Chongfei Manual - Chapter 120.1

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Chapter 120.1

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Chapter: 120.1 out of 171

Wei Luo furrowed her eyebrows and asked in a stern voice, "Who's there?"

If it were Jin Lu or Bai Lan, their footsteps would be lighter. Moreover, they would call out her name before stepping closer. They wouldn't act so sneakily. It also couldn't be Liang Yu Rong. Wei Luo knew that once Liang Yu Rong was asleep, even thunder wouldn't be able to wake her up. This person's footsteps were steady. It was neither too fast nor too slow. If Wei Luo's ears weren't sensitive, she wouldn't have heard this sound.

Could there be someone else on this mountain other than the members of House Wei? Who else would have the freedom to be here?

Wei Luo stared at the red sandalwood divider that had a traditional painting of beautiful women in the cleansing room.

A shadow of a male figure appeared on the divider. The man stopped behind the divider and didn't continue walking forward. His voice was slightly hoarse, "It's me."

Wei Luo immediately froze in surprise.

Tian Chan Mountain was hundred of miles away from the capital. How did Zhao Jie come here? How did he know she was here and break into her cleansing room?

Wei Luo felt both shy and angry. She covered her chest and shouted, "Get out!"

There was a long pause before Zhao Jie said, "I'll just wait for you over here. Ah Luo, come out after you finish your bath."

Wei Luo stared at the divider with red eyes. She had never met such a shameless person. If he was standing there, how could she come out to put on her clothes? In addition, her clothes were hanging on the divider. The paintings of the beautiful women couldn't entirely block the views from each side. She would be exposing the silhouette of her figure to him. She wasn’t that thick-skinned. Wei Luo bit her lip, "Turn around."

Zhao Jie knew that he was moving forward too quickly and acting impudently. He obediently turned around. Actually, he wasn't thinking about doing anything outrageous. He just wanted to see her and talk with her. He hadn't expected that her alertness would be so high. She had immediately notice something was wrong just as he reached the back of the divider.

Although Zhao Jie had turned around, he could still hear the sounds behind himself.

When Wei Luo stood up from the water, there was the sound of falling water. The water drops slid down from her body like a winding stream in a valley that passed through peaks and ravines before loudly falling onto the polished white marble floor. Wei Luo felt apprehension because Zhao Jie was here. As she quickly put on her clothes, the golden chains on the dudou collided against each other

However, she was used to Jin Lu and Bai Lan helping her put on her clothes. As she became more anxious, her fingers became clumsier. Wei Luo fastened her peach-colored dudou embroidered with lotus flowers, then she covered herself with a magnolia-colored thin robe. Because the mountain temperature was cold, she also put on a pink outer robe embroidered with orchids. But, for some reason, no matter how many times she tried, she couldn't tie up the thin, inner robe.

She was so anxious that her pink lips were pressed tighter together. Her limpid, almond eyes started to become red and her hands were faintly trembling as her grip on the clothes tightened.

Zhao Jie waited for a long time behind the divider. He resisted turning his head around as he asked, "Ah Luo, are you done?"

Wei Luo murmured, "Not yet."

Zhao Jie realized her distress from those two words, "Do you not know how to put on your clothes?”

Separated by the divider, Wei Luo fiercely glared at Zhao Jie for a moment. What kind of words were these? How could he say those words so naturally? Did he think she was that stupid? Unfortunately, there was no way for Wei Luo to refute. Tightening her hold on the light silk belt, she said, "Tell Jin Lu or Bai Lan to come over here."

There was a trace of a smile on Zhao Jie's lips. "If the two of them came inside, then this this prince won't be able to talk with you." This was a refusal.

Wei Luo didn’t reply.

Looking forward, Zhao Jie said. "I can come inside to help you if you don't object."

Wei Luo lowered her head and looked at her clothes. Other than her thin, gauzy robe not being fastened, it was fine everywhere else, so she didn't refuse.

In a few steps, Zhao Jie walked past the divider and saw the young girl behind it. He stopped walking. His dark eyes became deeper. Wei Luo had recently come out of the bath. Her small cheeks were pink and lustrous from the steam. She looked as if she was faintly blushing. Her almond eyes were a glistening black as if a dense layer of mist covered them. Clearly, she was tempting people, yet her gaze looked innocent. It made people want to steal away her innocence even more.

Looking down, although her clothes were properly hanging on her body, her collar had slightly slid down during the processing of putting on clothes and the nape of her neck and the top of her chest was showing. Drops of water dripped down from her chin and slowly slid down into her dudou. She had just finished taking a bath and didn't have a time to dry off, so her clothes had become wet and clung to her body. The wet clothes outlined her exquisite and lovely body. The sight was more alluring than if she wasn't wearing clothes.

Wei Luo probably didn't know how enticing her current appearance was. Otherwise, she wouldn't have easily let Zhao Jie come inside.

Zhao Jie took a deep breath before walking forward to look. Very quickly, he figured out what was wrong. "Silly girl, you're wearing the clothes inside out."

Wei Luo lowered her head, carefully looked, and suddenly saw the light. "I knew there had to be a reason why I couldn't tie the belt correctly..." The thin, gauzy robe was inside out, so of course the silk belt would also be in the wrong position. No wonder, she couldn't fasten the belt correctly. On a normal day, she would have definitely figured this out by herself. But, she didn’t notice because she was feeling too shy and anxious because Zhao Jie was here.

Zhao Jie smiled as he looked at her, "Take off your robe so you can put it on again on the right side.”

Wei Luo blushed. She pushed him towards the outside. "I know what to do now. I'll do it by myself. You should go outside.”

She hadn't even settled the score of him breaking into her room!


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