Chongfei Manual - Chapter 103.1

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Chapter 103.1

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Chapter: 103.1 out of 171

Since Wei Luo became engaged, there were changes to her life.

For example, girls that usually weren't close to her became friendly with her recently. For example, the number of people visiting Duke Ying's residence increased. For example, other people's attitude towards her became more respectful... Ultimately, all of this was because she was going to marry Prince Jing Zhao Jie.

However, these changes didn't have a great affect on her. She still lived the same way as she used to live in the past. She wouldn't change because other people had changed.

If she had to say who had changed the most, then it would probably be Fourth Madam Qin-shi and her younger brother, Chang Hong.

Wei Luo wouldn't be married until next year's late September, but Qin-shi had already started to prepare the clothes, pillows, and bedding that she would bring to her husband's house after marriage. Everyday, Qin-shi would send people over to ask Wei Luo what type of design and color she liked. Qin-shi even had people measure her for her wedding dress... Even Old Madam felt that Qin-shi was preparing too early. However, Qin-shi didn't feel this way at all. Originally, these were things that a mother would do. But, Wei Luo didn't have a mother. Fourth Madam cared for Wei Luo as if she was her biological daughter. She did whatever she could for Wei Luo. Instead of feeling this was laborious, Qin-shi enjoyed doing these preparations.

In her heart, Wei Luo felt grateful towards fourth aunt.

As for Chang Hong…

Wei Luo held her cheeks and deeply sighed. Chang Hong watched her more and more closely. If someone from the palace invited her, he would undoubtedly stop her until he clearly investigated who the other person was. If he found out that Zhao Jie wanted to see her, then he definitely wouldn't let her leave the residence.

Today, a carriage had come from the palace. They said Princess Tianji was inviting Wei Luo to the palace. The carriage had already waited outside Duke Ying's residence for almost an hour. Wei Luo sat in front a bronze mirror. She had already finished dressing herself and was wearing a moon white top with a rose pattern and a crimson skirt with an eight-treasure pattern and pearl beading. Just as she walked past the divider screen, she saw Chang Hong. He was wearing an indigo robe with a cloud pattern.

Chang Hong was standing perfectly straight outside the door. He appeared to have already waited for a long time. He didn't seem surprise when she came out.

Wei Luo instinctively retreated and opened her red lips to say, "Chang Hong..."

How did he know that she was going outside? Including this time, he had already blocked and intercepted her three times!

Ah Luo quickly adjusted her expression and straightforwardly asked, "Why haven't you gone over Mister Xue's? You don’t have class today?"

Chang Hong wasn't the same as her. He had to go Mister Xue's for class every day since he was twelve years old. Since she was a girl and wasn't taking the imperial examination, Mister Qi and Wei Kun felt that she didn't need to learn so much profound and difficult to understand knowledge. So, she only needed to occasionally go to class and finish Mister Qi's assignments. At this time of the day, Chang Hong would usually be attending class in Mister Qi's study and wouldn't have the free time to appear here.

Chang Hong looked at her and answered her question with another question, "Where are you going?"

He seemed prepared and wasn't distracted by her change in topic. Wei Luo silently cursed in her mind. But on the surface, she brightly smiled to show her dimples and said, "Liuli invited to me to the palace. I was just about to go."

Chang Hong didn't move and the expression on his face didn't change. He didn't seem to believe her. "Is it really Princess Tianji?"

Wei Luo nodded, "Really."

He didn't say anything and only looked at her without moving. His gaze made her feel guiltier. It was too simple for his clever mind to discover clues. After considering, he asked, "If Princess Tianji invited you, why didn't Mama Qiu come as the messenger?”

When Zhao Liuli invited her to the palace, Mama Qiu would always act as the messenger. This time, instead of Mama Qiu, it was an unknown imperial bodyguard. Everyone knew that Liuli only had one imperial bodyguard, Yang Zhen. The other imperial bodyguards didn't have the qualifications to be the princess's personal guard.

Normally, other people wouldn't pay any attention to these details. However, if they really wanted to investigate this, there were many inconsistencies. So, someone like Chang Hong, who was completely vigilant against Zhao Jie, would of course notice this.

Wei Luo was left speechless by his question. She stood in place and impatiently looked at him.

In the end, Chang Hong's heart still softened. He could never maintain a stern face in front of her. Seeing her pitiful face, he couldn't help softening his tone as he said, "Ah Luo. Don't go."

Wei Luo's round eyes glistened with water. She seemed like an innocent baby deer. In a soft and weak tone, she said, "But I miss him..."

Of course, she knew that the person picking her up was Zhao Jie and not Zhao Liuli.

Logically, as an unmarried girl from a noble family, she should be more reserved and shouldn't agree to see him. But, she also missed Zhao Jie. She hadn't seen him for over half a month since they were engaged. Even if they only talked without doing anything, it would still be good. She liked him and wanted to be at his side at all times. Unfortunately, she couldn't say these words to Chang Hong. If she said these words, he would immediately become angry. So, Wei Luo could only think about this in her heart.

Chang Hong looked at her and somewhat helplessly said, "You promised me that you wouldn't see him until your wedding day."

Wei Luo thought for a moment. He really had said these words on Marquis An Lin's birthday. Although she didn't refuse at the time, she also didn't agree.

He controlled his emotions and seriously warned her, "I heard from other people that girls should protect themselves before their marriage and shouldn't let themselves be taken advantage by men. This way he'll treasure you more in the future after you're married."

Wei Luo couldn't believe that he would actually earnestly say these words. Surprised, she opened her eyes wider.

However, she had to admit there was logic to his words. Fourth aunt had also said the same type of words to her. Wei Luo was slightly persuaded by his words.

Beside, if they couldn't meet, Zhao Jie was definitely more anxious than her... She could see it from how he tried to use Liuli's name to see her three days in a row. Never mind. Just be anxious. She couldn't forcefully break out to leave. That would not only hurt Chang Hong's feelings, it would also sound bad if other people found out.

After Wei Luo thought about these consequences, she decided to comply with Chang Hong's wishes. She called the servant girl that had brought the message over and said, "Go outside and tell them that I'm not feeling comfortable today, so I can't go to the palace to see Princess Tianji. I'll go to the palace to see her when I'm feeling better on another day."

The servant girl acknowledged her words, turned around, and left Pine Courtyard.

Wei Luo tilted her head to look at Wei Chang Hong. She pursed her lips and smiled, "Are you happy now?"

Wei Chang Hong looked at her and lightly nodded.

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