Chongfei Manual - Chapter 127.2

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Chapter 127.2

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Chapter: 127.2 out of 171

They soon arrived at Fei Cui. Fu Xing Yun arranged a private room and led the group of people to the second floor. After sitting down inside the private room, Wei Luo's first words were to Fu Xing Yun, "Doctor Fu, you said there was something wrong with my oldest cousin's leg. What's the problem?"

Wei Chang Yin was her oldest cousin and was inextricably linked with Liang Yu Rong. She had to be concerned about this issue.

Fu Xing Yun poured cups of tai ping hou kui tea (a famous type of green tea from Tai Ping County) for everyone. He sheepishly laughed and said, "It's not a serious matter. As your esteemed older cousin’s muscles heal, he'll definitely feel itchiness and soreness. He just needs to endure this until it passes.”

It was just this? Wei Luo looked at him and truly felt as if she had been cheated.

But, since she had already come here, she would do as Zhao Jie had said. She and Chang Hong would only be able to let go of this matter if they openly discussed and understood exactly what had happened back then.

Wei Luo considered for a moment, then she said to Jiang Miao Lan. "I want to know what happened back then." She paused for a moment, then she added, "after you gave birth to me and Chang Hong."

Jiang Miao Lan didn't except that Wei Luo would take the initiate to speak with her. Her hand that was holding the blue-glazed porcelain cup trembled for a moment.

In the time it would take to finish a round of tea, Jiang Miao Lan finished narrating what had happened back then. There weren’t any changes on Wei Luo and Chang Hong's faces. Their faces were as calm as tranquil waters without even the slight trace of a ripple. It was if she had thrown a stone into a bottomless pond. After the initial sound of the stone hitting the water, there weren’t any traces of the stone left.

Wei Luo slightly closed her eyes and emptily asked, "Then, why did you come back now?"

Jiang Miao Lan said, "Wu Rong's emperor became ill on the way to Da Liang. He happened to meet Xing Yun and me. Xing Yun treated Wu Rong's emperor's illness on the way to the capital... I didn't expect to see the two of you so soon."

Wei Luo sneered. She didn't show any mercy as she asked, "Did you really expect to not see us? Chang Hong and I live in Duke Ying's household. Since you came to the capital, how could it be possible that you wouldn't meet us?"

Jiang Miao was speechless.

Wei Luo finished drinking the tea and lowered her eyes as she asked Chang Hong, "I finished asking the things that I wanted. Chang Hong, is there something that you want to ask?"

Wei Chang Hong said, "No."

As a result, Wei Luo stood up and said to Jiang Miao Lan, "Let the past be the past. Since you abandoned us, we'll act as if we don't have you as a mother. You should also pretend that you had never given birth to us. Neither of us owes anything to the other. Don't appear in front of us again."

Jiang Miao Lan's pupils dilated. She hurriedly stood up and grabbed Wei Luo's hand, "Sweetie, I know I wronged you. Back then, my actions were wrong. I'm not requesting for your forgiveness..." Then, she swallowed and said, "Could you please not draw a line between us so quickly? I want to make things up to you. It's entirely my fault. I..."

"Not only were you wrong, you're also very stupid." Wei Luo coldly took her hand back and ruthlessly said, "Back then, Du-shi and third aunt had worked together to deceive you. You easily believed everything they said. You only thought about leaving everything behind. Did you think about me and Chang Hong?"

Wei Luo asked her, "What's the use in compensating us now? Where were you when Du-shi almost sold me off into slavery? Where were you when third aunt almost killed me by poison? Where were you when someone pushed Chang Hong into a lake?”

Jiang Miao Lan's face turned pale. Her lips trembled, "What..."

Wei Luo paused. Soon after, her large eyes curved into a faint smile and she said in a sweet tone, "For me and Chang Hong to be able to live until now, it has nothing to do with you. You want to compensate us, but it's already too late. I don't want a mother like you. Chang Hong doesn't want you either. Since you were able to heartlessly abandon us back then, then you don't need to insincerely return to us now. From now on, we'll act as if we had never seen you. Don't bother us again."

Wei Luo's words were a tremendous shock to Jiang Miao Lan. Jiang Miao Lan staggered, "Sweetie, I'm sorry..."

"No need for apologies." Wei Luo had said everything that she wanted to say. There was no reason for her to continue staying here. "Don't cry either. I won't feel sorry for you."

Wei Luo leaned over, pulled Zhao Jie's hand, and started to lead him out of the private room. When she reached the entrance, she suddenly stopped, turned around, and said, "But there is something I should thank you for. Thank you for giving birth to Chang Hong and me. This is probably the best thing that you've done."

Then, she pushed open the door and left the private room.

Wei Chang Hong didn't linger either. He left the room shortly after Wei Luo.

Jiang Miao Lan held her face and cried until she almost lost her voice.


Wei Luo and Zhao Jie didn't immediately return home. Instead, they went to another street to buy spices and dried herbs at Xiang Man.

It would be winter soon and there would be an unpleasant odor from burning charcoal inside in winter. They could only use the smell of spices and dried herbs to conceal this odor. Other than masking the smell of charcoal, the spices could also be used to scent clothing.

Standing inside the store, Wei Luo selected ling ling xiang (similar to basil), nard, Indian sandalwood, agarwood, fennel, and a mixture of borneol and musk. She bought two hundred fifty grams of each item. She was still lost in her thoughts when the shopkeeper finished wrapping up the items for her.

The shopkeeper called out, "Madam?"

Wei Luo didn't respond.

Zhao Jie accepted the bundle for her. He paid the shopkeeper and led her out of the spice store.

"Ah Luo, pay attention." Zhao Jie stopped at the entrance. One hand was holding the spices and the other hand was pinching her face.

Wei Luo blinked. She held her face and took a step back, "Ouch."

Zhao Jie smiled, "Since everything has been clearly said, why are you still absent-minded?"

Wei Luo considered for a moment, then she shook her head and said, "I'm just thinking about something."

Zhao Jie naturally didn't believe her. "Oh, what are you thinking about?"

Wei Luo was silent for a while before she said, "If I have children in the future and big brother makes another woman pregnant, would I abandon my children, or suffer in silence?"

Zhao Jie asked, "Then, have you thought of an answer?"

Wei Luo looked at him and suddenly brightly smiled, "I won't abandon my children or suffer in silence. I’ll retaliate against big brother and that other woman, then I'll leave with my children."

Zhao Jie quietly looked at her, then he brought her into his arms and said into her ear, "Silly girl, something like that would never happen."

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