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Chapter 522: 522

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Chapter 522: You can’t Afford to Offend These People. Met Two Person on the Roads.

A hint of doubt flashed in her eyes. She put away her phone, took out her laptop from her bag, sat down on the rock behind her, and opened the laptop.

Although there was a signal at the foot of the mountain, it was weak and would affect the speed.

Now, she could only find Fu Tingyu’s specific location through the Ye family base’s GPS.

Qin Shu quickly typed on the keyboard, and complicated codes jumped onto the screen. She was very familiar with entering the Ye family base.

However, the internet was a little choppy, so her speed was much slower.

After entering, she realized that the man’s location was no longer in the GPS system.

“Could it be that he hasn’t gone down the mountain yet?”

Because there was no signal in the mountain, the location would not be displayed.

She turned her head and looked at Boss. Boss had already brought her to the foot of the mountain, which also meant that the man had already left the mountain.

Boss’ dark green eyes stared at Qin Shu, as if waiting for her next action.

Qin Shu retracted her gaze and looked back at the computer screen, only to find that she had been… caught.

Ye family’s base

Ye Liang looked at the person who had suddenly barged in. This was the second time in recent times that someone had come in to steal the location. Fortunately, they had been intercepted this time.

He quickly sent a message over.

Qin Shu continued typing the code and saw that the other party had sent a message at the bottom right corner.

[ Who are you? What’s your purpose? ]

[ Someone you can’t afford to offend! ]

Qin Shu quickly replied with six words and continued typing the code.

Ye Liang stared at the other party’s reply and his face darkened. “Who is this person? Why is he so arrogant?”

Realizing that the other party had made a new move, he shouted behind him, “Ye Mo, come over. That guy is here again.” His hands did not stop as he spoke.

“I’m ranked in the top four on the hacker rankings. How dare he provoke me like this?”

“The one from last time?” Ye Mo walked over and looked at the computer screen, frowning.

Ye Mo was ranked in the top three on the hacker rankings.

“I guess so. I noticed that guy the moment he came in. I blocked him, and he still dares to provoke me.” Ye Liang was determined not to let the other party escape this time round.

“Don’t let your guard down. The other party must have come with a purpose,” Ye Mo reminded.

Qin Shu stared at the computer screen. The internet speed was too slow. Normally, it would only take a few minutes, but this time, it would take more than double the time.

When she realized that Ye Liang was blocking her way, she didn’t mind. She only needed a few seconds to go in and take a glance at Ye Luo’s location.

After entering, she only stayed for two seconds. She didn’t wait for Ye Liang to stop her before she exited. She didn’t even remove the traces. She wasn’t afraid that Ye Liang would come looking for her.

This was because there was nothing on this laptop. They wouldn’t be able to find anything even if they follwed the trail here.

Ye Luo’s exact location was the Capital. On the sixth route, he should be leaving the Capital now.

He must be with the man. He was preparing to leave the Capital, and the man would definitely leave the Capital too.

Gu Yan didn’t go missing on the mountain?

Qin Shu frowned, closing the laptop in her hand and putting it into her backpack.

Now that she was planning to leave the mountain, she didn’t need some luggage she was carrying anymore.

Qin Shu packed up and travelled light this time round. Her original oversized bag became much smaller.

Boss was resting on a rock. The sun was shining on the rock. As he basked in the sun, he watched lazily Qin Shu pack her luggage.

Qin Shu didn’t plan to bring along the things that she had discarded. Her bag was lighter, and as such the burden on her shoulders was a lot less. The abrasions still hurt, but it wasn’t as painful as before.

She waved at Boss. “Let’s go, Boss.”

Boss had also rested enough. He stood up, stretched his back, and walked over to Qin Shu.

Qin Shu picked up Boss and walked towards the main road.

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Boss’ feet grew calluses from the few days of walkng around in the mountain. Boss was afterall, a cat that was also pampered and spoiled. Walking on the mountain road for a few days would definitely be tiring, so it was better to carry him before finding a car.

Boss loved to be carried. It was a form of enjoyment for him.

There were no cars nearby. It was a long walk before he could even see a hint of shadow of a car.

After walking on the mountain for a few days, it was child’s play now. The road was flat and did not require much effort.


Qin Shu raised her head and looked forward along the path. She did not even know if she could reach the place to take the car before nightfall.

She could only pick up her pace and continue walking. In order to get on a vehicle before nightfall, she continued to forward without stopping for even water.

Boss felt a little drowsy in her arms and fell asleep after a short while.

Qin Shu lowered her eyes and glanced at Boss. She realized that it had its head tilted back and its mouth was slightly open, revealing two sharp fangs. It was very fast asleep.

She smiled and continued to walk.

After walking for nearly two hours, a gray van stopped beside her. The van was a little old, and the paint on the edge of the door had already peeled off.

The window of the van slowly rolled down, and a person peeked out. That person’s face was dark, and he looked very ordinary.

“Little girl, where are you going? Do you want to hitch a ride?” The driver of the van was called Zhang San, and he relied on delivering goods for a living. When grew some ulterior motives when he saw a little girl walking alone on a remote path.

Qin Shu tilted her head and found a man sitting in the passenger seat. His skin color was slightly paler than the man in front of her, and he too, looked very ordinary.

It was definitely a lot more convenient to hitch a ride than to walk.

“Where are you going? To the station?” Qin Shu blinked her eyes and stared at them with her clear eyes. She looked like a little girl who didn’t know anything about the world.

“Of course. Just give us the fare. Get in the car.” Zhang San sized up the little girl in front of him as he spoke. She looked like a student with a pair of glasses on her nose. Her skin was really fair. She would definitely look pretty without the glasses, if he sold her, she would definitely be able to get them a lot of money.

Qin Shu was a little hesitant. She was not afraid of what the other party wanted to do because the two men in the car were both ordinary people and did not have any martial arts skills.

Seeing her hesitation, Zhang San continued, “There are no cars on this road. We frequent this area because we nhad to ferry goods. If you walk, who knows when you will be able to walk out. It will be very dangerous for a little girl like you when it turns dark as well.”

“Thank you then.”Qin Shu opened the backseat door, sat in it, and then closed the car door.

After walking for so long, her legs would feel weak and sore once she sat down. It was accompanied by swelling pain. Now she could rest.

Qin Shu hugged Boss and leaned against the back of the chair, feeling much more relaxed.

Zhang San closed the window and looked at the rearview mirror. He found that the little girl was not cautious. He looked at his companion in the passenger seat. The two of them exchanged glances and understood each other’s thoughts.

Zhang San drove to the main road ahead. On the way, he glanced at the little girl in the back seat and found that she was resting with her eyes closed, as if she was very tired.

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