Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 898

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Chapter 898: 898

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“Yes! It's been really difficult! The heavens haven’t let him down! He’s lost one lifebound beast, but when one door closes, another one opens! Twelfth life phase—that’s the same cultivation level as Feng Qingyu, isn’t it?" 

Gaze fiery, Feng Shenyu roared with laughter.

“The twelfth life phase is the safest! It’s just a little short of the twelfth death phase in terms of strength. As long as he doesn’t enter the death phase, he can live for at least three hundred years, unlike Ghoul Kings Di Zang and Po Suo, who have little time to live. Even Dugu Jin has taken that last step, so he’ll either become a god or die. It's better not to enter the death phase!” Fang Yuqing laughed with tears in her eyes. 

She was both excited and relieved witnessing the middle-aged man finally fulfill his dream. As the woman who had remained quietly by his side for two hundred years, the joy she felt surpassed everything. She couldn't even control her tears. All eighty thousand people of the Sterling House of Fang soon knew what had happened. 

“Congratulations, House King!” 

Cheers and laughter swept away their previous gloomy haze.

The raging fire of the Sterling House of Fang burned amidst the ice and snow. Since the snow wouldn’t melt on its own, they would melt it with their fiery heart. Everyone knew that Fang Taiqing's breakthrough was fundamentally different from Jian Wuyi, who had possessed the qualifications to enter the eleventh death phase for quite some time but deliberately held on, similar to Feng Qingyu’s situation. However, Fang Taiqing had been reborn from death, a real breakthrough under pressure. This was the last level of the life phase, accompanied by its boundless vitality. 

They all raised their heads and looked at the sky with heated gazes as a man dressed in cyan phoenix robes descended from the sky like a true god. His robes fluttered in the wind, eyes ablaze. Only three colors remained in his long hair, yet it appeared even more splendid. 

There was no doubt that his skin had become firmer, and his body had filled with power. There was a youthful vitality on his face, making him look much younger than Feng Qingyu. Apart from becoming a god, going from the eleventh death phase to the twelfth life phase was the biggest breakthrough in terms of transformation. Only when one had reached the twelfth life phase did they have the hope of becoming a god. 

It was common knowledge that the two ghoul kings had no hope of becoming gods and could only struggle at death’s door. In the future, those who were truly likely to become gods on the Flameyellow Continent, apart from Tianming and Feiling, were Dugu Jin, Feng Qingyu, and Fang Taiqing. 

Jiang Wuxin’s cultivation level was too low, for the time being. There was no way he could become a god purely by relying on his physique. No matter how much he ate, he would forever be stuck at his current strength. 

"Congratulations House King for becoming the first twelfth-level life phase samsaran in the history of the Sterling House of Fang!" 

Yes, he was the first one. The Sterling House of Fang had continuously strengthened and grown to their present scale. Now, having taken that last step, Fang Taiqing was the best among the clan. Under their watchful gazes, Fang Taiqing landed before them, eyes brimming with tears. 

“Yuqing.” He stretched out his arms.

They weren’t young anymore; time was merciless. Fang Taiqing had had a wife, but she had passed on. And now, during this moment of celebration, he embraced Yuqing. 

Everyone watching held back their tears.

“Everyone.” Facing the crowd, Fang Taiqing bowed deeply. "Thank you all for being willing to follow me even into death. I will never let you down!” 

Not even the cold could dampen their enthusiasm.

"House King, tell us, where should we go?" asked Fang Shenyu. 

“Let’s go back to Taiji Peak Lake and catch them off guard!” 

“Fight for the Archaion Sect?” 


Fang Taiqing stared at Taiji Peak Lake with a scorching gaze. He wasn’t willing to crawl out of Taiji Peak Lake like a dog. Ghoul King Di Zang’s ridicule and the words “three-faced house pets” was a sting that had penetrated his heart. How could he ever forget that? 

Since he had a hope of becoming a god, he thought to himself, It’s not clear yet to whom the divine realm belongs. Perhaps it’s my turn? 

Pointing his spear at Taiji Peak Lake, he roared, “Let them fight amongst themselves. When the shepherd quarrels with his flock, the wolf has a winning game!”


The Nine Dragon Formation was just ahead. Tianming, Li Caiwei, and more than two hundred thousand Yinyang Demon Sect powerhouses stopped outside the formation. 

“The Yinyang Sect is here! Send some manpower to the south!” 

“Lead them over, Lin Yuntian!” 

There was great chaos inside the Nine Dragon Formation. Right now, the four sects were still urgently retreating. Without the Sterling House of Fang and Draconis House of Jian, there were less than four hundred thousand powerhouses in the alliance. Most of them had already returned to the Nine Dragon Formation and formed a phalanx, ready to meet the enemy. 

At present, a large group of Nonahall powerhouses had followed them into Xuanyuan Lake and were battling the four sects. There were more than four hundred thousand powerhouses from Nonahall alone. If it weren’t for the fact that most of them were restricted by the formation, Xuanyuan Lake would be under tremendous pressure. They could still resist before Biritual, Hexapath, Quadform, and Heptastar’s arrival. 

