Chongfei Manual - Chapter 126.2

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Chapter 126.2

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Chapter: 126.2 out of 171

Wei Luo was lying on a cotton-padded pillow that was embroidered with joyful magpies. It was third day after the wedding and she was on her way to Duke Ying's residence. She said to Jin Lu and Bai Lan, who were currently massaging her, "Go down a bit. Ah, my waist..."

Jin Lu and Bai Lan obediently moved down. One massaged her waist and the other one rubbed her legs with just the right amount of force.

She wouldn't have asked them to massage her waist and rub her legs if she didn't have to go Duke Ying's residence today. It was too humiliating. She felt as if her accumulated dignity from the past years had completely disappeared. It was totally Zhao Jie's fault for not knowing restraint... Wei Luo turned her head and fiercely glared at Zhao Jie. Yet, Zhao Jie was thick-skinned. Not feeling bothered by her action, he stroked her head, "If you're tired, we won't stay at Duke Ying's residence for long. We can go home earlier and leave before lunch time."

Actually, Zhao Jie was already controlling himself quite a bit. He had taken into consideration that Wei Luo would have to return to her father's home today and didn't want tire her out, so they had only done it once last night. However, Wei Luo was too delicate. She was too tired from the last two days and was very slow in returning to normal. It wasn't strange that Zhao Jie couldn't control himself. He was at the age where his sexual appetite was as fierce as tigers and wolves. Having obtained the girl that he liked, how could he act like Liu Xia Hui?

(T/N: Liu Xia Hui was ancient politician known for his eminent virtue.)

When they arrived at Duke Ying's residence, Zhao Jie helped Wei Luo out of the carriage. Duke Ying and old madame led their household to the entrance to welcome them, "Greetings Your Highnesses."

Wei Luo wouldn't accept their salute. She hurriedly walked forward to help them stand, "Grandfather, grandmother, please rise." Then, she turned around and greeted Wei Kun, "Daddy."

Zhao Jie was also very proper. He courteously addressed Wei Kun, "Father-in-law."

Wei Kun nodded. He moved to the side to welcome them into the residence.

After they had arrived at the main room and talked with the other members of House Wei, Wei Luo went with the other madams to the reception pavilion.

Fourth madam Qin-shi still couldn't put down her worries. She held Wei Luo's hand and asked, "Ah Luo, is His Highness Princess Jing treating you well?"

Other than always bullying her on the bed, Zhao Jie treated her very well in every other aspect. So, she nodded and said, "Fourth aunt, don't worry. He treats me very well."

Qin-shi always thought of Zhao Jie as a cruel and tyrannical person and worried that Wei Luo would be mistreated after she married him, so she said, "If Prince Jing mistreats you, tell fourth aunt. Although fourth aunt can't help you with much, I won’t stand by and do nothing if you're being mistreated."

Wei Luo felt very moved. She nodded and said, "Okay."

Then, first madam and second madam asked a few questions to show concern. Wei Luo answered them one by one. Wei Ya's temperament had greatly changed after her mother was sent off to a temple. She was much more relaxed and easygoing. She also asked Wei Luo a few questions like how to take care of her skin and hair or ingenious methods for dressing up. Wei Luo's wasn't a petty person, so she gave Wei Ya some tips. Wei Ya was smiling as she thanked Wei Luo.

First madam and second madam left the reception pavilion first around lunchtime. Wei Luo stopped fourth madam as she was about leave. Wei Luo stammered out, "Fourth aunt, I have something I want to ask you."

Qin-shi sat down on the couch again, "What's the matter? Go ahead and say it."

Wei Luo hesitated for a long time before she slowly told Qin-shi about the bedroom matter and asked her if there was a way to reduce the number of times.

She didn't expect that Qin-shi would let out a sigh in relief and smile after hearing her words. Qin-shi said, "You look so solemn before. I though Zhao Jie was maltreating you. Silly child, that man wants to do those things with you because he likes you and cares about you..." Then, she paused before adding, "But, since you're feeling troubled over this, fourth aunt does have a method."

