Chongfei Manual - Chapter 101.1

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Chapter 101.1

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Chapter: 101.1 out of 171

As soon as these words were said, the room was in an uproar.

Old Madam and the other madams couldn't remain calm and collected.

His Highness Prince Jing had come here to propose marriage. Which Miss was he going to ask for marriage? Third Miss Wei Ya and Fourth Miss Wei Luo were the only two eligible girls in their residence. Third Madam Liu-shi's eyes brightened. Could it be her daughter?

Soon, Old Madam regained her composure. She picked up her cane that was decorated with roses and cloud. As she walked towards outside, she said, "Hurry, help me walk over there so I can look."

First Madam and Fourth Madam stepped forward to lend an arm to support her and walk together to the receiving room. Second Madam and Third Madam looked at each other, then they closely followed after.

A moment later, Wei Luo was the only one person left in the previously lively room. Wei Luo looked at their departing figures, then she leisurely followed behind them. Unlike the others, she wasn't the slightest bit anxious. Her eyes were concentrated on a goal. No one else noticed that the corner of her lips was raised in a smile and her eyes were curved into crescent moons.

Of course, she knew why he was here... She was the person that Zhao Jie wanted to marry.

There was also an unpleasant feeling of clearly knowing something but unable to say.

In the receiving room, Old Madam and the other madams were sitting on ironwood chairs. They were sitting upright and very still. Zhao Jie was sitting across from them. He was wearing a navy blue robe with lotus flower stem pattern, a jade hat, and a waist accessory with a jade hornless dragon. He looked more formal than usual. He didn't bring anyone else other than Zhu Geng.

Zhao Jie stood up and properly saluted Old Madam. "Old Madam."

How could Old Madam accept his salute? She hurriedly stood up to lend him a hand to stand up. She anxiously said, "Your Highness, this old lady doesn't deserve this. Your Highness, please sit."

Zhao Jie straightened. He didn't refuse and sat down on one of the chairs. He looked around and asked, "Is Duke Ying not here today?"

Old Madam cautiously said, "This old lady has already ordered people to bring him back. If your Highness has something he needs to say to Old Master, I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for a while."

He thought for a moment, the he smiled and said, "That's fine. If I say this to Old Madam, it'll be the same."

A servant girl wearing a green robe came over with a purple tray outlined in gold to bring tea. She placed a colorful cup next to him. He held the cup and his thumb gently went back and forth over the cup's cover. He seemed to be mulling over an issue for a long time. He slowly said, "This prince came here for one thing."

Old Madam's heart tightened. "Your Highness, please say."

He paused for a moment. After a while, he said, "This prince greatly admires and adores House Wei's Fourth Miss Wei Luo."

It really was Wei Luo.

When Old Madam had heard that he came here to propose marriage, she had already secretly guessed this. Currently, there were two unmarried girls in the residence. If it wasn't Wei Ya, then it was Wei Luo. In every aspect, Wei Luo was more outstanding than Wei Ya. To hear him say Wei Luo, it was reasonable.

However, Old Madam didn't understand. How did Prince Jing become interested in Ah Luo?

Among those seated, Third Madam Liu-shi was the most disappointed. She had thought that Zhao Jie was interested in her daughter, Wei Ya. She hadn't expected that it would be Wei Luo.

Old Madam hesitated for a while as she deliberated the words that she would say. "This old lady will boldly ask a question. Ah Luo's engagement with Count Zhong Yi's family was only recently canceled. Your Highness, when did you..."

After saying up to this point, she stopped and didn't continue. However, these words were enough to let other people understand her question.

Zhao Jie lowered his eyes as he pondered. To answer this question, he would have to give careful consideration to Wei Luo's reputation. He also couldn't seem too frivolous. In a short while, he seriously said, "I won't hide it. This prince has greatly admired Fourth Miss for a long time."

His voice was hoarse as if he was a person that had been traveling in a desert for a long time. And now, he finally saw a lake full of blue water in front of him. He held the cup and in a sincere tone, he said, "Ah Luo frequently comes to the palace. By fate, this prince has met her a few times. This prince admires her pure and kind heart. She is attractive and intelligent. This prince didn't dare to be rash since she was already engaged before she was born, so I could only suppress my thoughts. When I heard that her engagement with House Song was canceled, I specially came here to propose marriage."

After these emotional words were said, Old Madam wasn't the only one shocked. Behind the filigree divider screen decorated with carved spirals, Wei Luo was also shocked.

Who was Zhao Jie talking about? Why didn't she recognize this person?

She, Wei Ya, and Wei Dong were sitting on elm wood chairs. They could clearly hear everything outside. Originally, she had just wanted to hear how he would propose marriage. She hadn't expected to hear this type of words.

Faced with the glances that Wei Ya and Wei Dong threw at her, she pursed her lips and looked rather shameful. While she felt that the situation was rather laughable, there was a growing taste of sweetness in her heart.

Zhao Jie really could say nonsense with his eyes wide open.... What did he mean by not daring to act rashly? Before her engagement with Song Hui was canceled, the times that he acted rashly weren’t few.

He said she was a little liar. Then, he was definitely a big liar. A big liar that acted outwardly saintly.

Wei Luo held her cheeks. Her dark, slippery eyes looked left and right. Her pink lips slightly curved up. Her little face looked slightly embarrassed. She wanted to rebuke him, but she also felt happy.

Wei Ya didn’t say anything.

Wei Dong was very honest in her admiration and envy. "Then, this means that Ah Luo will marry into Prince Jing's residence. We should call you Princess Consort Jing..."

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