Chongfei Manual - Chapter 101.2

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Chapter 101.2

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Chapter: 101.2 out of 171

Outside the divider screen, Old Madam was very touched by Zhao Jie's words. She hadn't expected that Prince Jing had been suffering for so many years because of Ah Luo. If Ah Luo's engagement with Song Hui hadn't been canceled, what would he have done? Would he continue to wait?

Thinking of this, she felt that he was rather pitiful.

The other madams were even more surprised. They hadn't expected that Prince Jing, who was feared by everyone in the capital, had such deep love towards Wei Luo...

Old Madam's heart softened. Originally, she had felt somewhat fearful towards Zhao Jie. Now, most of the fear was gone. It seemed that Zhao Jie's feelings for Wei Luo were sincere and true. She had been worried that he wanted to use Wei Luo to strengthen his relationship with Duke Ying's family. Old Madam's tone relaxed as she amicably said, "This old lady will first thank your Highness for coming here for Ah Luo. But, Duke Ying and Ah Luo's father are both not here. This is about Ah Luo's most important life event. I have to discuss this matter with them first..."

Zhao Jie put down the teacup and nodded to indicate that he understood.

Originally, before he had come here, he hadn't expected to succeed on this first visit. Now that Old Madam had said those words, he knew what to do. He stood up and said, "Since it's like that, then I'll have to ask Old Madam and Duke Ying to discuss this matter. This prince will come back here in a few days."

Old Madam let out a sigh in relief, "Thank you your Highness for understanding."

Zhao Jie didn't stay for long. After finishing his cup of tea, he bid farewell.

Old Madam personally sent him to the entrance.

At Duke Ying's residence's entrance, Zhao Jie turned around and mounted a horse. He tightened his grip on the reins and slowly rode the fine horse away. His heart wasn't disappointed. It wouldn't be good for him to succeed on his first visit. It wouldn't show off Wei Luo's preciousness. He regarded her as treasure and was naturally willing to visit her home several times for her. If he didn't succeed the first time, there was still the second and third time. Anyways, sooner or later, she would be his. No one else would be able to steal her away.


Later that day, Duke Ying and Wei Kun returned in the evening.

Old Madam told them what had happened during the day. The two people were utterly surprised.

However, Wei Chang Hong, who had also returned with the two people, was very calm. He sat there without any change in his expression. His emotions were hidden and he didn't say any words.

Wei Kun walked back and forth. He was both overwhelmed by favor from his superior and also anxious. It took him a long time to finally say a complete sentence. "Prince Jing wants to marry Ah Luo. Could it be for Duke Ying's family?"

He had the same thoughts as Old Madam. He was also worried that Zhao Jie was marrying Wei Luo to use her. If this was true, then Wei Luo definitely couldn't marry him. How could she be happy if she was married to man that wanted to use her to grab more power?

Old Madam shook her head, "I don't think..." Then, she repeated the words that Zhao Jie had said in the receiving room. In the end, she lamented, "I didn't expect that Prince Jing could become infatuated."

Wei Chang Hong clenched his hand around the armrest.

Hearing her words, Wei Kun's worries were alleviated, but he still didn't want to agree to this marriage. He wanted Ah Luo to marry a family that had an equal status with theirs. In the future, she would support her husband and educate her children. The rest of her life would be peaceful and happy. But now that Prince Jing was interested in her, it was impossible for her life to be peaceful. He won't mention the future for now. The current situation wasn't hopeful either. Zhao Jie's relationship with Fifth Prince Zhao Zhang was like fire and water. No matter who became the emperor, the rest of Ah Luo's life wouldn't be dull.

Wei Kun felt both joyful and sorrowful. Sitting down in a chair, he couldn't make a decision for a long time.

However, even if he didn't make a decision, what will happen, will still happen.


Seven days later, Zhao Jie came to Duke Ying's residence again.

This time, he didn’t come here by himself.

A woman followed him down the carriage. She was wearing a moon white cloak embroidered with silver thread. A veil hid her face. But from her body's appearance, she was a woman with a very noble temperament.

Last time, Zhao Jie had been in a hurry when he came here, so he didn't bring anything here. This time, he had especially prepared nourishing herbs and several kinds of antiques to give to Duke Ying and Old Madam.

When Duke Ying took the items and led him inside the residence, his line of sight landed on the woman behind Zhao Jie. Puzzled, he tried to figure out her identity, "This is..."

The woman stopped walking. As she slowly took her off her veil, a beautiful and noble face was slowly revealed. First, it was her straight eyebrows, then her beautiful eyes were seen.

Empress Chen faintly smiled. She deliberately asked, "Duke Ying, you don't even recognize this empress?"

Greatly shocked, Duke Ying hurriedly led everyone to kneel. As he bent his head to salute, he said, "Greetings Your Majesty."

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