Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 950

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Chapter 950: 950

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By the time they returned to Taiji Peak Lake, it was deep in the night and Tianming hurried back to the Old Deepstar Path to continue his cultivation. While Huiye Shi had wasted quite a lot of his time, she had at least promised to stay for three months, buying humanity even more time.

The moment he entered, he saw a few people gathered together treating a patient. "What's going on?"

It turned out that the injured person was Li Caiwei. Her leg seemed to have been broken. "Tianming, I was bullied!" She grit her teeth and looked at him with teary eyes.

"Who did it?"

"Huiyue Yin!"

It was as Tianming expected. His expression turned cold. "Did he go to your place?"

"I think he was passing through. He heard about your miraculous exploits and wanted me to testify to it. He is a disgusting fellow! He thinks he's hot shit, constantly throwing his weight around. Absolute trash!"

She had been cursing since she arrived, but the others couldn't do anything about it.

"Rest up for now." Tianming stood before them in deep thought.

"Tianming, we have to be wary of this person. He looks down on us and doesn't treat us well at all. He's dangerous. No matter what, he's a god. If he really throws a tantrum, none of us can stop him, yet he's the only one we can count on to keep the specters at bay! How troubling!" Xuanyuan Dao said.

"The only thing we can do is to not provoke him and keep him satisfied. Let's just endure it a little more," said the coral fairy.

"Don't listen to Li Caiwei. We can't afford to cross them now. If we do, it’ll only end badly for us whether they choose to fight us or leave. We should endure at times like this," Lin Yuntian said.

"That's right. I only came here to warn you to be careful of him. He's rather curious about you right now, but don't fight him when it isn’t the right time," Li Caiwei said, regaining her sensibility after a vent.

"Don't worry. Right now, he's far more powerful than I am. I won't do something that suicidal," Tianming said. The others who were worried about his temper breathed a sigh of relief.

"Tianming isn’t getting off easy either. He has to deal with the younger one," Xuanyuan Dao said.

"Huiye Shi is fine. I beat her up today so she's mellowed down a bit. Huiyue Yin's the one we have to worry about," Tianming said.

"Beat up?"


"She didn't throw a tantrum?"

"Well, more like she couldn't."

Everyone shot him a thumbs-up.


"Either way, we'll still try to be amiable and endure for a little longer."

The others knew that there was hope for Tianming, Feiling, and Lin Xiaoxiao to grow stronger. Even if they couldn't take on many specter ascendants, they would at least be able to protect themselves while Huiyue Yin was here. But at the very least, they had to make sure he didn't cause any trouble. If he dared to break Li Caiwei's legs now, he might think about taking Xuanyuan Dao's head. He might even go all the way and kill Tianming. That was their greatest threat for now. Whether or not the Divine Moon Realm was truly their ally wasn't something they could take for granted.

As they continued discussing, Tianming came to Feiling with his head lowered.

"Are you feeling down, Big Brother?" She placed his hand into hers and smiled, looking really dreamy under the light of the Old Deepstar Path. Her features and figure were beautiful in a subtle, ethereal sense, unlike the overbearing charms of Huiye Shi. Tianming was far more used to Feiling's looks, hence his lack of reaction to Huiye Shi's beauty.


"Huiyue Yin isn't a simple enemy. We need him, yet we have to be wary of him. This is truly a pain," Feiling said.

"We need him? Ling'er, why do you think they had to descend after I used the moonjade? Protecting the order of the Flameyellow Continent is their responsibility. I feel that there's nothing we have to thank them for. They’re only staying here because they think it's interesting and fun. To be honest, I think Huiyue Yin is an enemy and we don't owe him anything."

"Got it! Are you facing a lot of stress now?" she asked as she leaned against him, stroking his back.

"It's fine. No matter how tough it gets, we'll work through it together."

"Alright. I'm almost there, Big Brother," she said, winking.

"Almost there?"

"Yes. While you were out there messing around with other girls, I was working hard, hehe!"

"I wasn't!"

"You smell heavily of a girl, do you know that?" she said with a squint. Seeing Tianming pale, she chuckled. "I was just messing with you. I can hear your heart and I know your true feelings. You're mine and nobody can take you away from me."

"Good girl!" Tianming relaxed and put his hands on her cheek. "Come give me a kiss!"


There was no stopping his face as he kissed the goddess right before everyone's eyes. The rest quickly turned aside and pretended not to notice, while Yi Xingyin and Ouyang Jianwang exchanged glances.

"Aren't you going to recite a poem after seeing that?" Yi Xingyin said.

"Badass!" Ouyang Jianwang said.

"Good poem, if a one-word poem is a thing. It's truly thought provoking, though. A minimalist description of our current situation. As expected of your poetic mastery, Ouyang. It’s sure to be a song to be passed down through the generations!"

Ouyang Jianwang blanked out.

"Wonderful silence! It really adds a lot of dramatic tension, doesn't it? Masterful usage."


The moon was shining high in the night sky.

"Huiye Shi, what's up with your face?" a snow-white man asked after he appeared before Huiye Shi. She had wanted to get Tianming out to watch the moon with her, only to run into him.

"Brother, I tripped," she said, rubbing her face.

Huiyue Yin pulled her to him and squinted. "That's a sword wound. Hehe...."

"It's got nothing to do with you. Stop getting in my business."

"I heard that they were warring among themselves just before the specters returned, so they've basically lost all their twelfth-level death samsarans. Only Li Tianming is capable of harming you now. How dare he step out of his lowly station and hurt one of the divine moonrace? Looks like even dogs will bite! They need to be taught a lesson!" Huiyue Yin was fuming with anger. His eyes were sharp and his hair seemed to rise as he opened his mouth to reveal sharp, furious teeth. "Come with me! I'll kill that reckless fool!"

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