Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 952

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Chapter 952: 952

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Huiyue Yin didn't hold back at all and summoned his totem the moment Tianming came out of the Old Deepstar Path. The six demon blades that came striking didn't leave much time for him to react.

This was Tianming's first encounter with an ascendant. He could clearly feel that the energy radiating from the canine voidgod was fundamentally different from tribulation force. Not only was it more dense and of higher quality, there were also many finer aspects that he couldn't quite make out for now; for instance, how the energy related to the heavens and earth, the world, and the universe. For instance, if tribulation force was akin to water, the energy of the Ascension stage would be like metal. Even though they were both matter, their properties were hard to compare.

Even so, Tianming still managed to react rather quickly. At such a critical juncture, his only means of defense was offense. He summoned the Grant-Orient Sword and Prime Tower at the same time. As the Prime Tower was still expanding, it could only block one of the swords. There were five remaining, all being used to execute battle arts and avoiding the Prime Tower while coursing toward Tianming.

The power of the totem was that it was able to phase in and out of corporeal existence. Even though it seemed to ram into the Prime Tower, its body soon phased through it.

Tianming then used the Soulshaker Eye. The totem was formed from terra, one of the three parts of Huiyue Yin's soul. Compared to the caelum, terra was far closer to the human body and could even return to the sea of consciousness. Since the Soulshaker Eye worked on souls, it should also work on totems. After it was used, the sky seemed to darken. The totem lost Tianming's position, but even the random flailing of its flexible body could be fatal.

Tianming used the Grand-Orient Sword to execute the Asura Fiendgod Formation. Coupled with the Imperealm Sword Formation, the attack landed on the canine voidgod. Spiritforms weren’t the same as ethereal souls, after all. Instead, they were ethereal souls given corporeal form. While they were flexible and malleable, they could still be attacked and torn apart!

Amidst the rampaging sword ki, the six demon blades still managed to suppress Tianming's sword formations, letting out countless sounds of blades clashing. The enemy had the complete advantage and overwhelmed Tianming as the canine voidgod came bearing down. A blade tens of meters in length slashed toward the Grand-Orient Sword, sending him crashing into the group of people.

The attacks of totems all contained a component that targeted the soul and threatened to harm Tianming's vita. Fortunately, he had the Soul Tower, and the canine voidgod didn't seem to be able to break it. As a result, the attack was mitigated and the weakened remnant of the energy wasn't able to kill Tianming outright. Even so, it was a close call.

Tianming charged once more and furiously glared at Huiyue Yin. The man had almost killed him in a single strike. Now that's ruthless. He wants to kill me over a minor disagreement!

The flames of rage burned within him. He had been fuming from the visit of the envoys of the Divine Moon Realm and itching to kill them, but he knew what status Huiyue Yin had. He was an envoy of the Divine Moon Realm, and if he perished at the hands of humans for any reason, the divine moonrace would no doubt aid the specters in wiping out the rest of them. It wasn't only him; Xuanyuan Dao, Li Caiwei, and the rest were indignant as well.

"Lord, why are you trying to kill him? Isn't the Divine Moon Realm here to help us?"

"Could it have been a misunderstanding?"

A few people stepped in front of Tianming to defend him as he stood up. They knew full well that they could be eradicated with a casual wave of Huiyue Yin's hand, yet they had chosen to do so.

Stunned by their suicidal act, Huiyue Yin said, "This mutt is interesting. To think that he could take my attack and survive...."

He completely ignored Xuanyuan Dao and the rest, as if they didn't even exist. He was beyond negotiation.

He doesn't even see us as human! The rage continued simmering in Tianming's belly. When he saw Huiyue Yin make a move again, he immediately had Xuanyuan Dao and the rest move aside. He was the target. Does he really think he's a god? Tianming wasn't far from the truth—Huiyue Yin did in fact feel like an omnipotent god in this world.

"I didn't think that coming down to this place would be so much fun. I'm able to see all your helpless expressions of rage. Yet all of you have no choice but to respect me. It’s truly fun. If it weren’t for the restrictions of the territories of order that prohibit us from coming down whenever we like, I would've long made this run-down world my hunting ground."

That was the true motivation behind his stay here.

