Chongfei Manual - Chapter 115.2

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Chapter 115.2

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Chapter: 115.2 out of 171

Wei Luo glanced at him with an expression of "There's still a lot that you don't know."

Her round, almond-shaped eyes were naturally attractive. Even though it looked as if she was rebuking him, she was actually acting spoiled. When her eyes were tilted like that, it was as if her eyes had grown hooks that could take away a person's heart and soul.

Zhao Jie wrapped his hand around her waist, leaned over, and lightly kissed her. "Then, how about changing the pattern and making me a pair of shoes?"

Wei Luo opened and closed her small mouth. In heart, she thought that he really knew how to take advantage. It wasn't easy to make shoes. If it weren’t because she wanted to marry him, she wouldn't even be willing to make her own shoes.

Zhao Jie saw the unwillingness on her face, hugged her more closely, rubbed his chin against her cheek, and asked, "Okay?"

Wei Luo shook her head, "Don't want to. It takes to much work to make shoes. Besides, the shoes I make don’t look good either.”

Zhao Jie laughed, "No matter how it looks, this prince will wear it every day."

Wei Luo looked at him in disbelief. He was a prince. Normally, his food, clothes, and other daily items were all very exquisite. Would he still be willing to wear it if she made him a pair of straw sandals? If Empress Chen saw that sight, she would probably think he was crazy.

Wei Luo wouldn’t agree, so he vigorously rubbed against her cheek.

Zhao Jie didn't sleep last night because of the hidden stockpile of weaponry in Xu Zhou's southern mountain. Then, because of Wei Luo's wedding dress, he contacted people from Xiu Chun this morning. He hadn't closed eyes until now and stubble had appeared on his chin. When it was rubbed against her face, it felt itchy and painful.

Wei Luo's face was as delicate as a peeled egg. How could she stand her face being rubbed like this? Wei Luo couldn't win against his strength or successfully avoid his chin. It hurt enough that tears appeared in her eyes. She said, "Fine, I'll make them for you... Stop rubbing. It really hurts."

Zhao Jie finally let her go and kissed her cheek once. "Darling is so obedient. In a few days, I'll have someone bring my shoe pattern to you. You just need to follow the pattern."

Wei Luo had been forced into giving in by him, so she was slightly unwilling to accept this. She blew out her cheeks, stood on her tiptoes, and bit down hard on his chin.


An hour had passed before they started to leave the private room.

Wei Luo's face could barely be considered normal. The redness on her face had mostly faded, but her uneasiness could still be seen. In contrast, Zhao Jie, who was standing behind her, had a smiling expression on his face as if he had satisfied his appetite for the young girl. Even though they hadn't gone to the last step, he had still used his hands and mouth to personally measure the size of her small peaches.

Her completely crystal-like skin was pure white and perfect. When he touched her skin, it was slippery and smooth. The only problem was that it was too fragile and made a person worry about breaking her if he wasn't careful enough.

At this time, with a blushing face, Wei Luo didn't even call him "big brother" when she pointed at his nose and said, "Don't follow me."

Standing at the doorway, Zhao Jie smiled and obediently nodded.

Wei Luo didn't want other people to see that she had come out of the same room as Zhao Jie. She took a step out of the room first, looked around, and immediately jerked her foot back into the room.

At the other end, two people had come out of a private room and were walking towards the staircase. Wei Luo had seen them before they saw her.

It was a man and a woman. The man was wearing a moon white muslin robe with sweet flag plant pattern and golden embroidery. He looked to be about forty years old with a scholarly bearing. When he smiled, it felt like a cleansing spring breeze. The middle-aged woman was wearing a top that was embroidered with passion flowers in song style with a round collar, a satin skirt with lotus stem pattern, and a cloak with a red-crowned crane and cloud pattern and a satin collar. In all details, she looked elegant and graceful with a dignified aura. When these two people were standing together, they seemed like a husband and a wife. Even from far away, they gave off a sense of transcending worldliness.

Wei Luo stood in place behind the door. The shyness in her eyes had faded and only indifference was left behind.

Zhao Jie stroked her head. "Why did you come back?"

Wei Luo didn't say anything. A moment later, she walked out of the room again. The couple had already walked down the stairs and was heading towards the entrance.

The two of them looked intimate and natural as if they were an old couple that had lived together for many years.

Standing behind the railing, Wei Luo quietly looked at their departing figures with an expressionless face.

Zhao Jie noticed that something was wrong, followed her line of sight, and let out a quiet inquisitive sound.

Next to the entrance of the inn, Wei Kun started walking inside. It seemed that he had already known about this place. After he collided into the two people, he blankly looked at them. His gaze landed on the woman for a moment before he immediately stared at the man next to her. After he came to a realization, the pain in his eyes was so apparent that even Wei Luo could see it from the second floor.

Wei Kun had previously ordered people to investigate this palace and knew that she was living here. After hesitating for a long time, he finally couldn't control himself and came here to look.

Seeing her now, he wished that he hadn't come.

Wei Kun looked at the woman in front of him and couldn’t say a complete sentence, "You... You came back.”

The woman slightly stiffened. A long time later, she finally nodded.

Wei Kun didn't know where to put his hands. He had a thousand words that he wanted to say to her, but when the words went to his mouth, he didn't know which words he should say. Wei Kun's gaze settled on the man next to her. After hesitating for a long time, he mustered up his courage and asked, "This person is…?"

"He's my husband, Fu Xing Yun." The woman's voice wasn't loud, but there weren't many customers in the inn, so Wei Luo could clearly hear her words even from the second floor. The woman paused and continued, "We're married."

Wei Kun's body trembled and his face suddenly became deathly pale. A long time later, he was barely able to change his complexion back to normal. He wanted to squeeze out a smile, but even after pulling at the corners of his mouth, he wasn't able to.

Wei Kun felt that someone was looking at them from upstairs, so he lifted his head up look and met Wei Luo's frosty gaze. Surprised, he said, "Ah Luo..."

Hearing these words, the woman also turned her head around in surprise to look upstairs.

Wei Luo secretly clenched her fist.

Wei Luo had seen her face in the painted scroll in Wei Kun's study. Wei Luo had met her twice. Once it was outside of Yu He and the other time was in Ci Temple's main hall. Wei Luo recognized her at first sight. This person was her mother, Jiang Miao Lan.

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