Chongfei Manual - Chapter 111.3

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Chapter 111.3

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Chapter: 111.3 out of 171

At Banyan Tree Courtyard, after Liang Yu Rong left, Wei Luo arrived at the entrance to Wei Chang Yin’s room.

Inside the room, Wei Chang Yin was sitting behind a decoratively carved red sandalwood table. There were two packages of candied fruit in front of him. One was winter melon flavor. The other was begonia flavor. His gaze was slightly lowered. His long fingers were placed on the beech wheelchair. Who knows what he was thinking about?

Wei Luo had been standing outside the room for a while, but he actually didn't notice.

He didn't look up until Wei Luo knocked on the door. He smiled and said, “Ah Luo, you're here.

"Older cousin." Wei Luo used to rarely come to Banyan Tree Courtyard. Because of Liang Yu Rong, she had come here many times recently. She looked at the candied fruit on the table and asked a question that she already knew the answer, "Did Liang Yu Rong give this to older cousin? Have you tasted them yet? The taste is pretty good."

Wei Chang Yin lifted his right hand and pushed the candied winter melon towards her. He smiled and said, "I recently tried it. If you like it, you can take all of it."

Wei Luo hurriedly waved her hand and refused, "Yu Rong gave you this. If I took all of it, she would definitely be mad. Older cousin Chang Yin, it would be better if you keep them to eat."

Thinking of Liang Yu Rong's smiling face when she recently delivered the candied fruit, Wei Chang Yin couldn't resist curving the corner of his mouth.

Wei Luo thought about the reason why she had come here, sat down on the sandalwood kaiguan stool across from him, and supported her cheeks in her hands. After hesitating for a long time, she finally couldn't resist asking, "Older cousin Chang Yin, how would you describe Yu Rong?”

Her words were slightly abrupt. Wei Chang Yin furrowed his eyebrows and didn't reply.

"Yu Rong has been a warm-hearted and kind person since she was a child. She's a very wonderful girl. Older cousin Chang Yin, even if I don't say those words, you can see that for yourself." Wei Luo didn't beat around the bush and went straight to the point. "But, she also has a one-track mind. She won't turn around until she's hit a wall. Because she's too close to older cousin Chang Yin, it's inevitable that she would have feelings. She's like a sister to me, so I have to consider her needs. Older cousin Chang Yin, if you don't have any feelings towards her, don't have any further contact with her."

Wei Chang Yin couldn't help clenching his hand around the wheelchair. His eyes darkened and his emotions weren't clear anymore. He always had a calm appearance, but there was suddenly anxiety in his eyes. He was silent for a long time. He didn't know how to reply to Wei Luo’s words.

He had already known for a long time that with his body, he couldn't marry anyone. If he married someone, he would only be ruining her. Because of this reason, he had sealed off his emotions and suppressed his desires. He had never felt anything towards another person. But, he didn't expect that a young girl would one day violently collide into him and enter his life despite everything. She treated him fondly and considerately. He knew that she only did this out of sympathy, but emotions still stirred upwards from the bottom of his heart.

Wei Chang Yin couldn't help wanting to move closer to her and draw out more warmth from her.

Unfortunately, he had forgotten that he was a cripple and couldn't give anyone happiness.

After being silent for a long time, he finally said, "Okay, I won't see her in the future."

Wei Luo's intention wasn't for him to retreat. She wanted to incite him into action. After thinking for a moment, she continued speaking, "If older cousin Chang Ying likes Yu Rong, wouldn't it be fine if you did your best to fight for her? You wouldn't be burdening her. If two people who mutually love each other marry, it's only normally for them to support each other. If you're worried about burdening her, then why can't you do your best to cure your leg injury?"

Wei Chang Yin looked at her. He didn't expect that she would change the direction of her words so quickly.

Wei Luo slowly started to speak, "When we went to Qian Temple, didn't that abbot say that your leg injury could be healed? You just need to find the doctor called Fu Xing Yun..."

Wei Chang Yin smiled and said, "I've already ordered people to look for him. They still haven't found him yet."

Blocked off by his words, Wei Luo couldn't continue speaking.

She had already said everything that she could. As she was leaving, she tried one more desperate tactic by saying, "Yu Rong's parents are currently discussing her marriage. If older cousin Chang Yin doesn't figure things out soon, there will no longer be anyone to bring you candied fruit in the future." Then, she looked at the candied winter melon on the table for a moment before turning around and leaving the room.

Wei Chang Yin sat in the wheelchair and watched her walk far away. Tired, his body slowly leaned back until he touched the back of the beech wheelchair. He slowly closed his eyes.


A gorgeously decorated carriage was parked at the small alleyway across from Duke Ying’s residence’s entrance.

Jiang Miao Lan was wearing a moon white cloak embroidered with magnolia flowers and lined with fox fur. She looked at this familiar residence and thought of her memories of this place. All sorts of feelings welled up in her heart. She had once lived here for a few years and had given birth to a cute pair of fraternal twins. At the time when she had decided to leave, she never thought there would be a day when she would return.

Now, she had only seen her two children for a moment and couldn't resist coming back here again.

Almost fifteen years had passed. Her Ah Luo and Chang Hong had grown up. Back then, when she had given birth to them while suffering great hardship, they were so small and seemed as if they would break with a single touch. Now, Ah Luo had grown up to be a young woman and Chang Hong had grown to be a young man... They had probably forgotten about the mother that had given birth to them.

Standing outside the carriage, Jiang Miao Lan looked for a while. In the end, she turned around and said to the servant girl, "Let's go back to the inn."

The servant girl didn't understand her intentions. They had gone to so many places. Was it really just to stand outside an entrance to look? Although she was very curious, she didn't ask further.

The servant girl lifted up the curtain. Just as she was about to ask Jiang Miao Lan to enter the carriage, she saw a person hurriedly walking out of Duke Ying's residence.

Wei Kun was wearing an ink-colored robe embroidered with golden thread. He had heard a servant say there was a person outside the entrance that looked very similar to Jiang Miao Lan. He immediately stopped what he was doing. Without even taking the time to put on his shoes, he hurriedly rushed outside.

Standing at the entrance, Wei Kun looked at the woman entering the gorgeously decorated carriage. His heart suddenly started pounding. He was afraid that his eyesight was wrong. He was scared that if he blinked she would disappear again.

Jiang Miao Lan also saw him. Shortly after, she turned around, leaned over, and entered the carriage.

The carriage didn't wait for him. The driver raised his whip to start their journey back.

Wei Kun finally returned to his sense. Disregarding his dignity, he hurriedly ran over. At this moment, he didn't care about his status or reputation. He only wanted to stop her. He had to stop her! He finally caught up to the carriage and not caring about anything else, he stood in front of the horse and shouted, "Stop!"

The driver was afraid of hitting him. He hurriedly grabbed the reins and stopped the horse. He asked in discontentment, "Do you no longer want to live?

Wei Kun didn't even look at him. His gaze was fixed on the tightly closed curtains. His eyes were pleading and his mouth was trembling. "Don't go... Please, don't go. Let me see you."


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