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Chapter 528: 528

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Chapter 528: The Man Caught up with Qin Shu

Qin Shu’s heart almost jumped out of her throat. When she felt the man’s gaze on her, she almost thought that he recognized her. Luckily, he moved away.


The elevator door opened. Fu Tingyu took the lead and walked out, while the others followed behind.

Qin Shu and the others followed after them. She looked at the tall figures in front of her. It was so late. Where were they planning to go?

Although she was curious, she didn’t have time to follow them. She had her own things to do.

Ye Luo walked straight to the parking lot to pick up the car.

Fu Tingyu stood there straight, with Ye Qing and Ye Feng standing behind him.

Qin Shu tightened her backpack and walked past in front of them.

She walked straight to pick up the car.

Fu Tingyu caught a glimpse of a black figure walking past from the corner of his eye. He felt that the figure looked a little familiar. He looked over and found that it was the woman in the elevator just now.

However, why did this figure look very similar to Babe’s back?

He subconsciously took a step forward and chased after her. His pitch-black eyes stared at the back of the woman in front of him. She was carrying a bag on her back and his eyes narrowed.

“Lord Fu, where are you going?” Ye Qing caught up from behind.

Qin Shu tightened her backpack and looked at the sports car in front of her. She walked straight over. After unlocking the lock, she opened the car door and sat inside. She didn’t even have time to take off her backpack. She started the engine, stepped on the accelerator, and drove away.

Fu Tingyu stopped and looked at the woman who had already driven away. He frowned. Did he miss her too much, so when he saw a woman’s back, he thought it was her?

Babe didn’t know how to drive.

Babe had never worn leather clothes before.

She liked to go out in men’s clothes.

“Lord Fu, the car is here,” Ye Qing reminded him.

Ye Luo parked the car beside Lord Fu, and Ye Qing opened the door.

Fu Tingyu retracted his gaze and turned around to get into the car.

Ye Qing also got into the car and closed the door.

Ye Feng sat in the passenger seat.

“Lord Fu, Luo Junsheng will attend the charity gala tomorrow. Do you want to go?” Ye Qing asked.

Fu Tingyu: “Yes.”

Luo Junsheng had a good relationship with him. Luo Junsheng had already given him an invitation, so he had to go even if he was not that willing.

Qin Shu drove the sports car for a while before she took off her backpack. She unzipped it with one hand and let Boss come out to get some fresh air.

Boss had been hiding in her backpack and didn’t dare to move because it smelled Fu Tingyu’s scent.

Now that the danger was over, it climbed out of the backpack to get some fresh air.

Qin Shu drove the sports car all the way to the entrance of Fan Emperor Hotel and stopped.

She pushed open the car door with her backpack and went straight down. She picked up Boss and closed the car door.

Tomorrow night was the charity gala, and the preparations had already begun tonight.

After Qin Shu entered, she avoided the staff and glanced at the venue of the gala.

Her purpose for coming here today was to install a miniature camera.

Not only did she want to ensure Luo Junsheng’s safety, she also wanted to follow the killer and find Gu Yan’s hiding place along the way.

It was very easy to install a miniature camera. She would install one wherever it was suitable to hide.

By the time she finished installing, it was already two hours later.

Qin Shu took Boss around the hotel and then walked out of the hotel.

Then she drove around the nearby roads to familiarize herself with the route so that she would not be lost.

After two rounds, it was already past twelve o’clock.

Qin Shu then drove Boss back to the hotel. The journey was very smooth.

She opened the door and entered. She saw Ye Xing standing at the door.

“Are You waiting for me?”

“Yes, it’s already very late.”

Ye Xing had come back a long time ago. Seeing that Qin Shu was not back yet, she stood guard at the door.

“Just call me directly.” Qin Shu placed Boss on the sofa and let it sleep first.

“I’m afraid I’ll disturb you.” Ye Xing was afraid that the call would come at the wrong time.

Qin Shu could not help but laugh. “Rest early. I still have things to do tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ye Xing replied and returned to her room.

Qin Shu also went to wash up and sleep. She still had to prepare for tomorrow.

The next day

At the charity gala

Qin Shu wore a well-tailored black suit and short black-brown hair. In her makeup, she tried her best to disguise herself as a mature person and not look like a teenager at a glance.

In terms of decoration, Qin Shu made a lot of changes.

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With the increased height of the insoles, she was a few centimeters taller and would not appear so short.

Qin Shu looked at herself in the mirror and was quite satisfied. When she walked out of the room, she saw Ye Xing in the living room.

Her male attire was not bad at all. She gave people the feeling that she was full of heroic spirit.

Although her makeup was a little bad, it did not matter because no one knew her.

Ye Xing was stunned when she saw Qin Shu’s male attire. If she didn’t know that she was Qin Shu, she wouldn’t be able to tell that the man in front of her was Qin Shu.

Qin Shu saw the surprise in Ye Xing’s eyes and curled the corners of her lips. “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Ye Xing replied.

Qin Shu put Boss into her backpack and took the lead to walk out with her bag.

Ye Xing followed behind.

Just as she walked out of the door, Qin Shu caught a glimpse of a few tall and straight figures walking over from the side. When she caught a glimpse of the figure walking in front, her mind twisted.

There was too much coincidence to go out today. Just as she walked out of the door, she met a man who was also going out.

Qin Shu and Ye Xing walked in front.

Fu Tingyu and the others walked behind.

When they reached the elevator, Qin Shu was not in a hurry this time because she could not avoid it.

Ye Xing pressed the button for the first floor.

Fu Tingyu, Ye Luo, and the others walked over and waited for the elevator as well.

Qin Shu lowered her eyes and glanced at her men’s clothes. Men had seen her wearing a suit a few times. Would she be recognized?

The elevator door opened and Qin Shu walked in first. She turned her body sideways, was afraid that she would be recognized by the man.

Ye Xing followed behind.

Immediately after, Fu Tingyu walked in as well. He glanced at the two men in the elevator, then turned around and stood up straight.

Ye Luo and the others walked in and stood next to Lord Fu.

Ye Xing glanced at the four handsome men next to her. They were the ones she met yesterday. She only glanced at them and didn’t look at them much.

Qin Shu stood next to the man. As long as she raised her head, she could see the man’s face that could charm all the people, as well as his pair of deep eyes.

She had been in the elevator with him twice in a row. Was she destined to be recognized by him?

If he recognized her… He would be really angry this time.

At this moment, his phone suddenly rang. It sounded very loud in the enclosed elevator.

Fu Tingyu reached into his pocket and took out his phone. He glanced at the caller ID and picked up the call.

“What’s the matter?”

“Grandma called me just now to ask what you’ve been busy with and why she failed to call you.”

Fu Tingyan asked as he was eating, thinking that he must have been playing with Qin Shu and forgot to call Grandma.

Fu Tingyu knew that Grandma called him when he was on the mountain. There was no signal, so of course he couldn’t get through.

“I’m outside now. I’ll call grandma later.”

“Did you have fun playing outside? You haven’t come back yet.”

“I’ll go back in a few days.” Fu Tingyu’s eyes flashed a trace of doubt, how did his brother know he was outside?

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