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Chapter 420: 420

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Chapter 420: I Have to Let People Know That I Am a Good Person

The Spade Pirates left.

They left behind Dressrosa, who was in ruins.

Sasuke easily defeated all the members of the Donquixote Family, including Doflamingo. In just one day, the Spade Pirates became Dressrosa’s nightmare.

On the sea, Spade Pirates ship.

According to the original practice, Sasuke defeated a Shichibukai and his crew. It was time to start a banquet, but all the members of the Spade Pirates were not in the mood to start a banquet.

Because after Ace and Sasuke returned to the ship, they got the latest news from the News Coo.

[The Baroque Works announced that they would plunder the hometown of Vice-Admiral Garp. The Marine declared that they would launch a full encirclement against the Baroque Works. The reward of all the members of the Baroque Works will be doubled!]

“Did something happen to Foosha Village?”

Ace held the newspaper in his hand tightly, and a hint of anger flashed across his face, “If those bastards dare to hurt anyone, they will die!”

“Captain, no one is in trouble.”

“Yes… We all saw it.”

His crewmate talked at the same time.

Because they didn’t know whether the marine was trying to appease the people or if it was true that the Baroque Works didn’t dare to hurt the civilians in the village.

As for the fact that Vice-Admiral Garp’s grandson was injured and the mountain bandit leader was taken away, there was no need to mention it in the newspaper…

At least Ace was relieved for the time being.

Only Sasuke frowned slightly because he was the only one present who knew the truth. Who knew what kind of outrageous things that crazy Uehara would do to Foosha Village!

Marine Headquarters, Marineford.

Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku really had a headache. He didn’t know why the big events in the sea happened one after another, making him a little tired.

Naturally, the Fleet Admiral would not worry about the issue of Foosha Village. In fact, even though the Foosha Village incident had brought down the reputation of the marine, it was actually quite beneficial. In addition to raising the anger of the marine against pirates, there was also hope to develop a marine spy called Uehara Naraku.

The problem that Sengoku was facing now was that he had just received the news that Portgas D. Ace and Uchiha Sasuke, the captain and vice-captain of Spade Pirates, just entered the new world and caused trouble…

The Shichibukai Doflamingo had been knocked down by Sasuke.

This matter was really not easy to deal with…

Because the Shichibukai position was related to the balance of the sea.

“The news can’t be suppressed…”

Sengoku slowly fed the document in his hand to a Goat and sighed faintly, “The identity of that bastard Doflamingo is not easy to deal with.”

“Did that good boy Doffy get knocked down?”

Vice-Admiral Tsuru’s face also showed a touch of sadness, “There is no need to deal with this kind of thing! Didn’t Borsalino and Kuzan lose to Sasuke one after another… If Doflamingo repelled Sasuke, our marine would be even more embarrassed!”


Sengoku looked at his old friend in surprise.

He slowly nodded and said, “You are right. If Doflamingo wins, we will be more embarrassed. His loss is the most advantageous for the marine.”


The Admiral would be embarrassed.

The Kingdom of Dressrosa.

Doflamingo and Vice-Admiral Tsuru had the same idea.

After being defeated by Sasuke, Doflamingo was also worried that he would be kicked out of his Shichibukai position. This was a very advantageous position, but now he suddenly figured it out.

Sasuke was the one who had defeated the marine’s strongest combat forces!

He was just a Shichibukai; it was normal for him to lose!

Of course, it was impossible for Doflamingo to swallow this anger, but what he was more angry and afraid of was what Sasuke said.

Now Doflamingo was staying in a quiet place to recuperate and arrange for other executives to deal with the riot in the country.

Because of Sasuke’s humiliation before leaving, this Shichibukai was no longer as calm as before; his whole body was full of anger and uneasiness.

After a long time.

Doflamingo slowly calmed down and dialed Kakuzu’s Den Den Mushi that he knew in Mock Town, “Mr. Kakuzu, do you know Sasuke?”


On the other side, Kakuzu was a little busy.

After a while, Kakuzu continued, “Do you want to know any information about Sasuke? I can sell his information to you after I apply. It should be easier to get permission.

The price of Sasuke’s information is not low, but these are all worth it. Let me remind you, Sasuke is powerful; even among us, he is a top expert.

“Only if you get the information, maybe you have a chance against Sasuke; otherwise, you will lose badly and be humiliated by that poor kid. That kid has no manners at all.”


Doflamingo fell into silence.

