Chongfei Manual - Chapter 109.3

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Chapter 109.3

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Chapter: 109.3 out of 171

Zhao Jie stood behind the lattice side doors with his hands behind his back. Without noticing, his thin lips had curved into an obvious smile.

He hadn't expected to hear these words from Wei Luo's mouth, much less think she had these thoughts.

A lifetime. These words were really tempting.

When they were together, he was always the one who started things. When he wanted to be affectionate, she would refuse. Zhao Jie thought she didn't like it and had been controlling himself lately. He would properly love her after they were married. But, now he probably wouldn't be able to stop himself.

Zhao Jie said to Zhu Geng, "Tell imperial mother, if Wu Rong's emperor wants an alliance through marriage, Gao Dan Yang's qualifications would be very suitable."

Zhu Geng immediately understood his meaning and felt sympathetic towards Gao Dan Yang for a while, then he departed.

Wu Rong was thousands of miles away from Da Liang's capital and the journey there was arduous. If she went to Wu Rong, she might never return to Da Liang's capital.

It seemed that the prince was truly angry this time.

Zhao Jie walked past the lattice doors. Wei Luo was still preoccupied and staring at the canopy. Who knew what she was thinking about?

When her line of sight changed, she suddenly saw him. She froze in surprise for a moment before exclaiming in surprise.

Zhao Jie took off his ink color boots and silently sat down on the bed.

Wei Luo didn't understand his intentions. She opened her eyes wider and asked, "Why are you here? Why didn't you go back to Rong Hua Hall to attend the palace banquet?"

What was the palace banquet when compared to her? Zhao Jie pressed her hand down against the bed, covered her body, and in the passing, unhooked the golden curtain. The bed curtain fell down. In a single moment, the scene inside the bed was separated from the rest of the room.

Zhao Jie's tightened his arms around her petite body and brought her closer to his chest. His face was pressed against her face as he slid down to find her soft and tender lips and kissed her. "You like to hear this prince say sweet, romantic words?"

It was at this moment that Wei Luo realized he had heard the words between her and Gao Dan Yang. She opened her mouth to explain, but he used the opportunity to enter her mouth, suck on her tongue, and continue kissing her. She quietly whimpered. A long time later, he finally let her go. She pursed her pink lips. She didn't know who's saliva was between her lips and teeth. In a lovable tone, she accused him, "You were eavesdropping."

Zhao Jie quietly laughed, sucked the bottom of her small, soft ear, and said. "There was a little one that said she wanted to be with this prince for a lifetime. If this prince didn't hear those words, wouldn't it be such a pity?"

Wei Luo buried her face into his neck. She felt slightly embarrassed.

Even so, she didn’t disagree.

Zhao Jie really loved seeing this sweet and cute appearance. He held her hand and moved it down.

He leaned against her forehead and slowly rubbed against it. He painfully said, "Darling, this prince almost can’t stand it anymore.”

There was still one more year before they would marry. Even though she belonged to him, he couldn't do anything to her. He was aware of propriety. He wanted to properly cherish her and didn't want to have her so soon. After all, she was still young. He wanted to wait until she was slightly more grownup.

But this process of waiting, it was very much like torture.

Fortunately, there were other ways to ease the pressure.

Startled and panicking, Wei Luo tried to move her hand away. But, how could she win against his strength? While struggling, her hand slipped twice. The sound of Zhao Jie quietly and hoarsely moaning went into her ears and made half of her body feel numb.

This was next to Zhao Liuli's resting chamber. Liuli could come inside at any moment. He actually... actually...

Wei Luo's cheeks were so red that they could drip blood. She originally wanted to resist. But for some reason, she yielded after making a show of resistance and let him have his way.

She knew a little about these things. After she was engaged to Zhao Jie, fourth aunt had secretly hinted at this. She knew that it was very normal for a married couple to do these things, but she still felt slightly embarrassed. After all, they weren't married yet...

Zhao Jie was breathing right into her ear. It was close that she could even feel it on the back of her neck and made her whole body have small goose bumps. She pulled her shoulder away. Her voice was as delicate and powerless as a small bird.

There was suddenly the sound of footsteps inside the room. It was neither too fast nor too slow. It was followed by Chang Hong's clear voice, "Ah Luo?"

Wei Chang Hong had recently been called away by Duke Ying. It actually wasn't a serious matter. After finding out about Wei Luo's condition, Wei Zhang Chun and Wei Kun had asked a few worried questions. Wei Chang Hong had explained everything in full detail and they stopped worried after knowing that Wei Luo was fine.

Wei Chang Hong was worried about Wei Luo, so he came back here after leaving Rong Hua Hall.

Seeing that the dense curtains were hanging down, he furrowed his eyebrows.

Strange. Why were the curtains closed?

Surprised by the sound, Wei Luo accidentally increased her hand's strength.

Zhao Jie stiffened and immediately uttered a smothered groan.

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