Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 966

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Chapter 966: 966

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This time, Tianming wasn’t being forced to leave, but actively seeking change in order to grow stronger.

“Before heading up, there’s one thing I must do!” 

After spending such a long time in the Nine Divine Realms, he finally had time and opportunity. On this day, Tianming and Feiling brought dozens of children from the Archaic House of Xuanyuan who were in the same cultivation level as Xuanyuan Xu was back then. Together with the children, they headed to the Canal of the Dead. Tianming gave it a shot, but discovered he couldn’t even enter the canal, much less pass through it. 

He flew to the lower levels of the cosmic aether, thinking he could cross over the Canal of the Dead and return to the Decimo Dao Nation if he flew high enough. But when he looked down, he realized that the Canal of the Dead was really an enormous sphere embedded in the periphery of the Flameyellow continent. 

The sphere enveloped the entire Decimo Dao Nation, sealing it away from the Flameyellow Continent and Abyssal Battlefield.

“How interesting! It was said that the Canal of the Dead is an obstructive wall capable of severing karmic threads. But it appears it’s more than just that. The Canal of the Dead seals the Decimo Dao Nation, turning it into a closed world on the Welkin plane where only the weak can enter and exit.” 

No wonder the Decimo Dao Nation was so inaccessible.

Since Tianming couldn't enter, he sent the Xuanyuan children he trusted with countless cultivation resources into the Decimo Dao Nation. First of all, he hoped to bring Ye Lingfeng, Li Qingyu, and Li Wudi over. Others, like Feiling’s sister Jiang Qingluan, could leave if they wanted. Second, he wanted to bestow treasures upon the Decimo Dao Nation. After the children entered, Tianming and Feiling waited outside. 

Time quickly passed. After several days, the others finally showed up. After a long time apart, Tianming truly missed them. However, contrary to his expectations, only Ye Shaoqing and Jiang Qingluan were present. Li Wudi, Li Qingyu, and Ye Lingfeng were nowhere to be seen. 

“Master, Qingluan, why are you the only ones here?” Tianming asked in astonishment. 

“There’s been some changes.” Ye Shaoqing was full of vigor. It seemed he was doing pretty well.

He walked up to Tianming and grabbed him in a bear hug. Patting him on the shoulder, he added, "You look good. Have you already reached Samsara?” 

“You’re the idiot, yet you dare underestimate me. Would you believe me if I said I’m now the emperor of the entire Flameyellow Continent?" said Tianming. 

“I believe your ability to brag is handed down from Li Wudi!” Ye Shaoqing rolled his eyes.

On the other side, the sisters Feiling and Jiang Qingluan were hugging each other after more than a year apart. They were so emotional others might think they had been separated for hundreds of years. 

“Ling'er, you've called me to a new place again. Don’t tell me you’re going to leave again!" Jiang Qingluan gritted her teeth. 

“It looks like it,” Feiling replied.

“You cruel, unconscionable woman. How dare you call yourself my sister. Damn you!"

As soon as her voice fell, Feiling handed her a spatial ring and said, "Stop making a fuss. These are all gifts for you." 

“Hmph, using treasures to buy me off again! Do you think I’m a money grubber?" At that point, she had seen all the treasures inside and her eyes suddenly lit up. "Alright, I’ll accept your kind intentions. I’ve missed you this entire year, but seeing how well you’re doing makes me feel much better. Don’t worry about me, I’m doing very well all by myself. My appetite is great! Everything tastes good!” 

“Go away, you little bugger!” Feiling said between laughter and tears.

She didn’t want to talk about the storms she had weathered, or her experience as a god. In their eyes, they were just sisters who grew up together sleeping in the same bed for more than ten years. They shared all their thoughts about growing up and often lay in bed amusing each other. Late at night, they seemed to have endless topics of conversation. They would always be two simple girls from Ignispolis. Life might be divided into different levels, but everyone’s souls were equal. The most commendable aspect about Feiling was her ability to let go of her power, background, and status. In front of Jiang Qingluan, she was just a younger sister. 

Tianming smiled as he watched them fool around. However, he composed himself, sat on the ground with Ye Shaoqing, and solemnly asked, "Master, what happened to Godfather and the others?” 

“I’m not sure either. On the day you left, Qingyu and Feng disappeared. Even the Soulfiend was gone. Li Wudi wasn’t worried at all. He said not to ask questions, so I thought everything was fine. I didn’t expect he’d also leave a while later and hand everything over to me. I was so angry I even accepted a harem of three thousand concubines!" Ye Shaoqing grit his teeth. 

“Th-three thousand?” Tianming asked in wide-eyed shock. He had to concede that this group of people were indeed talented.

“Damn it! "Ye Shaoqing smacked his head. "So you do have bad intentions. Shouldn't the focus of your attention be the fact that they’re missing?" 

“You’re right!” Tianming had his suspicions.

“Here you go. This is the letter Li Wudi left for you before his disappearance. It's all nonsense. God only knows why he’s acting all enigmatic. And I don't know what kind of profundity I'm pretending to be. My son almost ruined it with a wee,” said Ye Shaoqing. 

“Master, you have a son?” Tianming asked in surprise as he took the letter.

“Of course! I was always behind Li Wudi the first half of my life, but now I’ve had eight in one year. I’ve overtaken him with my unparalleled talents," Ye Shaoqing said confidently. 

Tianming was speechless. 

“Look at the letter. Why’re you so interested in my personal affairs?” Ye Shaoqing glared at him. 

“It’s because you’re so long-winded!” Tianming rolled his eyes.

Despite the jokes, he opened the letter in his hand.

"Tianming, my son, seeing my words is no different from speaking face-to-face. You must bathe and change, rid yourself of all dirt, face the southeast, kneel three times, and kowtow nine times, lift your buttocks with your arms crossed over your chest, and fill your heart with piety to realize the true meaning of this letter!"

Tianming was exasperated upon reading the beginning of the letter. He would recognize that crooked writing and cheeky words even if they were blurred by urine; they had been written by Li Wudi! 

He read on. Unexpectedly, the subject began to deepen. 

“Tianming, our so-called destinies are all designed. I used to think that a physique with eight bane-rings was unprecedented and extraordinary. But now I understand that it was inevitable, and no accident. The Li Saint clan are merely lowly guinea pigs. I wanted to find an answer, so I left. Don't think about me or miss me. Perhaps I’ll return soon, or maybe I’ll die. Don’t be sad if I do. After all, you still have a biological father you can make do with. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of your sister’s departure to a place known as the Divine Moon Realm. If you’re able to reach those heights one day, go to her and see if you can help. Her path is a hard one to walk. Ye Lingfeng is an idiot. As a brother, you should guide him. Don’t look any further. That’s all I have to say.” 

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