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Chapter 371

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One word was able to create shock and amazement.
Noah's interest in magical beasts had begun with a dragon, it could be said that even his cultivation journey had started because of it.
That's why, during his studies, he had focused on that kind for a long time.
Dragons were considered as the strongest magical beast, they had powerful bodies and their scales were able to provide one of the best natural defenses.
Also, their innate ability could match some of the weaker spells of the humans, dragons were able to empower and manipulate their fire easily, Noah clearly remembered how the dragon in his childhood created a spear made of flames after its attack was launched.
Yet, since they were the strongest magical beast, they had some natural restriction.
They weren't able to reproduce as fast as the other magical beasts nor could they affect the environment to favor the birth of more dragons, it took centuries for a pack of dragons to be created.
"They came from below the passage, thirty magical beasts in the fourth rank, we had nowhere to go, I saw how my team was slowly destroyed by their assault."
Sarah continued her story, sorrow and regret could be seen on her face when she reached that point.
"I endured as much as I could, I tried to break through their blockage but it was pointless. I used my secret art to breach the walls of the separate dimension and went for the nearest matrix after the last member of my team died, I wasn't able to save them."

Tears fell from her face when her report ended, Bruce did his best to console her but the gravity of the situation could be understood by his expression.
Sarah was a rank 3 cultivator after all!
Rank 4 magical beasts could only run away in front of her.
Yet, when faced with dozens of dragons, even someone as strong as her was forced to escape.
"Which kind of dragons?"
Roy asked, he wanted to give a complete report to his mother.
"I don't know. They had blue scales and large bodies, our attacks seemed to slide over their scales when they reached them."
Sarah's description was quite shallow but Noah was able to pick those clues and transform them into a deduction.
"Sea dragons, they have a great defense and their innate ability renders them almost immune to any type of attack. Were you attacked by sound waves?"
Noah spoke, his words made Sarah widen her eyes.

"Y-yes, how did you know?"
Noah only nodded at her answer, his mind sorted all the information he knew about that particular kind of dragons.
'About ten meters large on average, extremely good defense due to the protective layer over their scales. They can accumulate the power of the attacks that land on their bodies in a strong roar which can instantly kill cultivators in the second rank. No wonder Sarah's team was defeated, thirty Sea dragons can't be matched by rank 2 cultivators.'
Noah had his head lowered as he thought but the other cultivators couldn't help but move their gazes on him after his answer.

"Are you an expert in the magical beasts' field?"
Seth asked, he was the first to accept the situation.
"It is my subject of specialization."
Noah answered quickly, his knowledge about magical beasts wasn't exactly a secret after all.
"What do you think about it?"

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Roy's question followed, he wanted to know Noah's opinion before reporting to his mother.
"They are among the strongest creatures when it comes to defense. The best approach would be to kill them in one blow but it is impossible with thirty of them. A team of rank 2 cultivators can't break through unless you send a small army to fight them."
Noah's deduction was accurate.
Rank 2 cultivators would only empower their roars with their attacks, the only method to avoid that outcome was to kill all of them in a short time.
Yet, due to their defense, it was hard for rank 2 cultivators to kill them in one blow, only a team in the third rank would be able to vanquish them without suffering losses.
'This matter is out of my reach, I'm too weak.'
Noah could judge that he wouldn't be able to affect the outcome of the battle with his cultivation level.
He knew that he could kill a couple of them if he went all out but he had no hope of succeeding against thirty of them.
"Did you manage to kill some of them?"
Roy asked Sarah, his question was on point, entering the structure at the end of the bridge would be easier if there were fewer dragons to defend it.

"Of course, but more dragons would come after a few parts of incense to replace the dead, it seemed quite orderly now that I think about it."
Sarah spoke, her words carried a deeper meaning but she wasn't able to realize it due to her situation.
'A separate dimension, dragons that protect the entrance of a structure, dead being replaced after a few minutes… This sounds too methodical to be a wild environment.'
Everyone in the room had the same thoughts as Noah, their minds reached a similar conclusion after that last piece of information.
'Inheritance ground!'
Sarah couldn't understand their silence, they had fallen deep in thought all of sudden and their expressions only showed excitement.
"If the dead dragons are exchanged with new ones, then they were placed there for a reason. If there is a reason, then there is a creator. You have probably discovered an inheritance ground."
Bruce explained the situation and Sarah's eyes widened when she realized that.
She had been too focused on surviving, that was the first moment of peace after the events in the whirlpool so she still didn't think about that.
"I will inform Elder Iris, this matter is too important for it to be handled by cultivators in the human ranks. This Inheritance must belong to the sect!"
Roy announced as he went toward the exit of the cave, Bruce immediately opened the entrance at that sight.
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