Then, she leaned over and whispered into Wei Luo's ear.

As Wei Luo listened, she lowered her small face as her cheeks gradually became red.

Wei Luo’s face was still red when they walked out of the reception pavilion.

The meals in Duke Ying’s household weren’t formal. Although the men and women sat separately, the room wasn't partitioned in the center by a divider. The women could see the men enjoying themselves with drinking on one side and the men could seen the women cheerfully talking and joking around on the other side.

Zhao Jie glanced towards Wei Luo. Her head was hanging down and she seemed completely focused with eating the food in front of her. She would occasionally say a few words with fourth madam and Wei Ya, but she didn't raise her head to look at him.

Zhao Jie looked away. As he held a wine cup, he wondered what her aunts had told her to make her face unspeakably red.

Duke Ying and Wei Kun were in a very good mood. Duke Ying ordered the servants to bring out shao xing wine that been aged for many years. He unsealed the jar and poured Zhao Jie the first cup. Zhao Jie couldn't refuse, so he toasted Duke Ying and Wei Kun. Once this began, it wouldn't be easy to conclude this lunch. In a short amount of time, Zhao Jie drank a lot of wine. He fortunately had a good alcohol tolerance. Other than his head feeling slightly heavy, he was still clear-headed.

After lunch, Zhao Jie and Wei Luo decided to not stay for long and prepared to leave.

The group of people walked with them to the entrance to send them off.

Wei Chang Hong heard that Wei Luo and Zhao Jie weren't returning to Prince Jing's residence right away. They were going to West Street's Xiang Man to buy spices. While holding a horse's reins, he said, "I want to go to West Street too. Let's go there together."

Hearing his words, Zhao Jie silently glanced at him before turning around and entering the carriage.

Wei Luo naturally didn't disagree, "Great, it'll be nice to have another person come along."

Chang Hong nodded and mounted the horse.

Wei Luo also turned around and went inside the carriage.

The carriage slowly moved forward and left Duke Ying's residence.

Zhao Jie didn't like to speak much after drinking. He held Wei Luo and closed his eyes. Just when Wei Luo thought he had fallen asleep, he suddenly asked, "What did Fourth Madam say to you today?”

Wei Luo didn't have enough time to coherently respond, "What?"

Zhao Jie held her hand and gently rubbed her fingernails, "What did she tell you in the reception pavilion before lunch?"

Wei Luo recalled the method that fourth madam had taught her and immediately stiffened. She flatly denied, "Nothing much. Fourth aunt asked me if I was living well and whether or not I was being mistreated. Fourth aunt is very worried because of you..."

Zhao Jie chuckled, "What was your response?"

Wei Luo deliberated the word she would say. "I said..."

Before she could finish speaking, the carriage suddenly shook before abruptly stopping.

Zhao Jie raised his eyes and asked, "What happened?"

The carriage driver's voice traveled inside, "To respond to Your Highness, our carriage collided with another carriage because there’s a group of people blocking the road. They’re waiting for the congee that Great Yin Temple is currently giving out."

Great Yin Temple gave out congee at the front of their temple every month. At this time of the month, there would be many hungry refugees stepping forward to beg for congee, which caused this road to be congested.

They wouldn't need to take this path if they were returning to Prince Jing's residence. But since Wei Luo wanted to buy spices at Xiang Man, they had to pass through here. They hadn't expected that today would be the day that Great Yin Temple was giving out congee. A moment of carelessness by the driver had led to their carriage colliding into another carriage.

Hearing his words, Wei Luo wiggled out from Zhao Jie's arms and lifted up the curtain to look outside. There was a long, messy line of people in the street across from them. The scene was very disorderly.

Just as Wei Luo was going to say to Zhao Jie that they could buy the spices on another day, her line of sight changed and she saw the people on the other carriage. The smile on her mouth froze.

It was Jiang Miao Lan and Fu Xing Yun.

Chang Hong caught up to their carriage at this moment and asked, "Ah Luo, what happened?"

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