Chongfei Manual - Chapter 110.2

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Chapter 110.2

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Chapter: 110.2 out of 171

A few days after the palace banquet, because of a guilty conscience, Wei Luo still hadn't seen Zhao Jie again. She obediently stayed at home and didn't go anywhere.

On the tenth of October, people from Prince Jing's residence came over to Duke Ying's residence to send betrothal gifts. The betrothal gifts were carried over by two hundred eighty-eight people. Compared to the betrothal gifts sent over for Fifth Miss Wei Zheng, it was like comparing heaven and earth. Just carrying the betrothal gifts through the back gate took a day and a half.

Even fifth branch's steward’s eyes became blurry from recording everything. There were over five hundred objects. Each item was very valuable. He didn't dare to be neglectful and had people carefully and gently put everything down. It took him several days before he finished recording everything.

It showed how much importance Prince Jing attached to Wei Luo.

After this matter, House Wei's reputation also rose. It swept away the humiliation from Wei Zheng's marriage. One after another, the madams in the inner court sighed. Wei Luo was a blessed person. Look at the entire capital. Was there any daughter from an aristocratic family that received such a huge amount of betrothal gifts? She was unrivaled.

There truly wasn’t any doubt to the status of Princess Consort Jing.

Wei Luo had become the most popular person in Duke Ying's residence. No matter where she went, no one would dare to slight her. Second Madam had even especially called her to her second branch's courtyard to heap a pile of praise onto Wei Luo from top to bottom. Wei Luo's every aspect was pleasing. Wei Luo finally experienced the idiom; one must change according to the overall trend.

Today, Old Madam called her to the central room.

Wei Luo remembered that when she was younger, Old Madam didn't like her or Chang Hong very much because of Jiang Miao Lang. Although she wasn't close to them, she was never harsh towards them either. However, her impression from childhood was too deep, so at the moment, Wei Luo was still slightly unfamiliar with meeting Old Madam.

Old Madam took off a pair of golden bracelets with bluish-green gems and pearls that she was wearing, personally put them on Wei Luo's arm, and said, "Paternal grandmother doesn't have anything good. My mother gave this pair of bracelets to me when I got married. Now, I'll give this you as part of your dowry."

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Wei Luo was surprised. She remembered that Old Madam treasured this pair of bracelets very much. Even when First Miss had gotten married, she couldn't bear to part with them. Why would she give them to her?"

She made a move as if she was going to take them off. "Granddaughter can't take this..."

Old Madam stopped her hand and said, "Accept what I've given you. You and Chang Hong didn't have a mother since you were both young and have suffered. Paternal grandmother hasn't properly taken care of you either. Now, you're getting married. Just treat this as my kindly intentions."

Wei Luo pursed her lips and accepted.

After she had stayed in the central room for a quarter of an hour, a servant came into the room to say that Marquis Ping Yuan's daughter had come over. Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong had previously discussed that they would go to Ci Temple to burn incense in worship. Hearing these words, Old Madam didn’t try to stop her. She waved her hand and said, "You can go."

So, Wei Luo left the central room.

When she arrived the reception pavilion, she didn't see Liang Yu Rong and could only walk around the outside area to look for her. Coincidentally, she saw Liang Yu Rong and oldest cousin Wei Chang Yin underneath a gingko tree.

Wei Chang Yin had just returned home. The two of them had somehow met and started talking.

Liang Yu Rong's cheeks were pink and she was smiling. Both of her hands were behind her back as she simply greeted Wei Luo. Wei Luo didn't know what they had previously said.

The two of them were standing underneath the gingko tree. The leaves were falling like raindrops. The ground was covered in a thick layer of golden yellow. The sun shined down and the two of them were almost hidden by the bright light. Wei Chang Yin collected himself. There was a smile in his pure eyes. He had never looked as good as he did in this moment. "I'm already fine. Thank you for asking."

So, Liang Yu Rong was still worrying from seeing the recurring pain of his leg injury.

Liang Yu Rong continued speaking without hesitation, "My daddy knows many doctors. If older brother Chang Yin is willing, I'll ask daddy to have them treat your leg. Perhaps, they might be able to fix your leg."

Wei Chang Yin shook his head and tactfully declined, "No need to waste your energy."

He was very clear about his leg's injury. It had already been so many years. If it could be cured, then it would have already been cured. He had also seen many doctors. They were all known as excellent, brilliant, and highly skilled doctors, but none of them could heal his leg. Wei Chang Yin had already accepted reality and no longer had any hopes. As a result, he no longer experienced the feeling of disappointment.

Liang Yu Rong was very regretful. She quietly said, "oh," and didn't continue speaking.

She turned her head and saw that Wei Luo was standing in the verandah. She immediately smiled and started walking over to Wei Luo. "Ah Luo, you came."

Wei Luo smiled and also greeted Wei Chang Yin.

Wei Chang Yin nodded. Seeing that the two of them were busy, he didn't bother them and ordered a servant to push his wheelchair away.

Wei Luo saw that Liang Yu Rong's line of sight was stuck on Wei Chang Yin and knew that things weren't well. She quickly changed the topic by saying, "Weren't we going to Ci Temple? Chang Hong said he wanted to go with us. If you don't started walking soon, the sky will be dark."

Hearing these words, Liang Yu Rong finally returned to her senses, looked away, and followed Wei Luo to leave the residence.

After Chang Hong had found out that Zhao Jie had taken advantage of Wei Luo in Chen Hua Hall, he was even more nervous about her going outside even if Liang Yu Rong was with her. He had finished his assignment for today early and handed it in to Mister Xue to check. After Mister Xue nodded his head, he went with Wei Luo to Ci Temple.

Liang Yu Rong had long become used to Wei Chang Hong's habit of following Wei Luo and didn't have any suspicions.

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