a broodmother-type beast, it had a symbiotic relationship with the bugs on its body. They would fester and grow, feeding on the toxic pus coming from its boils.

At the same time, the toad used its long tongue like a greatsword, slashing it toward Lan Huang. What was terrifying was that Lan Huang was able to take it all, thanks to the Greenspark Tower.

"Die!" The toad saw its chance to pierce its sharp tongue into Lan Huang's head as the rhino kept Lan Huang busy, drawing blood.

"Eh?" But right as it thought the battle was over, the other dragon head bit into its tongue.

"Scram!" Before Lan Huang could even roar, it snapped the tongue with its bite. Though the stab to its other head should've been fatal, the toad was shocked to see the wound close and heal almost immediately. In fact, Lan Huang was fine enough to roar and charge at the toad, grinding away at its flesh with the Kilofold Rings. Even after the toad began infusing the toxic fluid from its boils into Lan Huang, it didn't seem to have any effect. After all, many of the toxic bugs within the boils had been eaten by Xian Xian's roots! Lan Huang managed to dominate the underwater scene with the power of the Greenspark Tower and the assistance of the Radix World Tree.

As their priority was getting rid of Xian Xian, Green Longtongue, Houndgod Palewhite, and Goldspirit Ghoulmount—who had just gotten out of the water—fought Tianming alongside the ghost hellhound. It was four of them against Tianming and his two beasts. Meow Meow intercepted Goldspirit Ghoulmount while Ying Huo crossed swords with Green Longtongue, leaving Tianming alone to take on Houndgod Palewhite and his hellish hound.

"Believe it or not, I only need one move to kill you," Tianming taunted.

"Hmph." Houndgod Palewhite used a ring blade with fourteen tribulation patterns called the Lifeslay Wheel. He charged toward Tianming alongside his beast, which spat out white flames that covered the seas as it approached Tianming; yet countless Spatial Walls blocked the flames off completely. In fact, Temporal Lock was now secured on the hell ghosthound, causing it to slow down a lot compared to its master. Then Houndgod Palewhite clashed with Tianming with his ring blade in hand. 


Tianming used Soulshaker Eye, then wielded both swords to execute the Ninesky Beastsoul Formation. The nine ferocious beasts and ten thousand congregating swords channeled devastating power. Meanwhile, Houndgod Palewhite used a powerful battle art that turned his ring blade into a hundred copies and sent them all over the place to dismantle Tianming's sword formation.

"If you can kill me, I can kill you too!" he said with a confident smile.

Oddly enough, Tianming didn't appear to even want to dodge. Instead, he merely charged through and executed two consecutive sword strikes—the first shattering the Lifeslay Wheel, and the other piercing through his heart.

"Ugh...." Houndgod Palewhite was flabbergasted. Tianming had been struck by his ring as well, leaving a gigantic, bloody gash on his chest and even breaking a few of his ribs. "You traded your life for mine?" he said with a rare smile before his last breath.

"No way. You're only worth one of my hairs at best." Tianming pointed at his chest wound that was healing at a visible rate. That was the indirect terror of the Undying Tower.


Tianming slashed his sword horizontally, cutting Houndgod Palewhite’s head off before pouncing on the hound behind him. Houndgod Palewhite wasn't weak, he had just encountered Tianming, who could afford to fight without a care for his own life. There was no way he could have known that Tianming was so hard to kill. 

His siblings witnessed the scene of his death.


The rest felt their world crumble in a short while. Crimson Bloodfiend and Timber Woodchild were still searching for any hidden helpers, only for one of their brothers to die just like that. They immediately joined the fray.

Tianming was rather thankful for the care they had shown. Otherwise, he would have had to fight all five of them at once. There was no way he could do that even with the help of the Greenspark Tower. But now he was confident in his chances, with only four and a 'half' enemies remaining.

"Come on! The more who come, the more who dies!" Tianming's eyes glowed red as he glared at Si Ling. He saw the nightmare soulworm's densely packed eyes and felt his killing intent surge. "That must be the root of all evil!"

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