Chongfei Manual - Chapter 114.2

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Chapter 114.2

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Chapter: 114.2 out of 171

Zhao Jie pressed Wei Luo against the wall. One hand was pressed against the wall and the other hand was wrapped around her soft waist. He carefully bit her one more time before letting her go. Wei Luo was breathless from his kisses. Lacking strength, her body started to fall into his chest when he let her go. He agilely caught her. At this moment, she didn't even have energy to be angry at him. Her tongue felt numb and she could still smell his cool and refreshing wormwood-like scent.

Wei Luo pursed her lips and decided that she didn't want to kiss him again for at least three months. This had been too tiring. It felt as if half a year had passed. She looked up. Her cheeks were red and her limpid eyes held lovely tears. The faint, swirling ripples in her watery eyes would strike a person's heart and make him unable to resist wanting to fiercely kiss her.

Zhao Jie scratched her nose. After stealing kisses from the beauty, his complexion had significantly improved. "In the future, you can't go outside by yourself."

The corner of Wei Luo's mouth curved down. She just knew that Zhao Jie would start trying to control everything.

Sure enough, Zhao Jie continued to say, "You can't go to remote places and you can't approach unfamiliar men..." Actually, he wanted to say, all men. However, when he thought about it, that wouldn't be possible. And, he was worried that Wei Luo would react badly if he said those words, so he forced himself to loosen the restriction.

It was dangerous that the young girl was too attractive. People would even dare to have evil plans towards her in the palace. It would be even more dangerous in the public places where crooks mixed with honest people.

There would bound to be perverts and kidnappers. Every time Wei Luo had left her home, Yang Hao and two other bodyguards would secretly follow her to guard her. But, even though Zhao Jie had her protected very carefully, he still couldn't help nagging. He wanted her to be more careful.

Wei Luo couldn't help defending herself, "I haven't approached unfamiliar men. Big brother, why would you say something like that? I'm going to be angry."

Zhao Jie also felt that his words were too harsh, but if he didn't say it this way, would she listen? He poked her forehead with his forefinger and middle finger. "Big brother is doing this for your own good."

It would better if he married her sooner. Zhao Jie felt slightly regretful about scheduling their wedding to occur in next year in October. After she entered Prince Jing's residence, he would reduce the number of times she would go outside. Even if she went outside, he would have to go with her. This was the only way he wouldn't worry.

Zhao Jie's chin was pressed against Wei Luo's forehead, as he considered speaking with Emperor Chong Zheng about moving up the wedding date.


Three days after the equestrian archery competition, Wu Rong's emperor and Wan Qi Zhen said their farewells and prepared to leave.

The other person for the marriage alliance had been decided. It was Duke Zhen's legal wife's eldest daughter, Gao Dan Yang.

Regarding this matter, Wu Rong's emperor wasn't satisfied. No matter what, they should be bringing back a princess to marry instead of only a noble's daughter. Her identity was too poor compared to the imperial family. However, since it was already decided, there was nothing left to say. Wu Rong's emperor had reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Gao Dan Yang was feeling even more wronged and unwilling.

Gao Dan Yang cried at home for a day and a night. She wasn't willing to be married off to a faraway place like Wu Rong. In the end, she even prepared white silk to hang herself. Fortunately, Duke Zhen's wife stopped her in time and she didn't succeed. The alliance marriage wasn't between two people or two families. If Gao Dan Yang really died, death would end all of her troubles, but the rest of Duke Zhen's family would suffer a calamity. Duke Zhen and his wife took turns trying to persuade her, but she still wouldn’t agree. In the end, Empress Chen had to appear to repress her.

Gao Dan Yang asked Empress Chen if this was her intention. Empress Chen naturally admitted it. Gao Dan Yang's heart turned to ashes. For an entire night, she looked through her window as she cried. The next day, her only choice was to sit down in front of her mirror that had a pattern of four birds flying around the center with flowers to dress up in a wedding gown and put on makeup. She sat down on the Wu Rong’s marriage sedan that followed a grand procession as they set out on a journey back to Wu Rong.


When Wei Luo heard of this news, Gao Dan Yang had already followed Wu Rong's army out of the capital.

Wei Luo was currently in the verandah washing her hair. When she heard the news, the hand holding her hair loosened. Her abundant, jet-black hair fell onto her shoulders and made her palm-sized face seem even smaller. "Gao Dan Yang went to Wu Rong for the alliance marriage?"

Bai Lan brought over a pot of warm water, placed it on cedar stand, and earnestly nodded, "They're already several miles away."

Wei Luo had actually not known about this. This had happened too quickly and this hadn't been mentioned among the young ladies yet. Most people had been trying to figure out if it would be sixth or seventh princess. No one would have guessed that Gao Dan Yang would have taken their place. Wei Luo returned to her senses. If she married to Wu Rong, she would never come back. Without any malicious intent, she thought this was good. This way there would be no one that was constantly thinking about Zhao Jie. Although she knew that Zhao Jie wasn't interested in Gao Dan Yang, her heart was more or less uncomfortable when Gao Dan Yang looked at Zhao Jie with a burning gaze.

Wei Luo felt very happy and swiftly finished washing her hair. The corner of her lips secretly curved up as she stood in the verandah and had Jin Lu dry her hair.

Today's weather was bright and sunny without clouds. It was a rarely seen weather in autumn.

Wei Luo had abundantly, long hair that would take a while to dry, so she had servants bring a small vermillion-lacquered teapoy inlayed with gold and carved with spirals to the verandah. While she tasted tea by herself, she enjoyed the sunlight.

An hour later, a servant girl wearing a green robe came into the courtyard, walked to Wei Luo's side, and said, "Miss, the steward from Prince Jing's residence is here. He's requesting that you go to an inn next to Xiu Chun.

Wei Luo paused in bring the teacup closer, tilted her head, and asked, "Why does he want me to go there?"

The servant girl shook her head to indicate that she didn't know.

Wei Luo felt doubtful. She hadn't married Zhao Jie yet. Why would Prince Jing's residence's steward be visiting her? Why did daddy let him into the residence?

After thinking about it, since Wei Kun had tacitly agreed, she decided to go over there with a few female servants after changing her clothes. Wei Luo stepped into the carriage and she quickly arrived at the inn next to Xiu Chun. When she went inside a private room on the second floor, she saw that there were already people inside. One of the women wearing a brocaded red outer robe stepped forward, saluted, and said, "Miss Wei, since you're here, let's start your measurements."

Wei Luo doubtfully stood in place and saw servant girls that had originally been behind the woman surround her with measuring tape and a book. They lifted up her arms and started taking her measurements.

When Wei Luo returned to her senses, the woman was already measuring her chest. The measuring tape went around her small peaches. The woman announced a number and had a servant girl record it. Wei Luo finally started resisting and asked, "What's this for? Who asked you to come here?"

The woman ambiguously smiled, looked at her, and said, "What do you think? It's naturally to prepare Fourth Miss's wedding dress."

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