"If I don't massacre thousands to show you the might of the Divine Moon Realm, you won't fear and respect us. I should vent my rage like this more often. Who wouldn't want to come down for this?" It was perfect for him. "Looking at the faces of you livestock as I beat up your legend is exhilarating!"

He couldn't help but start to laugh. "I've been raised so strictly that I've never known the sweet bliss of release! I should keep relishing it."

He narrowed his eyes and playfully swept them through the people around Tianming, feeling all the better at their gazes of fear. "Listen up. You dogs have offended me. Anyone who dares obstruct me shall die. It's better if you move aside and make sure you continue your family line. I wouldn't want to be blamed for ending it."

As he spoke, one canine voidgod after another manifested. There were five in total, each one more than a hundred meters tall. They all had dog heads and humanoid bodies with slightly different features. Some had long tails, while others had completely human arms. It was almost ironic for him to use ‘dog’ as a derogatory term when his totems were all dog-like. Now, even his own teeth seemed to possess a canine quality.

Either way, he was letting it all go. The five totems were absolutely able to suppress everyone there. Such was the power of a 'god'. Back then, the other sects all feared Feiling for the same reason—the potential of being able to dominate the entire continent!

"Retreat, now!" There was no other choice now. Tianming asked them to retreat and stood in front of them. Right as carnage was about to break out, a white figure appeared in front of Tianming. Then five moonfiends tens of meters in height surrounded him.

"Huiyue Yin, stop!" Huiye Shi shouted.

"Move aside or I'll beat you up, too." Huiyue Yin curved his lips into a cold smile. There was no way he would stop his streak of debauchery.

"Stop messing around! If you cause trouble here, I'll report your misbehavior to Mom and Dad! If you kill him and cause the humans of the Flameyellow Continent to be exterminated by the specters, you’ll be responsible for billions of deaths! The clan will definitely hold you accountable for your heinous crimes!"

"Are you threatening me? Billions of deaths? That's simple. All I have to do is to kill the dozen specters there. I just have to wipe the strong ones out to balance the scales. They're all laughably weak, anyway."

Huiye Shi was completely flabbergasted.

"Move aside," Huiyue Yin growled.

"Forget it. I'll give you the trimoon source I got for this half of the year to spare his life. That'll do, won't it?"

"Hand it over." Huiyue Yin smiled.

Huiye Shi took out a jade box and unwillingly tossed it to him. "Now scram!" 

"Just this small bit? Man, letting you trade this for the life of a talented dog is truly a steal for you. If you don't make him fall head over heels for you, this will have been a horrible waste! Hahaha!" Turning to Tianming, he snorted. "To think that the legend of the Flameyellow Continent needs to be defended by a puny girl. What a joke. Open your eyes and stop thinking you're a ruler. You're just a village idiot."

He felt much better after getting something out of this engagement. He hummed as he left while others watched him carefully; the atmosphere was completely quiet. Tianming's expression remained cold the entire time, and he only blinked when Huiyue Yin left. He had long outgrown childish things like trash talking. Life wouldn’t always be smooth sailing, and there would always be those powerful enough to humiliate him. If anything, the only way to survive was to make the enemy think of you as a helpless creature that couldn't pose any threat. Tianming didn't need to prove himself to anyone.

Let's see who’ll have the last laugh. By now, he was able to control his impulses, so he let it go after that thought. He had many other burdens to carry, so he wouldn't risk losing it all and surrender all reason just because he couldn't swallow his pride.

"It's over for now, everyone. Let's disperse," he said to the rest. They could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

As the threat of the specters still loomed over them, they couldn't offend the Divine Moon Realm right now at any cost. So they understood that, apart from Tianming, none of them should fight back against the humiliation and ruthlessness. Though, that didn't mean they had to be grateful, not to Huiyue Yin nor to Huiye Shi.

"Who said it's over? It isn’t!" Huiye Shi snapped.

"What's left?" Tianming asked as he turned back to look at her with everyone else.

"Hey, why are you this way? I lost my trimoon source to save you! That's a precious treasure I need to cultivate my totems! Do you think my brother would leave if it wasn't precious? You owe me at least a word of thanks, right?"

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