However, there was still a terrifying killing machine at Xuanyuan Lake; that is, Jiang Wuxin! He alone took on all the firepower of the Nine Dragon Formation. At this moment, Xuanyuan Dao wielded the Photondragon and had gone head-to-head with Jian Wuxin in an earth-shaking battle. 

Xuanyuan Dao retreated steadily, holding up against Jiang Wuxin solely by relying on the formation. If it weren't for the fact that Jiang Wuxin had targeted him alone for the key, everyone else would be in grave danger. The Yinyang Demon Sect arrived under such circumstances, adding fuel to the fire. Just as the powerhouses within the formation were urgently being mobilized, a white-haired young man suddenly appeared outside the formation. 

“Sect Master, there’s been a change. I’ve discovered the secret of the five-colored star! The Yinyang Demon Sect is now our ally. Don’t worry, let them in!” 

Tianming’s appearance attracted the attention of many.

“Li Caiwei, don't try to trick me with this!" Octagram’s Lin Yuntian said coldly. 

“I’m over here.” 

Right after Lin Yuntian spoke, Li Caiwei appeared next to Tianming.

“Sect Master Lin, look! It's me!" 

Tianming immediately pulled out his signature Grand-Orient Sword at the same time as Ying Huo and Meow Meow came on the scene.

Although Li Caiwei could use the Dreamdemon Arcana, she couldn’t conjure up his lifebound beasts.


“Let them in!” Tianming shouted.

“Lin Yuntian, trust in the imperial son! Let them in!” Xuanyuan Dao's urgent voice sounded from behind. 

In the midst of Jiang Wuxin’s onslaught, Xuanyuan Dao faced continuous lethal attacks that threatened his life. In fact, his trust in Tianming and his subsequent decision saved himself. Although Lin Yuntian didn’t understand, he still made way. 

More than two hundred thousand Yinyang warriors rushed in and began forming a defensive formation.

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Yuntian.

“Li Tianming will explain it to you. In short, the Nonahall Sect is involved in a terrifying conspiracy, so we’ve decided to leave them," said Solar Master Qin Fengyang. 

With the threat of the specter race looming over the Flameyellow Continent, even this guy appeared pleasing to the eye.

While they were talking, Tianming and Li Caiwei made their way to Xuanyuan Dao. They had previously spoken about Jiang Wuxin. 

“It’s very likely he’s lost all ability to think and been reduced to a killing machine controlled by the Nonahall Ghost Sect. His current mission is to kill Xuanyuan Dao and take the key! You must know that he’s already killed Fang Taiqing! Now’s not the time to wonder what happened to him. We must stop him!” said Li Caiwei. 

Tianming had a million questions; he couldn't figure it out at all. Lin Xiaoxiao had broken through so quickly because the Archaionfiend was devouring caeli. Just how had Jiang Wuxin become so powerful? 

There was no need to ponder. One glance was all it took. 

“He possesses a strong physique that’s surpassed the limits of the human race?" Tianming narrowed his eyes. Jiang Wuxin’s physical strength reminded him of the specter race. 

“He’s most likely one of the specter race!” said Tianming.

“I see!” Glancing back at Tianming, Li Caiwei said, "Move aside and watch me subdue him!" 


As far as Tianming could recall, Li Caiwei had just entered the eleventh-level death phase. Logically speaking, she couldn’t defeat Jiang Wuxin. But at that moment, her dress fluttered in the wind as she whizzed away. A round mirror appeared in her hands, expanding as it suddenly appeared over Jiang Wuxin's head. Then it sank and merged with the whole of Xuanyuan Lake. 

“That’s a divine artifact!” 

Tianming's guess was right. This was the Dreamheart Mirror, left behind by the Biritual Fiendgod. In his eyes, Li Caiwei's long dress seemed to float as she descended into the center of the Dreamheart Mirror and then danced enchantingly like a dream or a fantasy. A soft, mellow melody began spreading throughout Xuanyuan Lake as she gracefully danced. 

“Ghosts and spirits, Dreamheart World, open....”

The melody resembled a whisper that resonated with the soul.

“This divine artifact has its own formation. It appears to be a hallucinatory formation of the highest level." 

Tianming’s conjecture was correct. The Dreamheart Mirror couldn’t be used as a weapon. Its only use was creating the Dreamheart World. Such a weapon was sometimes very weak, but at other times, extremely powerful. 

When he didn't use his Plundering Eye, he could see the bewitching body undulating in front of him, her figure constantly confusing the mind. Her wrists, slender legs, and pliable waist seemed almost boneless. 

As soon as he blinked, Tianming thought he saw tens of thousands of beautiful girls on Xuanyuan Lake dressed in pink. They floated above the lake, sad and obscure. 

“What a beautiful dance!” TIanming sighed.

“Why don’t you join her then?” 

Feiling’s voice rang in his ear.

“My mistake!” 

Clearing his throat, Tianming looked outside.

At that moment, the red-eyed Nonahall army, as well as the legions of Hexapath, Quadform, and Heptastar appeared in front of the Nine Dragon Formation. Ghoul King Di Zang, Feng Qingyu, and Dugu Jin were all present. The only one missing was Ghoul King Po Suo.

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