Chongfei Manual - Chapter 122.1

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Chapter 122.1

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Chapter: 122.1 out of 171

Contrary to expectations, Wei Luo stayed composed during this time. Even though she hadn't seen Zhao Jie for so many days, she didn't feel like she was missing him that much. Actually, she did think about him, but there were too many things she had to prepare.

During the day, not only did she have to embroider pillows, bed sheets, and other bedding, she also had to learn how to manage the account books, the household, and other domestic duties with First Madam. She didn't have the free time to miss Zhao Jie. In the evening, she was busy conditioning her body with skincare treatments. A girl that was about to get married had to keep her entire body beautiful and fresh, including her hair and nails.

During the rare times that Wei Luo was free, she would spread herself out on a soft cushioned couch and have Jin Lu and Bai Lan massage her. As they massaged, she would gradually fall asleep. She didn't feel like the days had passed by quickly, but in the blink of an eye, it would soon be her and Zhao Jie's wedding day.

A daughter from Duke Ying's family was getting married and it was to the powerful and illustrious Prince Jing. Their wedding would naturally be exceedingly grand. From top to bottom, the residence was festively decorated. There were red silks hanging everywhere in celebration. The residence was full of joy and festivity. In the verandah, there were crimson octagonal lanterns hanging within three steps of each other and crimson paper cutouts wishing good luck and happiness pasted within five steps of each other. Even the osmanthus trees in the courtyards were covered with red silk ribbons. When the wind blew by, even the air seemed filled with jubilation.

Early in the morning, people from Prince Jing's residence delivered the wedding dress and shoes. Wei Luo tried on the clothing with Jin Lu and Bai Lan helping her. The clothing fitted well. When Wei Luo thought about how she would be married to Zhao Jie the day after tomorrow, her cheeks turned red. She took off the dress she had just put on and said to Jin Lu, "This is good enough. Put it away until the wedding day."

With a smile, Jin Lu said, "Miss, aren't you going to try on the wedding shoes? They looked very exquisite. There are even several fingernail-sized bright pearls sewn on the top. This servant has never seen such high-quality pearls. His Highness Prince Jing isn't giving you shoes. He’s giving you treasure.”

Wei Luo glanced at the shoes in Jin Lu's hands. They really were as exquisite and extravagant as Jin Lu said. Because Wei Luo's feet were small, these shoes were like an incomparably exquisite piece of art. It made her almost reluctant to wear it. "I won't try them... There probably won’t be anything wrong with the shoes made by Xiu Chun. I'll wear them on the wedding day."

The primary reason was that Wei Luo's toenails had just recently been dyed with a thin layer of balsamine mixture and it hadn't dried yet. She was worried about staining the shoes. Her feet were resting on a decoratively carved red sandalwood stool that was next to the couch. Her ten toenails had been dyed a delicate pink like the balsamine flower petals that would be blown through the window by the wind in summer. Plus, Wei Luo's smooth and plump toes were lovely and cute. Her white jade-like feet were lovable at first sight. Looking up, her delicate and slender ankles looked as if a gentle grasp could break them.

Even Bai Lan couldn't resist saying, "If this servant's feet was like Miss's, I definitely wouldn't be willing to use them to walk."

Jin Lu glanced at her, knocked her head, and said, "Don't be so talkative. Hurry up with dyeing Miss's fingernails too.”

(T/N: Here’s an informative blog post about how women used to color their nails before there was nail polish.) 

Wei Luo didn't like her nails to be too brightly colored, so her fingernails and toenails were only lightly tinted. Beeswax was also applied to protect the fingernails and make them glossier. Bai Lan earnestly finished dyeing Wei Luo's fingernails, then she held up a fan, and said, "Miss, if this servant was His Highness Prince Jing, I would definitely be unwilling to let Miss go outside in the future."

Wei Luo couldn't move her hands, so she could only look at Bai Lan. "Why?"

Bai Lan licked her lips. With a despondent expression, she said, "You're so attractive. Even letting someone see you for one second would feel like suffering a huge loss."

Wei Luo giggled. Her smiling face looked harmonious.

Bai Lan continued, "Young Master Song Hui suffered a huge loss by canceling his engagement with you. House Song must be regretting to death..."

Seeing that Wei Luo's expression looked off, Jin Lu hurriedly scolded Bai Lan and pushed her to the side, "Why are you saying these words? Miss is going to be Princess Consort Jing. How could House Song be compared to Prince Jing?"

Bai Lan just realized that she had said something wrong. She quickly lowered her head and said, "This servant was feeling too happy and lost my senses. Miss..."

Wei Luo's expression quickly returned to normal and she didn't rebuke her. "I'm hungry. Bring me a bowl of snow fungus, quail egg, and milk soup.”

Bai Lan respectfully withdrew from the room.

During this period of time, Wei Luo had deliberately not inquired about Count Zhong Yi's family's news. She didn't know how Song Hui had been recently. Wei Luo hadn't seen him since last autumn. She had only heard a few words from Count Zhong Yi's people when they came to pick up Du-shi. Coung Zhong Yi intended to arrange another marriage for Song Hui. The other party's family background and appearance wasn't bad. Song Hui would probably also be getting married soon too.

Wei Luo supported her cheeks with her hands as she thought. This was good. She would be able to feel less guilty towards him.

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