Bro, I'm not an Undead

Bro, I'm not an Undead
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Brooooo!You wouldn’t believe this!Everything was normal. Me and my bros doing some mining for mana gems for that old sockethole, Somanda like we always do.Me, Fractures, Bonet and the gang.Then from nowhere, that ungrateful sockethole, Somanda tries to kill me! Can you believe that?!I mean, I have told some questionable stories about him, but no need to axe me just like that, right?!I managed to escape through one of the most convenient get-aways in all of undead history even managing to pull a bony one on the Lich bastard by stealing two of his prized possessions which I find out later to be better than I thought they’d be!Then a voice speaks to me about how I have qualified for something, something, something!ARRRRRGHHHH!Jeez this is happening too fast!Next thing I know, I’m in a whole new place!A brand new world, with repulsive life dwellers is ahead and I get the chance to NOT walk the path set for me by destiny!I can NOT be an undead!I can be something better than both the Living and the Dead!I’m no longer on the path for Undeath Evolutions. Only Lifeless Evolutions await me!………….[Sneek Peek]“What kind of skills are these? What can I do with them? They better not be worthless VOW Bro!”[Please refrain from calling me- you know what, whatever! Scroll down to access information about the skills].I did as I was told, the panel showing me the information about these skills that I had managed to steal.………….[ Supreme Skill ][ Flesh It Like You Mean It | Lv. 1 ]Tired of looking dead? Are your eyes hollow? Do you need to smile and show off something other than bones? Call on the power of cosmetic flesh and get a body that's to your liking.………….[ Supreme Skill ][ Lifeless Evolution ]Tired of the same old undead evolutions? Is being undead not trendy anymore? Well then, try the Lifeless Evolution Package. For strong, unorthodox and peculiar evolutions that will knock your skull off.………….WHAT IN THE F…

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