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Chapter 525: 525

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Chapter 525: Beaten and Turn Silly, Begged to Repay

There were a few hotels nearby. Qin Shu picked one randomly and checked in. Then, she carried Boss and went to find a room.

The front desk attendant saw a girl carrying a cat. She felt a little strange, especially its eyes. They seemed to be able to talk. If she stared at them for too long, she would think that she was looking at someone.

The receptionist quickly retracted her gaze. Being on night duty really made her a little scared.

At this moment, another person walked in. The receptionist looked up and saw a tall woman looking at her with a cold face. Her eyes were also a little weird.

“…hey, do you want to get a room?” The receptionist asked carefully. She did not dare to make eye contact with the woman in front of her.

Ling Xing asked expressionlessly, “What is the room number of the woman who just entered?”

Ling Xing’s voice was cold. To the receptionist, it sounded like a gust of cold wind. Her back felt cold, and even her voice trembled, room 408.”

Ling Xing turned around and walked to the elevator. She took the elevator to the fourth floor.

Qin Shu opened a single room because she didn’t need a suite for herself.

She placed Boss on the sofa and rubbed its head. “Go to sleep first. We’ll be on our way early tomorrow.”

“Meow” Boss let out a lazy purr. Then, it curled up and placed its head on its forelimbs. It closed its eyes and slept.

Qin Shu looked at it for a while and stretched. She took out her nightgown and underwear from her backpack and walked into the bathroom. She closed the door.

In the bathroom.

Qin Shu took off her clothes one by one and looked at her shoulder. She saw that a large piece of skin on her shoulder fell off. It was swollen and red. No wonder it hurt so much. Both of her shoulders were covered in it.

When she returned to Jiangcheng this time, she had to exercise. She was too weak to carry a bag that weighed dozens of pounds.

It was even worse when she was in the shower. It was also painful. When the warm water touched the injured area, the pain was difficult to describe with words. It was not pleasant anyway.

Qin Shu spent more than half an hour showering. Her wet hair was half-dried by the hair dryer before she walked out of the bathroom.

“Knock knock”

At this moment, there were two knocks on the door. Qin Shu’s beautiful brows furrowed. She walked over and opened the door. Before she could react, a sharp palm wind attacked her.

She quickly dodged it. Only then did she see that the other party was Ling Xing from the Golden Resplendence. How did she find her?

Qin Shu did not have time to think too much and started fighting with Ling Xing.

How could someone who was hypnotized and whose consciousness was controlled be waken up?

Qin Shu thought for a long time but could not think of a way. She fought with Ling XIng for several rounds.

Qin Shu raised her foot and kicked Ling Xing’s head when she was not paying attention. She gave it her all.

Ling Xing only felt a bang on her head. She flew two meters away and crashed into a wall on the side. She fell down again and did not get up for a long time.

Hearing such a loud noise, Boss, who had been sleeping, was also woken up. He stared at Ling Xing vigilantly and stretched out his claws to scratch her.

Qin Shu stood there and looked at Ling Xing. Seeing that she had not gotten up yet, she was a little confused.

She had indeed used a lot of strength just now, but it was not to the extent of making a gold-rank martial artist fall to the ground and not get up, right?

After waiting for a while, Qin Shu felt that something was wrong. She walked over and squatted down beside sporadic. She reached out her hand to check her breath and found that she was still breathing.

“I almost thought she was dead.”

Ling Xing had suddenly come to look for her. The order must have been from someone from the Golden Resplendence who spent 200,000yuan. It was not a small amount.

Looking at the suddenly unconscious Ling Xing, who was the same height as her, should she be thrown out?

Just as Qin Shu was considering whether to throw her out, the unconscious Ling Xing suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Qin Shu for a while. For a moment, she was at a loss.

When Qin Shu saw that she had woken up, she pointed at the door. “Are you going out by yourself? Or do you want me to throw you out?”

Ling Xing only felt a terrible headache. When she heard the beauty in front of her asking her to go out, she asked in puzzlement, “why should I go out?”

Qin Shu held back her laughter. “What do you think?”

Ling Xing was at a loss. “I don’t know.”

“… Uh!” Did the kick made her silly?

Ling Xing rubbed her aching head and looked at the beauty in front of her with a pleading gaze. “You know me, right? I’ve forgotten my name. Can you tell me?”

Qin Shu looked at Ling Xing in front of her and realized that her eyes were no longer empty. They were beginning to have their own consciousness. She came to a conclusion that she seemed to have lost her memory.

Could it be because the hypnotism was broken?

Her eyes rolled around. Ling Xing were controlled by the hypnotism, which meant that her previous self should have been unwilling to help Golden Resplendence.

In that case..

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“Your Name Is Ye Xing. Your brain was hit just now. You might have lost your memory.”

Ye Xing rubbed his head again. “No wonder my head hurts so much.”

“…” Ugh! She kicked her.

Ye Xing rubbed his head for a while. She seemed to have remembered something and asked, “Then what is our relationship?”

Qin Shu thought for two seconds and gave this answer. “I’m your life savior.”

She saved her from the Golden Resplendence, she was considered her savior, right?

“Then why did you throw me out just now?” Ye Xing could not help but ask.

“Because… you insisted on repaying me.”

As soon as Qin Shu finished speaking, Ye Xing replied, “Of course I have to repay you for saving my life.”

“And then?”

“I don’t remember anything now. Just let me follow you. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Can you treat it as repaying me?” Ye Xing asked carefully.

“Let me think about it again. It’s very late. I’ll go to bed first.”

Qin Shu yawned and confirmed that Ling Xing had amnesia. Her name now is Ye Xing, so she would sleep first and talk about it tomorrow.

The single room she had opened only had one bed, so she slept on it.

Ye Xing could only squeeze on the sofa with Boss.

The air conditioner was turned on in the room, but it was not cold.

Qin Shu had slept in a tent for the past few days, but now that she was sleeping on the bed, she had fallen asleep as soon as she touched the pillow. She also slept very soundly because she had been tired for the past few days.

The next morning.

When Qin Shu woke up, she found Ye Xing standing in front of her bed. The moment she opened her eyes, she was really shocked.

“Why are you standing here?” She had just woken up, and her voice was a little nasal.

“I’m waiting for you to tell me what to do.” Ye Xing’s reaction was instinctive, as if it was a habit that she had developed from doing it often in the past.

Qin Shu thought for a moment and said, “Go out and buy breakfast. Buy a fish for Boss.”

“No problem.” Ye Xing turned around and left the room, her actions were quick?

Qin Shu also got up to wash up and changed into a new set of clothes.

At this time, Ye Xing was not back yet. She took the laptop and walked to the sofa to sit down. She crossed her legs and put the laptop on her lap. After turning on the laptop, she started to look for Ye Luo’s exact location.

The GPS on the computer showed that they were already in Salt City.

After getting the exact location, she started to book the ticket.

At this time, Ye Xing came back from outside. She was carrying breakfast in one hand and fish in the other.

Qin Shu looked up at Yr Xing and thought, should I book a ticket for her too?

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