Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 986

Published at 12th of November 2021 11:20:03 PM

Chapter 986: 986

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Tianming came to understand that the death of Huiye Shi's parents had greatly affected her standing in society. Huiyue Yu, whose family background hadn't initially matched hers, now no longer cared about what she thought. If it were back then, he definitely wouldn't have dared to touch Tianming.

"Go!" When Huiyue Yu took a few steps and noticed that Tianming hadn’t followed, he raised his eyebrows.

"He already slapped your face. What are you going to do about it? Want to obey?" Ying Huo said angrily.

"What’re you talking about?! Let's mess them up! The worst that can happen is we run! Nobody knows that we come from the Flameyellow Continent anyway!" Tianming answered. Now, it was just him and Feiling. There was no way he would tolerate a slight like this. He didn't believe that they would dare to kill him now that he was officially accepted among the divine moonrace. Naturally, he wouldn't actually start a fight. Instead, he chose to turn around and head toward where there were more people. Huiyue Yu had thought that Tianming would obey him, only to see him run so easily. Though they were still laughing, their faces soon turned dark.

"Looks like he doesn't know what's best for him." Huiyue Yu began feeling like he had overestimated Tianming's intelligence.

"He's a mere samsaran. Let's save the trouble and break his saint palace and his dick. Let's see if Shishi still wants him as a eunuch," said Huiyue Yan. He, along with Huiyue Xiao, was Huiyue Yu's friend. However, he was somewhat older than him and was in his fifties. Back then, he used to hang out with Huiyue Yin. Among them, Huiyue Yu's talent was the best; he was among the most talented of the Huiyue Clan in his generation.

"Alright." Huiyue Yu figured that crippling and castrating him achieved the same thing as killing him. "Don't blame me, Shishi. Your parents are gone now, and you no longer have anyone to count on. I'm helping you by getting rid of this burden so you can come to my family for support instead."

With that in mind, Huiyue Yu approached Tianming with his arms behind his back, his friends following behind him, chuckling. During that time, Tianming had made his way back to the divine moon hall. There were some tens of divine moonrace nearby, some of whom were older.

"Everyone, stay out of our business! This is an outsider that somehow managed to slip in. I'm going to chase him out," Huiyue Yu announced. The rest turned a blind eye as a result. After all, Tianming didn't have a crescent moon stigma. Even if he was a family member of a divine moonrace, it wasn’t an uncommon sight for them to be picked on in the Eightmoon Skycities.

"Before we hit the dog, we must look at their owner. Now that the owner is out of the picture, we can do as we please," Huiyue Yan said with a smile.

The others watched as Huiyue Yu caught up to Tianming. He believed that killing Tianming would be as simple as a single move, being an ascendant himself. It was bound to end quickly, and nobody would mind. He punched him and sent him flying tens of meters away.

"Oh? He isn't dead?" No samsaran had been able to withstand his astralforce-infused punch before. He didn't think too much and continued his assault, one punch after another. Yet, oddly, Tianming was able to easily shake off his power and appeared completely uninjured.

The bystanders even saw it and said, "End it quickly. Don't mess around outside the divine moon hall."

They thought that Huiyue Yu was intentionally toying with Tianming. When Huiyue Yu heard that, he felt a little anxious. He growled and summoned all five of his totems. They were five gigantic swords that flashed brightly, letting out a deafening hum. They were his totems, the luxgladii, and were rather high ranking among sword-type totems. They would be able to swiftly behead any man or beast the moment they were summoned. Huiyue Yu was also armed with a bejeweled silver sword of impressive sharpness. Both his weapon and totems were rather flashy.

"You lowly animal. How could you rely on selling your body to rise in status? Have you no dignity? I’ll strike you down, and you have no right to resist!" he roared as he swung his divine sword toward Tianming in tandem with his five sword totems.

Tianming's eyes seemed to flash. The condition he had been waiting for was finally here. He didn't want to be messed with, but he couldn't act too hot-headedly to resolve the matter. So, he intentionally got an audience and allowed himself to be 'toyed with' for a while before finally striking back.

Drawing the Grand-Orient Sword, he glared at his foe and said, " Huiyue Yu, if Shishi's parents were still here, would you dare mess with me? Someone like you who takes advantage of other people's loss has no right to be with Shishi! Even if you kill me, she wouldn't pick you!"

Those words stunned the onlookers. Huiyue Du was among the higher-profile people to be killed by the mysterious killer, and the death of the couple had shocked the entire Divine Moon Realm. They also knew that Huiye Shi had just been orphaned. When Tianming framed Huiyue Yu's actions, it made him really look bad. Unquestionably, Tianming had the moral high ground. Many people immediately cast a doubtful look at Huiyue Yu, though none of them stepped in to stop him on account of his talent.

"Good going! With that said, you can beat him up to your heart's content!" Ying Huo said.

"Of course. I've seen people like Fang Taiqing and Dugu Jin. A snot-nosed brat like this can't possibly hope to outpace me intellectually." There was no way he would allow himself to be beaten up over a minor dispute over his status.

"Beat him up!" Though Tianming looked tragic, he was inwardly smirking as he summoned his four lifebound beasts. Putting aside Ying Huo and Meow Meow, who hardly grabbed any attention, the appearance of the Radix World Tree and Primordial Terraqua Dragon was rather impactful, to say the least. Everyone knew that no matter how impressive totems were, they would have a hard time facing off against lifebound beasts assuming their cultivation levels were the same. Totems allowed for quick cultivation, as the cultivator wouldn't be held back by the beast's progress, but they suffered shaky foundations as a result. Thus, a totem user usually had to be a few levels higher.

Tianming claimed to be at the twelfth-level life phase and had four lifebound beasts, so it didn't feel wrong for him to fight on Huiyue Yu's level. Upon seeing the beasts, Huiyue Yu knew why he wasn't able to kill Tianming in an instant.

"So this is how you cultivate? With animals in the mud? Intermingling your veins? How disgusting!" he mocked. In the Divine Moon Realm, totems were king. They often mocked the rootbeast race there.

"I'll stick my claws in you! Then you'll know what's dirty!" Ying Huo yelled. Even though it was small, its sharp voice almost hurt Huiyue Yu's ears.

The luxgladii soon faced off against the Primordial Chaos Beasts.

"Go!" The moment Tianming gave the command, Lan Huang, who had been cooped up in the lifebound space for too long, revved its Kilofold Rings and charged, causing many tremors outside the divine moon realm.

"Flesh and blood, eh? How weak," Huiyue Yu quipped when he struck. He used two of the five sword totems for a sword art to counter Lan Huang's charge.

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