Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 960

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Chapter 960: 960

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Huiye Shi nodded, sobbing, but didn't give a direct answer. Liu Yizhao was the only clear-headed person there, so directly answering him would reveal some flaws in the story.

"Why even bother asking? Apart from those monsters that just got out, who else on the Flameyellow Continent could possibly kill my son?!" Huiyue Du raged.

"Brother's fate was too tragic. I didn't dare to interrupt at all," Huiye Shi said while hugging her mother, Yusheng Luo. "Before he died, he even cried for Dad and Mom to kill all specters to avenge him! Otherwise he'll never find restful peace!"

"Kill! We'll kill them!" Yusheng Luo snapped out of her grief and focused on her rage and murderous urges. Standing up and glaring at her husband, she snapped, "What’re you waiting for? We have a debt of blood to pay!"

"Dad, don't let Brother wait too long. He didn't deserve to die that way. The specters are unevolved animals!"

"Where are they?!" Huiyue Du cried. His rage and fury simmered to a boiling point, with much of that having Huiye Shi to thank for. They had all committed to the manufactured narrative. Huiye Shi had really done her best in order to survive.

"They're down there at the Abyssal Battlefield," Liu Yizhao said. He was also filled with anger. At the end of the day, he was also partially responsible for this turn of events. So avenging Huiyue Yin might be one way to redeem himself to Huiyue Du. As Tianming had expected, all three of them were in a hurry to get things settled.

"Let's go down!"

There happened to be a bottomless pit near them. After Yusheng Luo placed the corpse of Huiyue Yin into a crystal coffin, they immediately went through the pit and emerged at the Abyssal Battlefield. Naturally, Tianming went with them as he had to see the events unfold with his own eyes. There was still quite a lot of risk involved. The moment they suspected the circumstances, everything would go to waste. This would be a terrifying battle for Tianming's survival.

He followed behind while Huiye Shi stayed nestled in her mother's embrace, continuously dropping one incendiary statement after another. Tianming saw that Yusheng Luo had completely been blinded by rage.

The five of them went straight to the Ninefold Hell. As Tianming followed, his heart began beating faster and faster. The moment the three elites from the Divine Moon Realm clashed with the specters would be one that forever changed his life, and that of all humans of the Flameyellow Continent as well. There was too much uncertainty as to how this would play out. Any plan could be derailed, especially this one, so he felt rather nervous and short of breath.

Finally, he came to the Ninefold Hell a third time, but he wasn't being pursued this time. The Divine Moon Realm's elites zeroed in on the palace of the specters. A single roar from Huiyue Du was enough to cause chaos in this deathly quiet world. Almost immediately, tens of thousands of elite specters appeared, most of whom were samsarans and elites of their race. Leading them were around a dozen ascendant specters who seemed in much better shape than before, having recovered much of their powers.

If we don't deal with them now, once the divine moonrace leaves the Flameyellow Continent, the specters will be able to easily wipe out the Flameyellow Continent’s humans! Tianming knew how dire their situation was. Had that not been the case, he wouldn't have risked his life to carry out this plan.

Currently, the only unexpected thing was that Bodhi was nowhere to be seen. Instead, two specters led the rest, the first being the six-eyed Yi Jun, and the other the wife of Bodhi and the overlady of the specters. In terms of power, Yi Jun seemed to be stronger, but the overlady had a higher status.

Back then, Bodhi had stopped the others from showing up, but now every one of them was furious about the sudden invasion by the divine moonrace. With Bodhi away and unable to control the situation, they reacted strongly and sent out almost all of their elites. All of this was working out better and better for Tianming. Huiye Shi wasn't the least bit disappointed by this turn of events, either. When she saw the overlady, she knew that she was someone important.

"Mom, that's the one that killed Brother!" The whole way here, she had continuously painted the specters as the horrible culprits.

When Yusheng Luo saw that the horrid killer of her son was actually another woman, she seemed to explode. The two clashed and she went in for the kill the next instant. Given how powerful she was, the couple was probably among the elites of the Divine Moon Realm. With Bodhi away, the other weakened specter elites weren't able to stop her rampage at all.

Kill her! Tianming cheered in his mind. Once Bodhi's partner was killed, the truth would no longer matter. As he had hoped, Yusheng Luo manifested her five totems. They were pink, vine-like plants that were covered in thorns. They immediately shot out to a kilometer ahead right as the overlady was about to approach and ask them for the reason for the invasion. Almost immediately, the clouddream vines pierced through her chest and sent her smashing into the walls of the palace, causing the entire building to collapse. The thorns of the vines nailed the body of the overlady fast on the walls. Before she could even say a word, her body lifelessly slumped down and she stopped breathing.

"How dare animals like you kill my son... Today, I’ll bury your entire race as a sacrifice for my son!" Yusheng Luo had completely lost herself. Her clouddream vines seemed to work a little like Xian Xian. As she charged into the crowd, specter blood began spraying all over. Huiye Shi hadn’t exaggerated when she described her mother's temperament. It had tremendously helped Tianming out. The spoiled brat deserved a lot of credit for how well things were working out.


All of the specters were shocked and enraged. How could the divine moonrace kill them without even saying a word? The overlady had held an extremely high status, and seeing her nailed to the ruined palace caused the short-tempered specters to see red.

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