Chaos Slinger

Chaos Slinger
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Long ago, a mythical figure forged paths from realm to realm and advanced civilization to heights undreamed, built on the foundations of technology, science, and a mysterious aberrant power only a fraction were born to wield. One such champion became the greatest of all and led the people to a golden age of wonder, forging science and mystery into one. But the figure ascended, or abandoned the realms, or died... depending on who you asked. The people could not bear the loss of their god and soon they too became lost. And so the great society of these many realms waned and inevitably fell, disaster and war causing a spiral dragging civilization to the brink of annihilation — perhaps the very pit of hell.

Would it rise again, or sink ever deeper? Out on the frontier, in a scorched, forgotten domain, a dormant chance at the fantastical and impossible, the horrific or wondrous... brews. 

The hunter and Azakan sensory adept Deros Îýteron lived his life for his people and the woman he loved — bonds forged for a lifetime. But fate calls and the bold must go to meet it, to their tragedy and glory. Into the wasteland of great scorched Hamellion, for honor and compassion, for duty and spirit — for answers — Deros and nine other fierce members of the Taldecca journey out to meet the horrors of revelation... 


Fantasy epic with a logical beginning and gradual progression. Heavy descriptions, longer chapters. Occasional other viewpoints (but not for 100k words or more in, and the MC is the MC). Also on RoyalRoad.

Note that romance is more of a side plot, it just is heavy in the themes and psychology of Deros, and much of it is super-duper long-term.

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