Chongfei Manual - Chapter 122.3

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Chapter 122.3

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Chapter: 122.3 out of 171

Wei Luo didn't return to her senses until Jin Lu stepped closer and called out, “Miss."

Wei Luo asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jin Luo leaned over and said, "To respond to Miss, Fourth Madam is here to see you."

Fourth Madam Qin-shi passed by the divider made of twelve red sandalwood pieces and came into the inner room. She said with a smile, "The servant girl called you several times before you responded. Ah Luo, what are you thinking about?"

Wei Luo hurriedly stood up, slipped into her satin embroidered shoes, walked forward, and said, "Fourth Aunt."

Qin-shi held her hand, lowered her head to glance at Wei Luo's exposed ankles, and helplessly said, "You're getting married tomorrow. Why are you still acting like an easily excitable child that hasn't grown up yet? How will Fourth Aunt be able to put down her worries?"

Wei Luo pulled Qin-shi's arm and led her to an arhat couch to sit down. "I just finished taking a bath. I heard that Fourth Aunt came and I was in a hurry to see you, so I momentarily forgot to follow etiquette. Fourth Aunt, don't laugh at me."

Qin-shi gently tapped her nose. Finding the situation funny, but also feeling helpless, she asked, "Oh, you. Did you think I didn’t know that you were daydreaming?"

Wei Luo smiled and didn't refute.

Qin-shi knew that she was feeling anxious before her wedding. All girls would experience this, so she didn't continue to tease her. Qin-shi started talking with Wei Luo about how she would need to support her husband and educate her children. Actually, Wei Luo’s aunts had already told her many things during the past several days. Qin-shi was only saying these words again right now to make her feel more at ease. Thinking that Wei Luo would have to wake up early tomorrow, Qin-shi decided to condense her words. Then, she told the servant girls in the room to withdraw, including Jin Lu and Bai Lan.

Wei Luo curiously asked, "Fourth Aunt, what do you want to say to me? Why are you acting so secretive?"

Qin-shi took out a small booklet from her sleeve and brought it to Wei Luo's hand. "There are some things that would be inconvenient for Fourth Aunt to directly teach you. But, you must learn about the things that happen between a husband and wife. This is the booklet that my mother gave me before I got married. You're like the daughter that I didn't have. Ah Luo, you have to remember. Fourth Aunt hopes that your married life will go smoothly and peacefully."

Wei Luo was very moved when she heard these words. With large, watery eyes, she called out, "Fourth Aunt." However, when she lowered her head, opened the booklet, and saw the contents, she unnaturally froze. Her face slowly turned unspeakably red. She almost couldn't resist throwing the book away. "Fourth Aunt, this is..."

Fourth Madam Qin-shi stroked her head and gently said, "Good child, don't be embarrassed. This booklet will be useful to you after you get married."

This booklet contained picture after picture of amorous scenes.

Fantastic and strange postures of every description were painted in explicit detail. Wei Luo only hurriedly glanced through the booklet before closing it. In her previous lifetime, she hadn't experience the things between men and women. After all, she had only married a dead person and naturally wouldn't need to know this. This was the first time she had to straightforwardly face the affectionate love between men and women, so was naturally feeling awkward. “I… Fourth Aunt, thank you. I’ll definitely look at this.”

Seeing her bashfulness, Qin-shi said with a smile, "Good, but don't stay up too late looking at this. Go to sleep early. You'll have to wake up early tomorrow to go through facial threading and dress up."

Wei Luo opened and closed her mouth, but she couldn't say a word. Of course, she wouldn't stay up too late to look at these pictures! This booklet wasn't anything good!

After Qin-shi was sent off, Wei Luo sat back down on the couch. She held the booklet as if it was a hot potato. She felt embarrassed, but when all was said and done, she really wanted to look. She curiously flipped through a few pages. The locations seemed to get stranger and stranger. On the bed, on the study table, on the floor, and even on the back of a horse... The more Wei Luo look, the redder her small face became. Her heart rate increased. Would she really be doing these things with Zhao Jie?

Fourth Aunt had said she would be using all of the things in this booklet. She could accept doing it in on a bed or a table, but she didn't want to do it on a horseback or behind a fake mountain in the courtyard.

Wei Luo closed the booklet. Feeling as if she was doing something shameful, she quietly walked on her tiptoes to the chest used to store her clothes and securely hid the booklet at the bottom of the chest. After doing this, Wei Luo called Jin Lu and Bai Lan inside to help her change her clothes and get ready for bed. She lied down on the red sandalwood bed and stared at the curtain above her head. With her mind full of unhealthy thoughts, she gradually fell asleep.

Tonight was Bai Lan's turn for night duty. Bai Lan was sleeping nearby on the couch in the outer room.

Shortly after the candles were blown out, a figure appeared next to Wei Luo's bed.

Zhao Jie lifted up the bed curtain embellished with beautiful, golden embroidery. There was only one oil lamp left lit in the inner room. The lamp seemed as small as a bean and could barely illuminate the person on the bed. He hadn't seen her in half a year. There didn't seem to be any yearning on her face. Instead, it seemed even more rosy and cute. It was so lovely and glossy that people would feel moved just looking at it. She had probably been living very well. He stood next to her bed for a long time, but she stayed deeply asleep and didn't notice his presence at all.

Zhao Jie suddenly felt ridiculous. Sitting on the bedside, he gently stroked her slightly opened lips with his thumb. During this time, he had been busy with government affairs because he wanted to finish everything, so that he would have more time with her after the wedding. It was only by being busy that he could distract his mind and not think about her every moment. Even so, there were still times that he couldn't help wanting to see her. But, when he sent messages to her, she would pretend that she didn't see them and have him suffer as he waited in Ci Temple for her.

Zhao Jie squeezed her little nose, "Little heartless one, don't you miss me?"

Wei Luo couldn't breath because he was squeezing her nose, so she subconsciously opened her mouth wider. In the next moment, he leaned down and sucked her tongue.

Wei Luo quietly whimpered and furrowed her eyebrows.

Content with his half-hearted attempt, he quickly let go and didn't wake her up.

Thinking about how he would be busy dealing with guests the entire day tomorrow, Zhao Jie only sat here briefly before leaving. But, after leaving, he kept thinking, did Wei Luo eat osmanthus and orchid flowers at night? Why did her mouth smell so sweet?

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