Chongfei Manual - Chapter 127.1

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Chapter 127.1

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Chapter: 127.1 out of 171

At the same time Wei Chang Hong was asking his question, he also saw the two people across from them.

Fu Xing Yun had been coming to Duke Ying's residence to treat Wei Chang Yin's leg every few days, so the people in Duke Ying's household all recognized him. Wei Chang Hong had also seen him a few times, so he didn't feel that he was a stranger when he saw him right now. Wei Chang Hong looked at the woman next to Fu Xing Yun. The woman was wearing a white silk robe with an autumn-color outer robe embroidered with a pattern of flowers and cranes. Standing on the shaft of the carriage, she was beautiful in every aspect. Although she was middle-aged, her elegant bearing and charm still remained.

Wei Chang Hong tightened his grip on the reins and stopped on the roadside.

As Wei Chang Hong was scrutinizing Jiang Miao Lan, Jiang Miao Lan was also looking at him and Wei Luo. Wei Chang Hong was wearing a pale purple robe embroidered with good luck symbols, a brightly colored belt, and black boots. His posture was very straight as he sat on the jujube red horse. His body was tall and thin like a pine tree.

Next to him, Wei Luo was wearing a bright red crepe top and white gauzy skirt. Her hair was arranged in a ling yun hairstyle with a tong tian hair accessory and a pair of flower and leaf hairpins. The four-petal flowers were exceptionally elaborate and beautiful. Wei Luo's majestic style of dress created a feeling of absolute confidence and authority. A very noble and precious aura surrounded her.

(T/N: Below is a picture of tong tian hair accessory with a flower hairpin on each side.)

Unfortunately, Wei Luo's eyes were cold without the slightest hint of friendly regard. It was so cold that it was painful to look at.

Wei Luo lifted her lips and said to Wei Chang Hong, "It's nothing. The carriage collided with another carriage."

She said to the driver, "Since it's nothing, let's continue going forward."

Wei Chang Hong was staring blankly at first, but he quickly returned to normal. He nodded and said, "There's an alternative path. Although it'll take longer to get to West Street, it'll avoid Great Yin Temple. I'll go in front to lead the way."

Wei Luo nodded her head and agreed. She turned her head and ordered the driver to follow Wei Chang Hong, then she bent down to enter the carriage.

Their behavior was outrageously calm as if the person across from them was an insignificant passerby instead of their mother.

Actually, there wasn't any difference between Jiang Miao Lan and a passerby in their hearts. She had escaped to far away places during the past several years and didn't show slightest bit concern about them. She had never fulfilled the duties of a mother. Even House Wei's fourth madam had done more for them than her. Right now, on what basis should Wei Luo and Wei Chang Hong accept her?

Jiang Miao Lan also understood this point. In addition, when she thought of the words that Wei Luo had said to her, she didn't have to the face to call out to these two siblings. She only blankly stood in front of the carriage.

Fu Xing Yun held her hand and said towards the carriage across from them. "Fourth Miss, Sixth Young Master, please stay for a moment."

Wei Chang Hong rode the horse to their side. He slanted his head to glance at them and asked, "What do you wish to say?"

Fu Xing Yun said, "This humble servant discovered a small problem when I went to treat First Young Master's leg yesterday. Would the two of you be willing to go to Fei Cui with me so we can discuss the matter without rushing?”

Wei Chang Hong looked at him silently. How could he not know what Fu Xing Yun was planning? "Since Doctor Fu discovered the problem yesterday, why didn't you say it then?"

Fu Xing Yin said with a smile, "This humble servant was negligent and forgot to tell First Madam before leaving."

The carriage's curtain opened from inside and Wei Luo's scowling face was revealed. "For a doctor to forget something like this, don't you feel embarrassed to call yourself a brilliant doctor with praiseworthy medical skills? How can your patients endure this? Where's your medical ethics?"

Fu Xing Yun froze for a moment. He hadn't expected that Wei Luo would rebuke him with such an impatient and angry expression. A short while later, he humbly lowered his head and said, "Fourth Miss's lecture was absolutely right."

Although this young girl looked delicate, pampered, and naive, her words were clever and eloquent. Fu Xing Yun could only feel ashamed after hearing her words.

Wei Luo didn't want to waste energy and time talking to him, so she bluntly asked, "What's wrong with my oldest cousin's leg? Just say your words here."

Fu Xing Yun looked at her, "Since Fourth Miss is speaking so frankly, I won't beat around the bushes. I just wanted to ask Miss and Young Master to go with me to Fei Cui to talk. The words that have to be said, it would be best to clearly explain everything in person." His words had a double meaning. Not only did it include himself, it also alluded to the matter between Wei Luo, Chang Hong, and Jiang Miao Lan.

Wei Luo furrowed her eyebrows.

She didn't immediately reply. Fu Xing Yun and Jiang Miao Lan looked at her as if her next words would determine if they lived or died.

A short while later, a smooth voice traveled out from inside the carriage. "Since it's like that, then please lead the way."

Zhao Jie was sitting across from Wei Luo. He was wearing a red robe with a twin lion pattern. The collar of his robe was embroidered with a flowering lotus vine pattern. There was a jade accessory attached to his belt. He was lazily leaning against the carriage's wall. His expression was lax and his phoenix eyes were slightly closed. When a request was said from his mouth, it was as if other people weren't allowed to have a say in the matter. Zhao Jie slowly opened his eyes. His unfathomable dark eyes stared at Fu Xing Yun, then he looked at Jiang Miao Lan before saying, "Doctor Fu is right. Some things must be clearly said."

Jiang Miao Lan only knew that Wei Luo had married a prince and this prince was nine years older than Wei Luo. From the current sight, it was probably this person. Jiang Miao Lan didn't know anything about the relationship between Wei Luo and Zhao Jie. She only knew that the public's perception of Zhao Jie wasn't good, so she had been very concerned for Wei Luo.

Fu Xing Yun cupped his hands to greet Zhao Jie, then he ordered the driver to lead the way.

Wei Luo put down the carriage's curtain and asked Zhao Jie, "Why did you agree to his request?"

Zhao Qie leaned forward, took hold of the hand at her side, and smoothly brought Wei Luo into his arms. He buried his face in the nook between her neck and shoulder, breathed in her lovely scent, and said, "This prince wants to resolve the issue that heavily weighs on your mind."

Wei Luo froze for a moment and became silent.

She had forgotten. Zhao Jie knew about Jiang Miao Lan. Zhao Jie had been with her when Jiang Miao Lan and Fu Xing Yun had appeared at the inn next to Xiu Chun last time.

At that time, Jiang Miao Lan had rushed out in the rain and said to her, "Sweetie, I'm your mother." Zhao Jie had probably also heard her words. At that time, her heart didn't feel angry. She only thought that her words were laughable. She found it ridiculous that Jiang Miao Lan had the courage to call herself "mother."

Wei Luo held Zhao Jie's hand as her slender white jade-like fingers traced the lines on his palm. "Big brother, I don't need a mother anymore." Her words were very calm. There wasn't anger or resentment as she said, "I have you, Chang Hong, daddy, and fourth aunt... I don't need her."

Zhao Jie closed his hand around her small hand and separated her fingers so that their fingers were intertwined. "Then clearly tell her your feelings. Ah Luo, running away isn't a solution. You can only let go of this matter by talking things though. Since you married me, I don't want you to worry about other things." Then, Zhao Jie lightly tapped her forehead with his fingers, "Your little melon brain can only think about your husband."

Wei Luo caught his hand and said, "So, this was your motive. I was wondering why you were so proactive."

Zhao Jie chuckled and didn't refute her words.

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