Chongfei Manual - Chapter 124.2

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Chapter 124.2

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Chapter: 124.2 out of 171

Wei Luo had curled herself into a ball. Her small, soft, rosy face was buried in the pillow as she comfortably slept. Her nose gently moved. It seemed that she was deeply asleep.

Zhao Jie almost couldn’t bear to wake her up. He had truly not shown moderation last night and had even bitten her two times. It had clearly been her first time. She had been so delicate and tender. However, he really couldn't control himself at the time. She had been in his arms after he had thought about her and missed her for so long. He had finally obtained her. He couldn’t act like Liu Xia Hui and hold his bride on his wedding night without his thoughts becoming messy.

Zhao Jie scratched Wei Luo's nose and gently called out, "Little fellow, wake up."

Wei Luo slowly opened her sleepy eyes. Because of their previous conversation, she wasn't as as wary of Zhao Jie. She stretched her arms out and subconsciously wrapped them around his neck. She wiggled in his embrace and mumbled, "Oh, sleepy…”

Zhao Jie smiled and brought a green glazed porcelain cup to her lips, "Drink some water. We'll have to go to the palace soon. You can't continue to sleep right now. You can sleep as long as you want once we come back from the palace."

After Wei Luo finished drinking the cup of water from his hand, she returned to her original position. As soon as she thought of the reason for why her body was tired and sleepy, she angrily bit Zhao Jie's neck, "This is your fault."

Zhao Jie wasn't the slightest bit annoyed. He rubbed her head and went along with her words, "En, everything is my fault."

He was so honest about acknowledging his mistakes that Wei Luo didn't feel comfortable with continuing to blame him. It would make her seem too unreasonable. Wei Luo tilted her head and said with a raspy voice, "Go and call Jin Lu and Bai Lan inside. I want to put on clothes."

Zhao Jie compliantly summoned Jin Lu and Bai Lan to the room.

Jin Lu and Bai Lan had already been standing outside for a long time, but they didn't dare to come inside without permission, especially Jin Lu. She was afraid of seeing an embarrassing scene like the one from last night. The two of them walked inside. One person was holding a copper basin and a towel. The other person was carrying clothes.

Zhao Jie said, "Put the clothes down on the bed. You can both leave."

Hearing his words, Jin Lu and Bai Lan lifted up their heads in surprise.

Even Wei Luo felt puzzled.

Zhao Jie repeated, "Leave."

Even though Jin Lu and Bai Lan felt confused, they could only retreated from the inner room.

Wei Luo burrowed out from the quilt. She angrily huffed, "Why did you tell them to leave? Who will help me put on clothes?" She wouldn't be able to properly put on her clothes with her current strength.

Just after these words were said, Wei Luo was faced with Zhao Jie's phoenix eyes that seemed like they were smiling. She froze for a moment. A bad premonition suddenly appeared in her mind.

Sure enough, Zhao Jie gently lifted her dark hair. "Did you forget? At Tian Chan Mountain, this prince said he would help you dress every day after we got married."

Wei Luo really wanted to kick him. Unfortunately, she didn't have the strength to move her leg. Feeling angry, annoyed, and anxious, she refused, "No! Who wants your help?"

However, she was currently physically exhausted from being tossed around by Zhao Jie and couldn't match his energy. After only resisting for a short period of time, she was already so tired that she was panting. In the end, she could only let Zhao Jie dress her. At first, Zhao Jie's actions looked correct so Wei Luo thought he was very skillful. However, he seemed to be unfamiliar with a woman's clothing and groped around for a long time before he finished dressing Wei Luo.

After Wei Luo was finished dressing, Jin Lu and Bai Lan came inside to serve her with washing her face, rinsing her mouth, and brushing her hair. Wei Luo felt as if she had lost all of her dignity in front of her servant girls. She could only keep her gaze down and look at her nose. She pretended that they didn't know what had happened as they helped her get ready.

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Wei Luo was sitting at a round red sandalwood table decoratively carved with clouds. Just as she picked up her chopsticks and was about to start eating, a thought suddenly flashed through her mind. She turned her head and asked Zhao Jie, "Were you lying to me?"

Zhao Jie supported his chin with his hand and looked at her. "What was I lying about?”

Wei Luo angrily pointed at his nose. She finally responded with words, "At the hot spring villa, you were able to tell what was wrong with my clothes in a single glance. Why were you suddenly unable to help me put on my clothes?"

Zhao Jie actually didn't show the slightest sign of shame on his face. He rubbed his nose and said, "I suddenly forgot."

Really, Wei Luo had never seen such a shameless person. She had already endured with him touching her body everywhere, but her bare body had been exposed to the air for so long because of him! Why was his heart so wicked? Feeling wronged, Wei Luo put down her chopsticks and said, "I don't want to eat anymore."

Zhao Jie sent away the two servant girls, fawningly carried her onto his leg, and smiled as he kissed her cheek. "How can you skip a meal? You'll have to meet with many people later when we go to the palace. We won't be able to return until late in the evening. I’ll feel bad if my treasure feels hungry."

Wei Luo lifted her head up and glared at him, "I can't lift my hand. It feels sore."

Zhao Jie said, "I'll feed you." Then, he picked up the bowl of crab and tofu congee, scooped up a spoonful, and brought it to Wei Luo's lips.

Wei Luo didn't act willful. She was really hungry, so she let him feed her a bowl of congee, a cake shaped like a mini pumpkin and made from Chinese melon, and two flaky lily-shaped pastries with meat and pine nut filling. She also had several bites from other small side dishes until her stomach became perfectly round.

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