Why didn’t this Kakuzu say so earlier?

Maybe he should have called this number earlier; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been humiliated by Sasuke.

Now it was all too late.

Sasuke defeated the entire Donquixote Family and seriously injured him, making him, the king of Dressrosa, lose face.

After Doflamingo was silent, he asked another question, “It seems that the relationship between Mr. Kakuzu and Sasuke is not very good…”


There was a hint of indifference in Kakuzu’s voice, “Sasuke has a reward of more than 900 million on him. I really want to kill him.”

Doflamingo, “…”

This Kakuzu… seemed to really love money.

After Doflamingo saw Sasuke’s power, he no longer dared to provoke him; he didn’t expect that this Kakuzu actually wanted to kill him to exchange for the reward!

This Kakuzu’s thinking…

Was a guy who wants money but doesn’t want his life!

“Mr. Kakuzu.”

Doflamingo’s voice was a bit more serious; he said in a gloomy voice, “I hope to have a chance to meet the person standing behind you. I lost to that Sasuke.”


Kakuzu once again fell into silence.

After a long time, Kakuzu coldly replied, “Then congratulations on your survival. Your fate is already destined to live. All we have to do now is wait.”

“Eh? Kakuzu, did Doflamingo survive?”

This was Hidan’s voice. He was listening to the phone call beside Kakuzu.

Kakuzu responded to his teammate in a low voice, “Well, any chess piece is a valuable creature.”

“Tsk, although I don’t understand why Sasuke let him live, I feel that Doflamingo is better off dead. After all, he offended…”


The Den Den Mushi was hung up by Kakuzu.

After hearing the conversation between Kakuzu and Hidan, Doflamingo’s face became more and more ugly. ‘Were they talking in human language?’

‘What do you mean you might as well die!’

‘These guys are really a bunch of villains…’

On the other side.

The first half of Grand Line.

After Kakuzu hung up Doflamingo’s call, he slowly took care of the two people in front of him. They were Baroque Works members. The Jiongu(Earth Grudge Fear) drilled into their bodies and took out their hearts.

After Kakuzu put away the Jiongu(Earth Grudge Fear) in his body, he felt the power he had obtained, “The fruit ability is explosion and weight?”

“Alright, alright.”

Hidan yawned and covered his nose. He couldn’t help but say, “Hurry up and clean it up. The smell here is very strong!”

“These two guys have a reward on them.”

After shaking his head, Kakuzu used Jiongu(Earth Grudge Fear) to stitch up the corpses and carry the two corpses on his shoulder, “Wasting money is the most shameful thing in the world.”

After saying that, Kakuzu added, “But we have to seal the body first. Didn’t the marine say in the newspaper that they want to raise the reward of the Baroque Works members?

Then wait until the information that they are members of the Baroque Works is leaked and the reward is increased before exchanging their bodies!”

Speaking of this, Kakuzu couldn’t help but take out the wanted poster, “En… Kisame, Robin, and Uehara’s reward have risen again…”


The reward of the three of them had risen again.

Nico Robin, 240,000,000 Beli!

Hoshigaki Kisame, 230,000,000 Beli!

Uehara Naraku, 60,000,000 Beli!

This number was normal for Kakuzu to be moved. After all, their bounty added up to more than 500 million Beli. This was a very rare big reward for the first half of the Grand Line!

Uehara was also looking through his wanted poster and saw that the symbol that was initially only limited to capturing alive disappeared, ‘Did the marine not want him anymore?’

Uehara looked at the wanted poster and could not help but sigh, “Kisame, do you think I have a chance to be a good person?”


After a moment of silence, Kisame grinned and said, “Uehara-sama… Is it because the gods are not very happy?”


After hearing their conversation, Nico Robin shook her head speechlessly and looked down at her wanted poster.

In the past ten or so years, Robin’s reward never moved. Ever since she joined Akatsuki Organization, Robin’s reward soared rapidly, and now it was 240 million Beli!

She was the weakest, but the reward was the highest among the three of them…

Kakuzu’s Den Den Mushi call would come almost once every now and then.

“Let’s go, we’ll go to Shimotsuki Village to replenish our supplies.”

Uehara looked at his system panel and said softly, “I just sensed that the Revolutionary Army happened to be there. They are people that are hard to see.”

After Uehara finished speaking, he continued, “Now I will go to the prison and talk to lady Dadan to let her know that I am actually a good person.”

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