Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 922

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Chapter 922: 922

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While the comparison between the yet-to-be-seen Xuanyuan Xi and Dugu Jin made her look bad, the newly risen imperial son, who was recognized as the founding ancestor's reincarnation, and his bright future promised far more potential than Dugu Jin did. Tianming's defeat of Fang Taiqing seemed to inspire people more than the return of a god from a hundred thousand years ago. 

Dugu Jin was definitely aware of the threat such a situation posed. Furrowing his brow, he figured he would only be toyed with by Tianming if he continued giving chase, and unable to do anything. There had to be something he could do to turn things around. As a result of Fang Taiqing's death, the Flameyellow Imperial Sect was now in a passive position.

Right then, something shocking transpired. Tianming had thought that the scales of victory were tipping in his favor, only to find out that something was happening to Xuanyuan Dao and the rest. He, Dugu Jin and everyone else turned to look in Xuanyaun Dao's direction after they heard a cry.

They all saw a black-robed youth appear on the battlefield near Xuanyuan Dao with unbelievably fearsome power. Perhaps it was due to his relatively weak cultivation level that Xuanyuan Dao hadn’t noticed his approach in the fight against Di Zang. The youth clearly had two irises in each eye.

"Jiang Wuxin!"

Didn’t he die? Everyone had witnessed him being killed by Feng Qingyu. However, Xuanyuan Dao didn't have the time to be shocked. He immediately summoned the dragon spirits of their ancestors to guard him. Even so, Di Zang and Jiang Wuxin had already coordinated their attack beforehand. Right before Jiang Wuxin unleashed his full power, Di Zang had already done all he could to stop the dragon spirits, allowing Jiang Wuxin's fist to strike toward Xuanyuan Dao unabated.

"The key should be inside his saint palace! Break it and take it!" Di Zang roared. He had guessed it after fighting Xuanyuan Dao for a length of time.

Jiang Wuxin was fast as lightning, his every strike seemingly able to break through anything that blocked his way. Ignoring Xuanyuan Dao swinging the Kilostar Photondragon toward him, he struck the trident with his fist and glared at his enemy. Immediately, blood burst out from his left arm, but he managed to grab hold of the trident and pull Xuanyuan Dao toward himself.

Xuanyuan Dao's expression immediately changed as Jiang Wuxin's right hand curled into a fist and swung toward his saint palace. Then a dragon-shaped shield appeared in Xuanyuan Dao's hand, only to be broken by Jiang Wuxin's punch. The fist continued with its remaining momentum and struck Xuanyuan Dao's saint palace.

It was a complete ambush! Jiang Wuxin's combat power was far superior to Xuanyuan Dao, who didn't have the aid of the dragon spirits, not to mention that Jiang Wuxin wasn't afraid of dying at all. He ignored the Kilostar Photondragon's strikes, determined to get the key no matter what. Xuanyuan Dao wasn't able to stop that kind of dedicated assault. The strike immediately shattered his eleventh-level death phase saint springs, breaking his saint palace completely! With a cry of pain, he was slammed to the ground and spiritual energy immediately began gushing out of his broken springs. Even though the darknight imperial dragon and desolate imperial dragon came to aid him, they were sent flying away by a punch from Jiang Wuxin.

"Found it." Jiang Wuxin saw the black key that was floating above Xuanyuan Dao's saint palace. His palm turned into a tentacle and grabbed the key.

Having lost his saint palace, Xuanyuan Dao's cultivation was completely ruined. He was the only sect master remaining in the Archaion Sect, so that occurrence immediately chilled the hearts of everyone watching. The destruction wrought by Jiang Wuxin alone was horrific and nightmarish.

Seeing that caused the battle to come to a standstill, but Jiang Wuxin didn't stop there. He handed the key to Di Zang and said, "I've completed the mission," before turning to Tianming. Almost immediately, his eyes began to bleed tears once more. Having completed his mission, all that remained in his life was revenge.

Di Zang was surprisingly delighted. Together with his hell soulbeast, he charged toward Soulburn Hall while laughing maniacally, ostensibly going after the second key. Jiang Wuxin launched off at the same moment toward Tianming.

Now it was no longer just a matter between Dugu Jin and Tianming fighting for dominance. Instead, the revived specter, Jiang Wuxin, held the initiative. Everyone knew that once he got the second key, everyone was doomed.

"Dugu Jin, as the one who killed Po Suo, you'll be the one in the deepest trouble once the specters come back out!" Li Caiwei shrieked, her voice reverberating sharply across the battlefield. She was already heartbroken after seeing what had happened to Xuanyuan Dao.

Dugu Jin, unaware that Jiang Wuxin was still alive, cursed Feng Qingyu in his mind before staring at Tianming. For now, killing the brat wouldn’t be his priority. What he needed to do now was to stop Di Zang from getting the second key!

"Stop him!" Dugu Jin ordered. The members of his sect immediately changed their targets, and the ones on Archaion's side did the same.

Those from the Xuanyuan house were already simmering with rage, chief of whom was Tianming. He had just killed Fang Taiqing and was beginning to turn the tables on Dugu Jin's sect, only for Jiang Wuxin to return and ruin his plans. What was worse was how Xuanyuan Dao joined Yi Xingyin's ranks after his saint palace was ruined. Seeing his current weak state, Tianming was filled with volcanic rage. They immediately locked gazes.

"Jiang Wuxin!" It felt almost like they were destined to face off once again, but this time Jiang Wuxin was even more fearsome than ever.

"Li Tianming, it's your turn!" Jiang Wuxin roared. His voice was so deafeningly loud that even the samsarans nearby were blasted away, opening a path up between the two of them. The pressuring killing intent weighed on Tianming's head like a mountain. The two of them were itching to kill each other.

Tianming respected Xuanyuan Dao dearly. While he seemed rather average, compared to Fang Taiqing and Jian Wuyi, he bore the burden of the entire Archaic House of Xuanyuan. Not to mention, he had offered Tianming much support throughout the time he was in the sect. Even though he was the one who most wanted to protect Xuanyuan Lake, he was the first to fall, and no doubt he felt worse about it than anyone else.

Even so, he still stood up, having not given up yet. The formation core of the Nine Dragon Formation was still on him. Even though he no longer had any powers, his lifebound beasts still did. The two dragons' powers were connected to his, managing to sustain him in this time of endless pain. Using the power of his dragons, he activated the formation core once more, summoning the dragon spirits of the ancestors. Carrying Xuanyuan Dao's will, they sent a loud roar throughout the entire formation.

As long as the formation core was active, the dragon spirits could be stabilized. The only difference now was that Xuanyuan Dao would no longer be able to fight alongside the dragon spirits. He would have to rely on the dragon spirits alone to stop any of the twelfth-level death phase samsarans. Thanks to his continued struggle to uphold the formation, the power of the formation wasn't affected that much.

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