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Chapter 726

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Chapter 726 – Crystal Stone

Zhao Hai looked at how big the city was. With this size, it was impossible for it to not have a defensive magic formation. However, the capabilities of this formation was too limited when facing a God-rank expert.

But this didn’t mean that formations were useless. On the contrary, magic formations came in many types. Moreover, the size of the formation also needed to be taken into consideration.

The defensive capabilities of these magic formations mainly depend on the crystal stones used. If the energy inside these crystals was formidable, then the formation would be formidable as well. If the energy of the crystal was too low, then the magic formation would also be weak.

The issue with this was the fact that the Ark Continent rarely had big crystal stones. The current crystal stones on the Ark Continent couldn’t even block the attacks of 9th rank experts, much less God-ranks.

Naturally, Shue knew about all of this before he told his idea to Zhao Hai. After seeing that Zhao Hai was considering it, he added, “Young Master, have forgotten about the crystal stones that you discovered back in the Northern Icefield? Those crystals were very full. You can try and see what effects those would have on the city’s magic formation.

Zhao Hai stared, then he patted his head and said, “I actually forgot about those. Good, then I’ll try it immediately. Shue, you take care with the installation of those crystals while I head out of the city. After those crystals are installed, you go and feel the energy of the formation, see if it can produce sufficient energy for our use. Record all of your findings.”

Shue understood what Zhao Hai meant, if this experiment ends with a success, then its impact for the continent would surely be huge.

Shue nodded as he made his clones appear. Zhao Hai waved his hand, withdrawing a pile of crystal stones and gave them to Shue. The clones immediately took the crystals and placed them alongside the city’s magic formation.

Zhao Hai was now outside the city. He quietly observed the situation to see if the crystals would be useful in protecting the city.

Not long after Zhao Hai went out, a layer of protective shield covered the city. This shield wasn’t the same as what Zhao Hai saw before. In the past, the protective shield that Zhao Hai saw had a pale yellow color. On the other hand, the shield in front of his was actually blue in color, one could even see some ripples occurring here and there.

Zhao Hai stared at this protective shield, he couldn’t help but place his hand on its surface. It didn’t take too long before a chilling cold air was felt. Zhao Hai gawked, but he wasn’t surprised. After all, the crystals that he put out were ice crystal stones.

Then Zhao Hai established his Domain, he waved his hand as a giant palm appeared. The palm made a fist as it attacked the protective shield.

The result surprised Zhao hai, the shield actually wasn’t destroyed. Conversely, the the protective shield blasted out a cool air, freezing the big hand.

Zhao Hai didn’t think that this protective shield would have this effect. He shook his Domain and attacked the protective shield with full force. The protective shield rippled, but it wasn’t broken. Moreover, Zhao Hai can feel the waves of cold air transmitted from his Domain. This chilling wave was very strong. If a Demigod were to be careless, then they would definitely be injured by this shield.

Zhao Hai nodded and then retrieved his Domain. After that, he turned to Shue as the latter dissolved the magic formation.

After Zhao Hai returned to the City, he immediately went to Shue and said, “What did you get? How much energy did my attack take from the crystals?”

Shue promptly replied, “Young Master, the crystals are very formidable. Your attack took almost no energy away from the crystals. Moreover, I discovered that as long as one injects energy into the crystal, it can recharge itself indefinitely.”

Zhao Hai was shaken,then he immediately took a new crystal stone from the Space and poured his energy into it. Strangely, no matter how hard he injects his energy, he couldn’t do it. Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he turned to Shue and said, “Shue, give me one of those used crystals.”

Shue nodded, then he took a piece of crystal and gave it to Zhao Hai. Upon receiving the crystal, Zhao Hai immediately tried to inject his energy into it. This time, it didn’t take too much effort for the crystal to accept energy. Before long, the crystal was filled to the brim. Zhao Hai made some calculations, the energy that he had injected was the same energy it took for an ordinary attack. It seems like the magic formation didn’t consume too much energy and it can also be used repeatedly.

After thinking up to this, Zhao Hai took a used crystal and then gave it to Laura, “Laura, try pouring your energy into this crystal.”

There was a reason why Zhao Hai did this. After becoming God-rank, one’s energy would undergo a change, it would become much purer than before. Moreover, it would also lose its original attribute, it was simply pure energy.

