Chongfei Manual - Chapter 126.1

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Chapter 126.1

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Chapter: 126.1 out of 171

Feeling mortified and angry, Wei Luo questioned him, "Why did you go through my trunk?"

Zhao Jie had one hand around her waist. It didn't look like he was using much strength, but she wasn't able to struggle free. He laughed and said, "Your servant girl forgot to close the trunk when she came inside to get your clothes, so this prince incidentally looked through it. I didn't expect to see this booklet."

Wei Luo was speechless. She had forgotten to bring her clothes when she went to the cleansing room and had indeed told Bai Lan to bring her clothes. She didn't expect that Bai Lan would thoughtlessly cause this careless mistake! She definitely had to properly settle the score with Bai Lan later. Just as she was about to stand up from Zhao Jie's lap, he pressed her down again. She turned her head to look at Zhao Jie. He looked as if he was waiting for an explanation. She could only purse her lips and uneasily say, "Fourth aunt gave me this. I only looked at two pages."

Zhao Jie's eyebrow was slightly raised, but he didn't didn't let her go. "Which two pages?"

Wei Luo turned her head. She didn't want to have an extensive conversation about this topic with him.

Zhao Jie placed the booklet on the small vermillion-lacquered table decoratively carved with spirals that was in front of them. He pointed at one page and asked, "Is it this page?"

Wei Luo didn't even look at it. Without regard to his preceding words, she said, “The clothes that I'm going to wear tomorrow haven’t been infused with incense yet. I'm going to call Jin Lu inside."

Zhao Jie didn't move. His arm was like an iron clamp. "That's not urgent. You can have the clothes infused with incense tomorrow morning. Even if they aren’t infused with incense, your body already smells good." He flipped to another page, pointed at the two people on the page, and said, "Ah Luo, look. Isn't this what we did last night?"

Wei Luo's cheeks were burning red. She hurriedly covered the page with both of her hands." You're not allowed to look."

Zhao Jie's laugher traveled to her ear. He asked, "Let's try "an old tree is deep-rooted" tonight, okay?"

(T/N: “An old tree is deep-rooted” is a variation of cowgirl position. No pictures this time. But if you’re really curious, you can Google this NSFW image老樹盤根.)

Wei Luo didn't clearly understand this position. But, it sounded very dirty just from the description. Her head shook like a rattle drum, "Don’t want to..."

Zhao Jie gently bit her ear and coaxingly said, "How about looking at this book with me? I'll spare you tonight if you do."

Wei Luo didn't believe him. She doubtfully asked, "Really?"

Zhao Jie nodded and seemed very sincere as he said, "Really."

Wei Luo skeptically looked at him. He didn't seem as if he was lying. She weighed her options back and forth before hesitantly nodding, "Then... okay." After all she hadn't fully recovered yet. That area was slightly sore. If it meant that she could rest for one night, she could close her eyes and accompany him as he looked through this booklet.

Unfortunately, Zhao Jie seemed to have seen through her thoughts. He held her chin with his thumb and forefinger and said, "You're not allowed to close your eyes. If I find out that you closed your eyes, my earlier words won't count."

Feeling aggravated, Wei Luo said, "You..."

Zhao Jie smiled, "Ah Luo, this is a very fair exchange."

Wei Luo helplessly flattened her lips, "Fine.”

Zhao Jie closed the book, flipped to the first page again, and looked at the picture with her. As he looked, he explained, "This is called "Cranes Intersecting." This is what we did last night...."

The more that Wei Luo listened, the more her ears turned red. She had originally thought they could quickly finish looking through this booklet. She hadn't expected that he would explain everything in detail. Even if she closed her eyes, she could still hear his voice. In the end, Wei Luo really couldn't continue listening. She raised her head, covered his mouth by nibbling on his lips, then she pleaded, "Don't say anymore. Let's turn to the next page."

Zhao Jie's laughter spilled out. He seemed to really enjoy that she took the initiative.

When they had looked through half of the book, it was nightfall. The sky was already completely black outside. There were a few wooden lanterns carved with dragons, phoenixes, and good fortune characters that were hanging in the verandah. Their faint light passed through the paper windows and fell onto the couch that was nearest to the southern window. A man was holding a delicate pretty girl. His large hand went inside her light, loose silk top. He sucked on her lip and asked, "Do you want to keep looking?”

Wei Luo simply wanted to cry. She firmly shook her head, "No.”

How could she have known that there would be many riding positions?! After almost an hour, they had only gone through half of the booklet. She was almost completely brainwashed by Zhao Jie. Her mind was full of dirty thoughts. Once Zhao Jie had fallen asleep, she would definitely take the opportunity to burn this book tonight!

Zhao Jie paused and said, "We can stop looking. Let's try "an old tree is deep-rooted" then."

Wei Luo asked in shock, "Didn't you say that you would spare me..."

Zhao Jie shamelessly said, "You haven't finished looking through this booklet with me, so those words naturally don't count."

Wei Luo straightened her body, angrily pushed him down onto the couch, and furiously said, "Zhao Jie, don't go too far!"

This was the first time she fumed with rage and called him by his name. Even a rabbit would bite people if it felt distressed. Besides, Wei Luo wasn't an agreeable rabbit to begin with. She was a sly and devious little fox.

Zhao Jie laughed loudly. He held her hand and said, "Ah Luo, didn't you know that all's fair in love and war?"

Wei Luo honestly said, "I've heard of this phrase, but I've never seen someone act as devious as you."

That night, Zhao Jie guided Wei Luo to try "An old tree is deep-rooted".

When Wei Luo woke up the next morning, her waist felt sore and her back ached. Zhao Jie's shoulders were covered in her bite marks.

During the following day, Wei Luo was forced by Zhao Jie to try the various positions in that booklet. She wouldn't quibble with him over doing this at nighttime, but he wouldn't even let her off during the daytime. He wanted to be with her at all times.

Wei Luo didn't dare to directly look the servants in their eyes during this time. She was afraid of seeing hints of mocking and teasing in their eyes. She had complained about this matter to Zhao Jie several times. Every time, Zhao Jie would say he would show more restraint in the future. But once they were on the bed, none of his words were valid.

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