Chongfei Manual - Chapter 103.2

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Chapter 103.2

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Very quickly, it was August 15th. Today was Mid-Autumn Festival.

Duke Ying's family held their feast in Su Ye, which was a building at the center of a lake at the back of their residence. It was currently late autumn. There were fragmented leaves floating on the surface of the lake. The green leaves had turned into autumn colors and dried out. The unusually bright, full moon was hanging in the sky. The moonlight scattered over the lake and made the flowing water silvery white.

Since Su Yu was built at the center of the lake, if they wanted to go there, they had take boats. Under the evening sky, Wei Luo was wearing a crimson muslin jacket, a gauzy white skirt, and a cherry blossom pink outer robe embroidered with auspicious clouds. Holding Jin Lu's hand, she boarded a boat.

Third Miss Wei Ya was on the same boat as Wei Luo. Wei Ya had also brought a servant girl. The weight was just right with the four of them plus a female servant to row the boat.

After Wei Luo was engaged, Wei Ya was the remaining unmarried girl in their family. Third Madam's parents' family's conditions weren't good and her own demand was high. She was very picky with selecting her son-in-law. If someone's family background were slightly inferior, she would look down on him. The families with very good backgrounds weren't interested in Wei Ya. This was why Wei Ya hadn't been engaged yet. Third Madam couldn't accept a lower position, but she couldn't reach a higher one either.

The small boat slowly coasted. The female servant was rowing at the bow of the boat. Wei Luo and Wei Ya greeted each other when they boarded the boat, but didn't say another word since then.

The small boat quickly arrived at Su Ye and stopped at the edge of the pavilion. Wei Luo lifted her skirt to walk forward and decided to go upstairs. Wei Ya suddenly called out, "Younger sister Ah Luo."

She stopped, turned her head, and asked, "Is something wrong, third older sister?”

Wei Ya stood on the small boat and hesitantly asked, "I just wanted to ask you how did you meet Prince Jing? Why did he come to our home to propose marriage..."

Wei Luo tilted her head, blinked, and didn't reply.

Wei Ya felt sheepish after being looked at by Wei Luo. She also felt that her question was too excessive. Just as she was about to say that Wei Luo didn't have to reply, she heard Wei Luo say, "I was Princess Tianji's study companion when I was six years old. I met Prince Jing then. Later, when I was visiting Princess Tianji in the palace, I would occasionally see him. As for why he would come to propose marriage... How about I ask older brother Prince Jing for you?"

Wei Ya felt ashamed after hearing Wei Luo's response. Originally, she had just been curious. Wei Luo's words made it seem like she was meddling in another person's business. She quickly shook her head to indicate no. Then, she continued, "I haven't congratulated younger sister Ah Luo yet. In the future, you'll be Princess Consort Jing."

Wei Luo faintly smiled, "Thank you third older sister." Then, she immediately started walking up the stairs and didn’t say any additional words.

Wei Ya’s face showed her uneasy.

She didn't know what was wrong with her. Why did she blurted out the question in her heart... Perhaps, she was unconvinced. Why was Wei Luo's life so good? Why did everything good happen to her? Getting engaged was already difficult enough for her, but Wei Luo had effortlessly gotten engaged to Prince Jing.

Wei Luo’s recent words had enlightened her with perfect understanding.

It wasn't that Wei Luo's life was good. It was only that everyone's fate was different. When Wei Luo was six years old, she had been Princess Tianji's study companion while she had stayed at home and acted spoiled in front of her mother. This was why Wei Luo could become acquainted with Prince Jing Zhao Jie while she was an ordinary Third Miss that didn't leave the residence and had little contact with outside people.

Wei Ya had to admit that she really couldn't be compared to Wei Luo.


Su Yue's second floor was already full of people. Duke Ying and Old Madam sat in the top seats. The other branches sat on the other sides. In the center, there was a yellow rosewood table that was twenty to thirty feet long and carved with lions. There were many people in Duke Ying's family, so the table was completely packed. The men and women didn’t seat separately. The scene was very lively.

The table was full of vegetable and meat dishes and fruits. Duke Ying picked up the first bite of food before everyone else picked up his or her chopsticks.

The family enjoyed themselves to the fullest eating dinner.

After dinner, Duke Yin led everyone to the pavilion to worship the moon.

Standing at the edge of the crowd, Wei Luo held three sticks of incense and bowed to the moon three times in worship before going up to insert the incense into the incense burner. After this, the entire family sat down together to drink tea and enjoyed the beauty of the moon. It was boring just to drink tea, so Duke Ying suggested that everyone would compose a poem with the moon as the subject. Whoever composed the best poem would be rewarded. This would both liven up the mood and test his grandchildren on their homework.

Wei Luo wasn't feeling well. She sent Bai Lan to inform Duke Ying that she would be leaving in advance.

Sitting next to her and concerned, Fourth Madam Qin-shi asked her what was wrong. Ashamed, she whispered into Qin-shi's ear, "Fourth aunt, my stomach hurts."

Qin-shi suddenly realized. Everyone understood that this type of female thing was always very embarrassing and couldn't be avoid. Qin-shi also said she would find someone to bring her back, but Wei Luo didn't want to bother Qin-shi, so she thoughtfully refused.

Wei Luo led Bai Lan to a boat that would take them back. Her period had started today. She hadn’t noticed until her stomach started to hurt after she ate a few oranges on the dining table.

After reaching shore, the roadside was dark. There was only the bright moon hanging in the sky. The scattered bright moonlight illuminated parts of the road to look like sparkling crystals. On both sides of the path, the trees were silent except for occasionally rustling when the night wind passed by. Wei Lui held her outer robe closer as she slowly walked.

Bai Lan worriedly asked, "Miss, do you feel better? Does it hurt a lot?"

Wei Luo lightly whimpered. Her small face turned white. Before, there were only bursts of minor pain, but the current sensation was terribly painful.

She wanted to go back to her room. Perhaps, she would feel better after lying down in bed and holding a hot water bottle. However, something seemed wrong after she had walked for a while. It felt as if someone was following her. She stopped and looked behind her. There wasn't anything behind her other than the trees and the moonlight.

Perhaps, it was her misperception?

She continued to walk forward. She still had that feeling after walking for a bit.

She thought Chang Hong was worried about her and followed her over here to see her. So, she said, "I'm fine. I'll feel better after I go back and rest. You don't have to go with me."

She waited for a long time, but there wasn’t any movement behind her.

Baffled, she turned her head. When she turned around, she suddenly saw a tall figure standing in front of her. Shocked, she instinctively retreated. However, she accidently stepped on a stone. Her body started to fall backwards.

The person in front of her swiftly caught her. His long arms wrapped around her soft waist.

A familiar scent blew by. Wei Luo couldn't see the other person's face, but she could recognize his voice.

She heard a deep, slow, magnetic, and sweet-sounding voice ask, "Ah Luo, why won’t you see me?”

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