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Chapter 17

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“I want to exchange beginner for intermediate spirit potion materials.”

Joelson had already thought it through and said directly.

The surrounding people were surprised again.

“Joelson is also studying pharmaceutics?!”

Intermediate materials? Could it be that he had already begun to try to concoct intermediate magic potions? The God of Magic! He was only sixteen years old!

“It should just be an attempt. He’s a genius. It’s always easy to be too proud and think that he’s outstanding in every field.”

Joelson ignored the discussions of the others and only looked at the red-haired girl.

“Can I?”

The red-haired girl came back to her senses and said, “Oh, of course.”

“The materials for the beginner-level spirit potion are the stalks of the ghost face vine and the saliva of the bull horn magic snake. Hmm, each set of materials requires one credit to exchange.”

So cheap?

Joelson was slightly surprised. It seemed that the value of the credit was even higher than he had imagined.

“What about the materials for the intermediate-level spirit potion?”

The red-haired girl glanced at her hands and replied, “15 credits per set.”

Joelson raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why is there such a big difference?”

The red-haired girl explained, “Because the intermediate-level spirit potion requires the saliva of the Asian Dragon. The Asian Dragon is a magical beast with an average strength of at least tier 5. It is relatively rare, so the price is a little more expensive.”

Joelson thought for a moment and replied, “Then what if we remove the Asian Dragon’s saliva?”

“Remove the Asian Dragon’s saliva?”

The red-haired girl was stunned for a moment when she heard that.

The Asian Dragon’s saliva was a key ingredient in the concoction of the intermediate spirit potion. Without it, it was impossible to concoct it. Why would they remove it?

Although she did not understand, she still answered Joelson’s question. “In that case, we only need seven credits.”

A portion of Yalong saliva was worth eight credits. It was more precious than all the other materials added together.

“Then.” Joelson said, “Please help me exchange for one portion of intermediate spiritual medicine materials, four portions of intermediate spiritual medicine materials excluding Yalong saliva, and five portions of beginner spiritual medicine materials.”

The red-haired girl blinked her eyes and said subconsciously, “Then you won’t have a single credit left.”

“I know.”

“Junior Joelson, if you don’t have enough credits, you can’t advance to the third grade.”

“I know.”

Joelson interrupted the red-haired girl and said seriously, “Can you please hurry up?”

The red-haired girl opened her mouth and nodded helplessly.

Alright, she had said too much.

How could a super genius like Joelson worry about credits like ordinary students? The monthly homework test was enough for him to accumulate a year’s worth of credits.

To be honest, after working at the Truth Society for so long, this was the first time she had seen someone squander credits like this.

Joelson exchanged for the materials he wanted. After confirming that there were no problems, he thanked them and left under the surprised gazes of the people around him.

Back at his residence, in the underground magic laboratory.

“The key to making a magic potion is the dosage of each material. It is similar to the chemical reaction experiment in my previous life. A little more or a little less might cause unexpected accidents, leading to the failure of the experiment in the end.”

Joelson’s hands were very steady, and his eyes were calm. He placed the last material into the test bottle.

As the last material was added, a magical reaction occurred. The turbid liquid in the bottle slowly became clear and transparent, and finally turned into a beautiful light blue color.

“The preparation of a beginner’s potion is not difficult at all for my current spiritual power,” Joelson said.

In front of him, there were already two bottles of the beginner’s spiritual potion that had been prepared.

He had tried it three times, and all of them were successful.

If Gerrard and Elsa saw this, their jaws would drop in shock.

“It’s time to try the intermediate level.”

Joelson did not take out the remaining two sets of basic materials, but took out the intermediate magic materials.

“Intermediate fire-type gem powder, bloodthirsty vine root and leaf, and this one.”

Joelson raised a small transparent bottle in his hand, which was filled with lead-gray turbid liquid.

“Yalong saliva.”

There were five sets of materials in total, but there was only one set of Yalong saliva. It did not seem to be enough.

However, Joelson had already made a plan.

According to the magic potion book, the reason why the Yalong saliva was used in the preparation of the spirit potion was because it contained a thin dragon bloodline. As long as it was the saliva of a dragon descendant, it could be used as a substitute. The thicker the bloodline, the better the effect.”

Joelson said in a deep voice, “In that case, then Du Lu’s saliva can also be used. It is a pure-blooded fire-type giant dragon, so the effect should be even better!”

It was obvious that Joelson had already planned this.

“Come out, Du Lu.”

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In the dark basement, a red light suddenly lit up.

Du Lu, a fire-type dragon that had already advanced to the fourth rank, appeared in front of Joelson.

Its body was already very huge. Its length was close to ten meters, and its height was about five to six meters. The small basement could barely accommodate it.

Du Lu had to try its best to curl up.

“Du Lu du Lu.”

Du Lu was like a big dog. It growled at Joelson in a wronged manner.

This place was too small. It felt very uncomfortable.

Joelson patted Du Lu’s scalding head twice and comforted it, “Bear with it, just bear with it. I’m here to ask for your help.”

Joelson picked up a crystal test tube and said to Du Lu, “Open your mouth.”

Du Lu obediently opened his mouth, revealing his huge mouth.

His teeth were as sharp as knives and his throat was like a black hole.

Fortunately, du Lu had grown up eating dragon scale fruits and had never eaten meat, so his breath was not heavy.

However, when the hot breath blew onto Joelson’s face, he could almost smell the burnt smell of his own hair.

Joelson knocked on Du Lu’s chin and scolded jokingly, “Don’t breathe too hard, hold it in.”

“Du Lu du Lu.” Du Lu called out twice, his black gem-like eyes full of grievance.

His breath was much weaker.

Joelson inserted the crystal test tube between Du Lu’s teeth, and threads of transparent birth water slowly dripped in, quickly filling a bottle.

“Not bad, very clean!”

Joelson sized up the crystal test tube and nodded in satisfaction.

Du Lu’s saliva was as clear as water, as sticky as glue, and still boiling hot.

“The next step is almost the same as the initial stage.”

Joelson skillfully handled all kinds of magic materials.

The preparation of an intermediate potion was the same as the initial stage, except that there were more materials and it was more complicated.

The real test was still the control of spiritual power.

Half an hour later.

“What a pity.”

Joelson sighed regretfully.

He had almost succeeded. He had made a small mistake.


“Open your mouth! Du Lu!”

Du Lu shook his big head hard.

No, no, I’m an arrogant giant dragon. It’s already shameful enough to open my mouth a second time. I’ll never do it again.

“Baby, I’m trying to make money. I’m going to make money to build a bigger house for you! Think about the beautiful active volcano. Don’t you want to lie in the crater of the volcano and roll around?”

Joelson felt like a child snatcher with lollipops.

Only the target was a dragon.

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