Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 964

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Chapter 964: 964

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Feiling and Tianming rolled in the snow, staring into each other’s eyes. Even though she didn't want to cry, the tears spilled from the corner of her eyes. During this period of time, they had carried too much on their shoulders, and now they were finally relieved of their burdens. Even if Bodhi still remained, the situation was much better. These were tears of joy. The pair laughed and rolled into the lake, their bodies soaked but their hearts fiery. 

It wasn’t easy being the Human Emperor or a god. Hundreds of millions of lives were at stake, and one wrong step would destroy the world. Because of that, they felt completely relieved and lightened of their burdens after the divine moonrace had practically annihilated the specter race. 

In the water, Feiling was as limpid as an elf. She leaned against Tianming's chest, face flushed as she listened to his heartbeat. 

“Big Brother, I don't want to be a god anymore. I have to be decent and dignified all the time. Starting today, I want to be myself.” Feiling blinked. 

“And what are you?” Tianming fiercely stamped his lips on the corner of hers and grinned.

“That’s—you’re poking me.” She shyly lowered her head. 

“Is it the Grand-Orient Sword?” Tianming asked with a smirk as he leaned close to her ear. 


“Ling'er, I miss your heavenly pattern formations.” Tianming stretched out his sinful hand as he spoke, but his arm was suddenly squeezed. 

He lowered his gaze, only to find Feiling squeezing his hand. She glared at him and said, "I’m stronger than you now. It's my turn to bully you. Raise your hands and stay still!" 

“Whaa?” Dammit, he had lost his dignity as a man! “But it feels good.” 

He gave up resisting.


Tianming gathered the elites of the Nine Divine Realms in Xuanyuan Lake. Xuanyuan Dao represented Archaion, while Li Caiwei represented Biritual. The representatives of Triflair, Quadform, Pentaphase, Hexapath, Heptastar, Octagram, and Nonahall were present as well. The nine sects had lost most of their power. At the moment, Tianming's strength was enough to suppress the masses. Not even the Hexapath swordbeasts dared to act recklessly. 

“The people have all arrived. Please speak, Human Emperor!” 

The specter race was a threat to the Nine Divine Realms. They were spread out all over the continent, and Tianming was their only pillar of strength. Feiling would stay under the radar for as long as she could. From the day she had entered Archaion, she’d been forced to be their god until it was possible for her to hide and become her real self once more. 

Tianming descended from the sky right before their eyes. Xuanyuan Dao, Li Caiwei, the coral fairy, Jiang Yuanjun, Lin Yuntian, and everyone else had their gazes focused on him. Even Long Youyue and Changsun Shenqiong had basically surrendered and accepted Tianming’s command. 

“I’ve called you here today to share good news!” 

Upon hearing his words, everyone widened their eyes in surprise.

“Recently, there’s been less movement from the specter race. I heard there’s been great changes in the Abyssal Battlefield." 

Under the fiery gazes, Tianming announced, “The specters were bold enough to kill the emissary of the Divine Moon Realm, provoking the fury of the divine moonrace. Three powerful gods descended to help us annihilate the specter race, slaughtering tens of thousands of their elites. Since then, the specters have suffered heavy losses and lost their most powerful members. Their remaining warriors are no longer enough to pose a threat to a united human race!"

The news caused a sensation in the audience. All of Xuanyuan Lake was boiling with excitement. They stared blankly at Li Tianming, their faces a picture of incredulous disbelief. 

“From today onwards, we must show the greatest respect and gratitude for the divine moonrace of the Divine Moon Realm. It is they who have rescued us!" Tianming said passionately. 

As he spoke these words, he realized even more that history was written by the victors. And Tianming was now the winner, therefore he was writing a new history of the Flameyellow Continent. Thousands of years later, no one would know the truth. They would only believe that it was the divine moonrace who helped destroy the specters. 

His announcement overwhelmed the audience.


“Goodness! The specters seem to have courted disaster!” 

“They’re all beasts incapable of rational thought!” 

“Their elites were all slaughtered! That’s why there were so few of them wandering around yesterday." 

“This is great news that we must celebrate!” 

Everyone was ecstatic, a far cry from their previous gloom. Because of this earthshattering change, they had won half the battle between the humans and the specters before even going to war. 

“Is your news reliable?” Li Caiwei asked in surprise. 

“Yes!” said Tianming. 

“How strange.” 

She knew the specter race better than Huiyue Du and his wife. Because she understood them, she wasn’t blinded by hatred and had her suspicions. 

“It’s not strange at all. This is the truth, got it?” said Tianming.

“I understand! I’m just happy!” Li Caiwei smiled so hard she was squinting her eyes. 

The entire human race would rejoice once the news had spread.

“This is wonderful!” 

Xuanyuan Dao repeated himself three times, his red eyes staring at Tianming.

“This is great!” 

Everyone cheered. The news had rescued the Flameyellow Continent that had been in dire straits. Their fates were all connected in this calamity. When they had celebrated enough, Tianming signaled for silence. 

"Although our enemy’s elites are gone, the specter race has more than a billion individuals left, most of whom are stronger than the human race. What awaits us is a battle that’ll last for hundreds, even thousands of years. We can't ease up. Although we can’t completely eradicate the specters, we can grow stronger as a race, then suppress and control them. We all bear a heavy responsibility to maintain peace in the Flameyellow Continent!" 

The imprisonment of two hundred thousand years ago was an exception. At the time, the specter race was based in the Ninefold Hell; there were few of them out here. Additionally, Great Emperor Xuanyuan was obviously more powerful than Huiyue Du and the others. 

Tianming had his own purpose in exaggerating the difficulty of suppressing the specter race. He wanted to change the Flameyellow Continent; he wanted to become emperor, unify the Nine Divine Realms, and furthermore, he wanted to unite the human race. They had to be united, because they were weak. Only then will the human race have a say in the face of the next disaster, unlike this time where they were led by the nose and had had their destiny decided by others. Right now, the pressure from the specter race had exhausted their energy for internal strife. 

Among those in control, Li Caiwei was the only eleventh-level death phase samsaran. No one else could match Tianming. Even Feiling and Lin Xiaoxiao, both of them powerful forces on their own, were under Tianming’s control. 

At that point, Tianming turned to Li Caiwei. He needed her help with something. 

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