Such pure energy can surely power a crystal. However, the general strength of the continent only involves 9th ranks. One must know that 9th ranks still had their attributes. Laura’s attribute was fire, which happened to be the exact opposite element to the ice crystal. Zhao Hai wanted to see whether Laura can pour her energy to charge the crystal.

Laura tried it for a moment before she shook her head and said, “Brother Hai, it’s no good. I can’t pour anything into the crystal.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Megan and said, “Megan, you try.”

Megan nodded, then she received the stone from Laura and then tried to pour energy into it. She didn’t expect that she would be successful. Before long, the crystal was filled. Megan turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Brother Hai, I can pour my energy into it. The crystal has been filled.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then took another used crystal and gave it to Meg, having her try. In the end, Meg was unable to pour her energy inside. Zhao Hai can now affirm that the crystal would only attract energies of the same attribute or God-rank energy. Other attributes were no good.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Megan and said, “Megan, how much energy did it take you to fill the crystal up?”

Megan recalled for a moment and said, “Not that much, approximately about 1% of my total energy. I can recover it after a while.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he smiled faintly and said, “That’ good. Let’s see how those Divine Race fellows attack me this time.”

At this moment, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, are you planning to have these crystals power the magic formations in the continent?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “You should be aware of the situation regarding the major cities in the continent. Aside from our help, they really don’t have much in terms of defense against the Divine Race. If the Divine Race decided to cause large scale trouble, then the continent would surely be placed into turmoil. If our rear gets chaotic, then our job in the frontline would be affected.”

Laura understood what Zhao Hai meant. The present situation was like this. Even if the Divine Race were yet to appear, they still needed to make sure that everyone was completely safe.

Iron Hammer said that the Divine Realm was much different compared to the Ark Continent. Newborn children in the Divine Realm were already 8th ranks. When they grow up, they would freely enter 9th rank. Upon cultivation, they can easily reach God-rank. This was a terrifying thing to think of.

Think about it, a plane that allows the existence of God-ranks, even if the amount of this God-ranks wasn’t a lot, they would still add up to a terrifying amount. Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to prepare in dealing with the Divine Race.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, since these crystals can replace ordinary crystals, then would they work on magic cannons as well? Will the power of the cannons increase?”

When he heard Laura, Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately nodded and said, “This is a good idea. Let’s go and make some experiments.” Then the group’s figures vanished as they used the Space to transfer to the Lyon Empire.

No matter what, Zhao Hai was still the Emperor of the Lyon Empire. Doing his experiments here would certainly have no issues.

Although Zhao Hai was the in-name Emperor of the Lyon Empire, the one running everything here was actually Evan. The entire Lyon Empire knew that Zhao Hai was busy in the frontline, battling with the Demons and the Divine Race. Because of this, the Empire followed Evan’s instructions.

Fortunately, Evan had ruled the Purcell Duchy, so he had great experience in management. He knew what to do with great Nobles, therefore, there weren’t much troubles in the Lyon Empire. At the same time, these Great Nobles didn’t dare to cause any trouble. Everyone in the continent knew about how powerful Zhao Hai was. If they drag Zhao Hai behind, then they would definitely suffer.

As soon as Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the Lyon Empire’s Imperial Palace, they immediately went towards the Great Hall. When the Great Nobles saw Zhao Hai, all of them immediately bowed and said, “We have seen His Majesty. Long live!”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the Nobles and said, “I have something I need to do. Go find me a quiet place, it must be very spacious. Prepare some magic cannons as well. Remember to make this thing known to as few people as possible. Find people who are trustworthy and make them help out.”

Although these Nobles didn’t understand what Zhao Hai wanted to do, all of them still nodded and prepared everything. Evan looked at Zhao Hai, confused, then he asked, “Little Hai, what’s happening? Did you discover something?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he retold his discovery of the wondrous properties of the crystal. He also took out a crystal and handed it over to Evan. This crystal had great energy within, however, Evan can’t feel the energy when he held it in his hand. There wasn’t any cold and chilling sensation when holding the crystal, but Evan can see the formidable energy inside, it can truly wound a Demigod expert. This crystal was truly unusual.

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